Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 211

Volume 1 Chapter 211 Confrontation Between Teacher

They were waiting for the result of their exam.

Korosensei gave them the result of their exam and said, "Let's not worry about the individual score, but rather focus on whether you can enter the top 50 or not."

"Right around now, the overall scoreboard should be posted in the main building. For this class-E, I announce your result."

Korosensei opened the scoreboard and placed it in front of the class.

Everyone looked at the result while opening their eyes wide and nervous expression.


"No way....."

"Is this true?"

They saw that all of them had entered the top 50 in the entire school for this exam.

"Terasaka, is the dumbest in the class ranked 50th?"

They were stunned for a second and jumped in happiness.

"WE DID IT!!!"


Haru was a bit surprised when someone jumped into him and hugged his body. He was a bit speechless when he saw that it was Kanzaki but he could understand since she was really happy right now.


"Why is she hugging you?!" Sugino complained.

"Maybe, because she is happy and I'm just right beside her?" Haru said.

Kanzaki snorted at him and separated, "Sorry, I'm just too happy that everyone has entered the top 50."

"O - Oh..."

"Still, there are three people who have gotten the perfect score."

They looked at Karma, Haru, and Kouha who had received a perfect score for this exam.

Karma frowned and complained, "Why is my name under them?" He also had a perfect score but his name was under both of them.

"I'm not sure. You should ask that question to the staff of the school," Haru said and looked at that his name was between both Kouha and Karma. He could see that Kouha was pretty happy with the result. He had heard that the principle used brainwashes to maintain their bloodl.u.s.t during the test but it was impossible to maintain it for a long time.

He shook his head when he thought about the principle and wondered when that guy would try to assassinate Korosensei.


Gakuhou looked at every student in the class-A who had disappointed him. He had also slapped his son and couldn't help but remember his words, 'Try to assassinate him?'

'Good, I will do that.'

Gakuhou took his phone and started to call someone.


Haru didn't need to wait that long until he suddenly heard part of the building was destroyed suddenly.

Everyone was startled and came out to see what was happening.

"What? What the heck! Half of the building is gone!!" Megu was surprised.

"From the meeting, earlier this building will be destroyed and you need to prepare for leave," Gakuhou said and smiled, "You will be moving to the new building with a various facility that will help your education."

"You're having us move now?"

"No way! We don't want to move!"

"Yeah, we want to graduate here!"

Haru had just seen the ugly side of the capitalist as long as someone owned both money and authority they could do anything. He could see that Kouha was angry and couldn't help but feel moved since this guy loved this place that much. He patted his shoulder and said, "Don't worry."

"Do you have a way?" Kouha asked.

"They will have a duel," Haru said.

"Duel? Fighting?" Kouha frowned and thought the principal wouldn't stand a chance against the stupid octopus.

"No, as an educator," Haru said.


Kanzaki was standing beside him since she was too shocked with the development. She didn't expect the principal to really come to this building to assassinate Korosensei, "He is really coming."

"I can see that," Haru was a bit speechless by her question. He was wondering whether this girl thought that he was blind or something, "You don't need to worry. Do you think that he can kill that octopus easily?"

"That's true," Kanzaki nodded.

They watched the assassination of Korosensei by principle.

The principle has prepared five books that need to be solved as soon as possible or else the grenade inside the book will be exploded killing them.

Korosensei needs to solve four books and Gakuhou needs to solve one book.

Haru thought that it was fair since Korosensei couldn't be measured with normal logic. He wanted to laugh when he saw the reaction of Korosensei when Gakuhou threatened to fire him from the school.

"That guy won't be able to beat the stupid octopus," Kouha said.

He is right.

Gakuhou didn't stand a chance against Korosensei. He lost very badly and his life was also saved by Korosensei.

Korosensei had memorized and mastered the entire book of middle school education in this country.

Haru shook his head since he had just noticed that this octopus had an eidetic memory.

"Teaching is not to kill but to ensure survival. From now on, let's continue to stick with this ideal education," Korosensei said while giving him a knife.

Haru also noted that Korosensei's preaching skills were also top-notch. He looked at Gakuhou and thought that this guy was a very awesome educator since the system that was used by Korosensei was built by him.

"I will let you go now since you're trying to confirm that my education is right," Gakuhou took the knife from him and said, "Is it alright that I come here once in a while to kill you?"

"Sure," Korosensei nodded with a smile.

Gakuhou walked out of the building and looked at him for a second until he continued to walk.

Haru looked at his back and saw his son was waiting for him there. He felt that they had a very complicated family. He could see that Gakuhou was a very perfect human in terms of intellectual and education. He had only one question in his head, 'Who is his wife?' He should ask that question when he meets this guy again in the future.