Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 210

Volume 1 Chapter 210 Try Assasinate Him?

Today is the day of the last exam for this second semester.

Haru could see that everyone was quite nervous but also had a fire of determination on their eyes. He could feel that they would enter a battlefield right now. He remembered the students from the main building who kept muttering something when they were walking with a strange expression on their expression. He knew that they had been brainwashed by the principle. He thought that the principle was very interesting and thought to meet him once.

Haru turned and saw that Kouha yawned while waiting for the exam.

"Alright. Everyone, prepare for the exam," Korosensei said while bringing a doc.u.ment on his tentacle.

They gulped and waited for the exam to start.

Korosensei gave each of them the exam paper and looked at the clock.

The clock is moving slowly until it is time for the exam.


Everyone turned on the paper and started their exam.


Haru was a bit surprised with the exam but it was easy for him to do it. He could see that everyone was tired but they were also happy since the exam was over. He had to admit that the level of the exam was a bit ridiculous even though it was still on the middle school level but it was very deep.

It wouldn't be strange for some university student to not be able to solve that question, maybe it was normal for a university student to not be able to solve it. It might be possible for the medical or some hard faculty but enough of that he didn't want to explain the exam to the reader.

'At least, it was over,' Haru turned and saw that Kouha was also a bit tired, "How is it?"

"Not bad, this principle isn't normal," Kouha yawned and said, "I want to sleep."

"Go," Haru said and wanted to go back but someone stopped him, "Kanzaki?"

"Can you come with me, let's play and go to an arcade," Kanzaki said with a painful expression. Her head was a bit hurt because of that test. She wanted to go to the arcade after this to ease the pain on her head.

Haru wanted to laugh when he saw her reaction. He caressed her head and said, "Let's go, I will treat you."

"Oh? Really?" Kanzaki was quite excited when she heard it.

"It's not my money, we can use it to play," Haru said.

"You're really bad...." Kanzaki was speechless.

"Isn't that okay? Let's go," Haru said.

"Alright," Kanzaki nodded.

"Kouha, I will be home late," Haru said.

Kouha only waved his hand since he was sleepy.


Haru and Kanzaki were playing a game together in an arcade.

Kanzaki tried really hard to beat him but she felt that he could read her movement and anticipated it with a counter but she would never give up.

Haru noticed that someone was standing behind him looking at him playing, 'No. Observing?' He felt that this person was familiar but he felt strange for this person to wear a suit in this arcade. He was wondering whether this guy had just gotten laid off from his job and decided to visit the arcade.

The person behind him would choke up blood when he heard what he was thinking right now.

"I lost...." Kanzaki sighed and stood up but she was stunned, "P - Principle?!"

"Principle? He?" Haru had just noticed that it was really the principle of his school. He looked at him and asked, "Is there something, sir? I don't think that we have broken the rules of the school." He had told her to change their uniform first before coming here since the test was over.

"Haha, nothing, I'm just curious since it has been a while for me to come here," Gakuhou said and looked at him, "Kasugano-kun, can we have a match?"

"Sure," Haru nodded and didn't seem that surprised that he knew his name.

Kanzaki was shocked when she heard it and hid behind him since she was very nervous. She whispered to him, 'Is this okay?'

'Why not?' Haru knew that this guy thought that he could control him but that wasn't wrong since he needed to stay in this school.

"Are you ready, Kasugano-kun?" Gakuhou asked.

"Yes, Principle," Haru answered.

Kanzaki, who was by his side, couldn't believe that she had seen such a bizarre scene. She believed that no one would believe it when she told this to them.


Gakuhou is a perfect human. He has lost to someone but he will definitely give it a win in the end. He was playing a fighting game in an arcade with his students several times, '32 times.' He had analyzed this game and it was easy for him to master it in a second but it seemed that his opponent was also the same. He had never won against him and couldn't help but smile when he thought about it even though it was only a game.

Kanzaki had always been his side watching him play even though they had played for 33 rounds but she had never gotten bored since their fight was very fierce.

Haru had to admit that the principle was similar to a robot and could evolve every time that he had lost against him. He was also the same since he copied some of his moves and evolved in this fighting game.

"You're really good, Kasugano-kun," Gakuhou said.

"Thank you, you're also very good, principle," Haru said.

"How is it? Do you want to change into class-A?" Gakuhou asked.


Kanzaki was still stunned when she heard it and looked at him with a nervous expression. She didn't want him to move to class-A, "N--." She stopped when she saw the principle glanced at him. She was very scared and hid behind him.

"Principle, don't scare her, you will get sued for harassing a middle school girl," Haru said.

"Hahaha, interesting, then I will sue you for slandering my name," Gakushou smiled.

"I was joking. Sorry, principle, but class-E is more interesting," Haru said.

"Oh?" Gakuhou looked at him and the smile on his face was broken.

"Let's see, how about you try to assassinate Korosensei? If you win against him, I will consider moving to class-A," Haru smiled.


'HARU!!!!" Kanzaki screamed really hard inwardly.

Gakuhou nodded while still smiling, "That's true. I know that you're a special student and want to have the best. I will consider it. Let's play a game again next time."

"Sure, I will be happy to be your opponent," Haru said.

"Good, you can continue your date," Gakuhou said and walked out of the arcade.

Kanzaki who saw him had gone away sighed and fell down weakly.

"Are you alright?" Haru asked and wanted to laugh at her reaction.

"This isn't a laughing matter?!" Kanzaki was wondering where he had gotten his courage but it strangely made her calm down.

"Alright, let's go back and buy some crepes along the way, I have always heard that sweet food is good for a tired body," Haru said.

"Alright, this time, I will treat you," Kanzaki said.

"Good," Haru nodded.