Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 207

Volume 1 Chapter 207 School Festival 2

Everyone was gathered in the classroom together. They were looking at Korosensei who was in the middle of everyone.

"I know that you guys have done your best in the past few days to prepare for this school festival, but the most important thing is to enjoy yourself," Korosensei said.

They nodded in agreement.

Suddenly someone raised his hand.

"Yes, Kasugano-kun?" Korosensei asked.

"Can you not eat ramen?" Haru said.

"Slurp! Slurp!" Korosensei ate the ramen with the blissful expression, "Don't worry, I will pay for it."


"KILL HIM!!!!"

Everyone shot their guns together against this bipedal octopus who kept stealing the ramen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


"Two ramen is ready!" Haru said and prepared the ramen.


Haru looked outside and didn't expect it would be this crowded. He looked at Kouha who was helping to serve the food to the guest. He was a bit surprised but he was a bit happy for him who would help the class. He took a deep breath and moved very fast to prepare the food for the guest. He had often heard that a lot of restaurants would be very full of customers even though the place was very far away.

The guest is looking for delicious food and hype. As long as there is that two elements, the food business will become very successful even though the location is quite far.

Haru was a bit frowned when he saw Korosensei who was in the costume of a golden carp with the head of a lion standing on the top of the roof of this building. He was wondering why that teacher was doing such a dumb thing.


"Wha? Yuuji-kun?" Nagisa was startled when he heard his voice.

"Oh, Nagisa, is that your boyfriend?" Haru asked with a smile.

"Yes, he is," Nakamura smiled and started to change Nagisa's pants.

"W - What are you doing?! Nakamura-san," Nagisa tried to stop her but it was impossible.

Haru was a bit attracted when he saw Nakamura take off her skirt and changed it with Nagisa's pants.


Nakamura blushed when she noticed his gaze, "Shhh!!"

Haru nodded and watched the interaction between Nagisa and that boy. He felt that the boy was a bit pitiful since he didn't know that Nagisa was a boy.

"Go and seduce him and buy more!" Nakamura said and pushed him away.

"Nakamura-san!?" Nagisa was crying inwardly.


Nakamura turned into him and wanted to say something but she wasn't sure how to say it. She opened and closed her mouth.

Haru looked at her with a confused expression.

"I ---"


"I can't marry anymore!!!!" Nakamura said and ran out from the kitchen.



Haru shrugged his shoulders and didn't think much after a while.


Teppei was in the laboratory observing the tentacle. He was glad that he had gotten the sample of this thing but it seemed that it was more complex than he had thought. He didn't expect that it had a lot of weakness. He suddenly remembered that octopus, 'Should I bring him?' He thought that he should bring that octopus to his world since it was impossible for him to live in this world then he should bring that octopus to his world.

Teppei knew that octopus could become his reliable ally and at the same time, there wasn't any weakness in his world. He thought for a bit and decided to discuss it together with both Kouha and Haru later.


Teppei sighed and decided to eat first. He suddenly remembered that it was the day of the school festival. He decided to visit them since he felt quite lonely here.


Haru was looking at the interaction between Nagisa and this boy. He thought that it was very funny. He watched it together with both Karma and Nakamura who was also having fun.

"So this is the kid who can beat that reaper?"

Haru turned and saw an old man, "Who is this old man?" He looked at Karasuma.


Karasuma sighed, "He is the legendary hitman, Lovro Brovski."

"Nice to meet you, old man," Haru nodded and continued to watch the show.


"Interesting boy," Lovro smiled.


Haru shuddered and looked at this old man with a wary expression. He remembered that a lot of hitmen had a strange hobby. He was afraid this old man had a strange idea about him. He hurriedly ran away and went back to the kitchen.


"Is it only me or the expression of that boy a bit strange?" Lovro frowned.

"It's only you," Karasuma was too lazy to say something to him.


The second day of the school festival.

Haru was a bit surprised when he saw a local television station suddenly came to report this stranded place. He was confident that his food was good but to invite a local television they needed a connection.

"It's the boy that's in love with Nagisa," Karma said.


Haru was a bit speechless but he couldn't blame him since Nagisa was very feminine. He had heard that it was because his mother wanted to give birth to a female but her wish wasn't granted, 'So that's why his hair is long.' He looked at Kouha who also had long hair.

"What's wrong?" Kouha looked at him with puzzlement.

Haru was also wondering whether his mother also wanted him to become a girl or if it was his body. He couldn't help but patted his shoulder, "No matter what, we're friends."


Kouha looked at him with a strange expression and said, "Thank you?"


The school festival is over.

They didn't win since they didn't want to destroy the ecosystem in the mountain to win against class A.

Kouha and Haru went back to their apartment and they saw Teppei there.

"Haru, Kouha, can we invite that octopus into our group?"

Kouha and Haru had an ugly expression on their face.