Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 208

Volume 1 Chapter 208 No Way

"NO WAY!!!!"

Kouha said with a loud voice and without hesitation. His eyes were a bit red when he said those words to him. He would rather die to have that stupid bipedal octopus to enter the group chat.


"Let's listen to him first, Kouha," Haru said and looked at her Teppei, "Is there a reason for it?"

"Power," Teppei said and looked at both of them, "I need him to help me in my world."


Kouha and Haru couldn't refute that Korosensei was very powerful in this world. Even though Korosensei had a lot of weakness and freaking annoying, he was still very powerful that he could beat both of them easily.

Teppei sighed and said, "I know that he is very annoying but I need him, I have researched the tentacle in the lab but it is a bit hard since that thing is a bit complex. I want to bring it back to my world and research it together with my teacher. I also want to bring that octopus back with me since in this world he has become a monster rather than staying here, isn't it better to bring him with us? His power is undoubtedly very powerful and he can be helpful for the quest later."


"I don't mind," Haru sighed.

"HARU!!!!" Kouha was a bit annoyed.

"But we still have time here, let's wait until next year, we will be here until we graduate," Haru said.

"True," Teppei nodded.

"Hmph! I won't accept that stupid octopus!" Kouha said and walked to his room.



"He was angry," Haru said.

"Yeah," Teppei nodded and said, "Can you make him cheerful again? Your relationship is quite good. I thought that both of you were dating."


"I will close that mouth of yours with my zipper when you say something disgusting again," Haru shuddered when he thought about it. He didn't want to admit it but Kouha had an ambiguous gender.

Kouha is a bit similar to Nagisa but his appearance is several times higher than Nagisa since he is royalty and is also a dungeon capturer.

Haru also felt that when Kouha became older he would become a big beauty.

"I was joking," Teppei smiled.

Haru shook his head and asked, "I will help you to talk with him but can you help me to get a technology blueprint in your world?" Even though Teppei's world was full of dumb people who only thought about food but the technology in that world was superb too.

"Good, I will help you later," Teppei nodded.

Haru also wanted to try an experiment to see whether it was successful or not. He couldn't see the result now and could only wait until he had come back to his own world. He looked at the window and somehow missed his girlfriend and little sister.


Kouha was in his room and felt a bit annoyed, "Dammit! Teppei! Haru! I won't accept that stupid octopus!" He didn't want to admit it but even though that octopus was annoying, he was really strong. He knew that octopus could become a powerful ally for him but his pride couldn't allow him to do so. He was also a bit annoyed when Haru decided to support Teppei.

"Hmph! I won't talk to you for a while later," Kouha said and covered himself with a blanket.

Haru would think that this guy was really girl when he saw this scene. Luckily, he didn't see him right now since he was on the outside.

Kouha didn't want to admit it but in this world, he was very relaxed. He didn't need to think much, especially when he knew the time in his world stopped right now. He didn't have to worry about his siblings and the evil stepmother in his country.

In this place, he was only a normal person and he thought it wasn't bad since he could eat his food, play a prank on his classmates, and fight that stupid octopus.

Kouha thought that it wasn't bad right now since he could relax for a bit. He thought for a bit and knew that he needed a powerful ally for his country. He knew that stupid octopus could help him but still.....


Gakuhou Asano is the board chairman of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He looked at the result of his son's school festival against the class E and couldn't help but feel disappointed with him. He wanted to make class E to become a bad example for the entire class in this school. He had entrusted it to his son but it seemed that he couldn't beat their thoughts. He was wondering why they didn't poison or give a bad review to the class E during the school festival.

'Hmm,' Gakuhou thought for a bit and decided to do it by himself. He looked at the data of two new students that made him interested.

'Ren Kouha and Kasugano Haruka,' Gakuhou only knew that both of them were invited by that octopus to study in this school. He thought that they would be a rascal and lawless since he thought that they were a hitman but it seemed that wasn't the case. He had only seen their photos and he could see that they weren't normal children and pretty talented ones. He wanted to take them into the main school and pushed the entire class E into the abyss but he wanted to wait after the exam to see their result.

*knock knock

"Enter," Gakuhou said.

"Is there something, principle?" Asano asked.

Gakuhou looked at his son and his friends, "Asano-kun and his friends, welcome, I want to say something to everyone."