Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 213

Volume 1 Chapter 213 I'll Kill You Bastard

Korosensei started to tell them about his past. He was a famous assassin that was known as 'God of Death'. He was deceived by his disciple and made into an experiment to fill his entire body with antimatter. He told them how he had entered the lab, joined a lot of experiments, met Kayano's sister, destroyed the entire lab, about the moon, and lastly how he had become a teacher. He told them that he had only one year before he died.

Everyone was silent when they heard him.

"Stupid, I will definitely kill you octopus," Kouha snorted and went home.

Haru also could kill him with his trickery and illusion magic but he had never done that. He looked at Kouha and shook his head. He yawned and said, "I will go back."

Everyone also needed to think this thoroughly and decided to go back too. They needed to think about what they wanted to do right now after knowing the truth.


"So you're okay to spend your Christmas Eve with me?" Haru asked.

"Why not?" Kanzaki smiled.

Haru would go back to his world after this mission was over and even though he could go back to this world it didn't mean that he would come here a lot of time.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Kanzaki asked.

"I have," Haru said.

"Is that so? Then why are you not with her now?" Kanzaki asked.

"She is in a faraway place," Haru said. He wasn't sure but he felt that this sentence was a bit misleading but he wasn't lying since his girlfriend was in another dimension.

"I'm sorry," Kanzaki felt that she had made him remember something bad.


Haru understood that this girl misunderstood him but he also wasn't lying. He felt that it was complicated to explain, "Let's just have fun. Do you have anywhere that you want to go?"

Kanzaki nodded at him, "Then, let's go to an arcade."

Haru twitched his lips, "This is Chrismas Eve, do you still want to go to an arcade?"

"Well, yeah, that is where we have met each other," Kanzaki said.


"Alright, but this time, I won't give you a handicap," Haru said.



Today is the new year.

They had been in this world for a few months and their relationship was quite close to each other. They were eating a mochi with sweet red bean soup together.

"This is very good."


"Why are you here?" Haru twitched his lips looking at the octopus.

"I'm lonely. The school is on holiday and your food is also good," Korosensei said.

"Oi, Octopus, I want to say something to you," Teppei said.

"Hmm?" Korosensei looked at him while eating.

Kouha was sleeping on the kotatsu since he had accepted their decision to invite him.

"I want to invite you to our group," Teppei said.

"Group? Is it a group of handsome guys or something? Well, I'm pretty handsome," Korosensei said while taking out a pair of sunglasses.


They were speechless.

Kouha woke up and wanted to puke when he heard that sentence coming from his mouth.

"Sensei, you know that you will die on the 13th march, right?" Haru said.

"Yeah, I will explode and before that, the government will try to kill me," Korosensei nodded.

"There are a lot of countries that have researched how to make your body not explode," Teppei said.

"Do you want to stay alive or die?" Kouha asked.


"My bond with the student comes from this assassination, whether I'm dying or not, and that depends on the wishes of my students," Korosensei said.

"Then if your student wants you to be alive?" Haru asked.

Korosensei smiled, "Well, I'm not sure about their opinion about me, let's wait until the school starts."

"Still, even if your students want to be alive, the government won't let you," Teppei said.

Korosensei slurped the mochi and asked, "So do you have a way or something?"

"Sensei, look at this," Haru said and started his illusion magic.

Suddenly the room turned into the beach with real heat and the sound of a wave that was hitting the sand.


"Teleportation? No, this is an illusion?" Korosensei was surprised.

"Oi, hurry up and turn off your illusion, this is hot!!!!" Kouha complained since he was inside the kotatsu.

Haru released his illusion and turned it back to their room. His illusion magic was a combination of light magic, sound magic, and heat magic to make his illusion as real as possible.

"Hypnosis? No, magic? Is this magic?" Korosensei asked.

"Yeah," Haru nodded.

"Why not use it during the assassination?" Korosensei asked.

"Because that is not our purpose here," Teppei said.

"Purpose? What is your purpose?" Korosensei became curious and wondered whether they tried to dominate the world.

"Our purpose is...."

Korosensei gulped and waited with a nervous expression.

"To graduate from class-E."


Korosensei had turned his face into a small emoticon. He was just too shocked with their purpose, "Really?"

"Yeah," Haru nodded and said, "we're from a different dimension."


"Different dimension?!" Korosensei was surprised beyond shock. He ate his food faster and asked, "So what is this? Is this some kind of sci-fi movie or something?"

"Well, there is something known as dimensional group chat that is connecting everyone from another dimension, our world is from a different dimension," Kouha said.


"Interesting...." Korosensei was just too stunned.

"We're inviting you here, you can't live in your world and then come to Teppei's world," Haru said.

"Why is Teppei's world?" Korosensei asked with a confused expression.

"Because I don't want you in my world!" Kouha and Haru said at the same time.

Korosensei suddenly became depressed and drew a circle on the corner, "Am I hated?"


"Don't get depressed octopus, come here, there is something that might make you interested," Teppei said.

"Hmm?" Korosensei looked at him.

"I know that you love that Kayano's big sister, Agiri or something," Teppei said.

"It's AGURI!!!!" Korosensei was both annoyed and blushing at the same time.

"What do you think if there is a way to revive here?" Teppei asked.


"Are you serious?" Korosensei asked.

"Dimensional group chat is a mysterious thing, there are a lot of things in another dimension, maybe there is a way to transform your face back into normal too," Teppei said.


"Are you really coming from a different dimension? What is your evidence?" Korosensei asked.

Teppei took his phone and threw it at him, "Watch 'Yosogu no Sora' on my phone and you will know that we're from a different dimension."

"OI, TEPPEI!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU?!" Haru was angry right now and hurriedly tried to take the phone away from him.

Korosensei evaded him and ran outside to watch the show.

"BASTARD!!! DAMMIT, I WILL KILL YOU!!! I WILL REALLY KILL YOU!!!" Haru looked at Teppei and asked, "Why did you show him that thing?"

"Because your story is the shorter among us, you're also the protagonist," Teppei said.

"Yeah, we're only side characters, you're the main character," Kouha nodded.


"I won't forget this!" Haru said and hurriedly chased after that octopus, even though that octopus had a speed of mach 20 but he wouldn't give up.


Korosensei had run away from him and started to watch the 'Yosogu no Sora', "Nyuhuhuhu, what is this that makes him very angry?" He felt a juicy gossip and wanted to watch it. He started to play the show.


Haru had been invited by Kanzaki to visit Kayano at the hospital.

"Why is your face so down?" Kanzaki asked with a worried expression.

"Nothing, it's just my secret has been leaked out somehow to that octopus," Haru sighed.


Kanzaki patted his shoulder, "Don't mind." She knew that octopus was a professional paparazzi.