Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 214

Volume 1 Chapter 214 Two Factions

The school started and they had thought a lot of things over this winter break.

They were in a dilemma as to what they wanted to do right now.

Nagisa proposed to save Korosensei since they loved them.

Karma was annoyed by his decision and thought that Nagisa was mocking them. He said that this assassination was the one who connected them together.

They started to fight with each other until they were separated from each other.

"A fight between junior high school is splendid! But our class started with assassination, so why not decide things with these weapons?" Korosensei suddenly appeared while holding two rifles and wearing a police uniform. He was also smoking a smoke pipe while wearing sunglasses.

Haru had a hateful expression on his face when he saw him.

"Oh, Haruka-sensei, you're here too," Korosensei bowed his head at him.


Haru felt that he really wanted to kill him right now. His veins appeared on his forehead and his face was really scary but he didn't do anything just looking at him without any expression.


They weren't sure what was happening but this was their first time seeing him this angry.

'Also, what is Haruka-sensei?' They were a bit curious but they were more attracted by the thing that had been proposed by this octopus.

Korosensei proposed to them to have a match between two factions, the one who voted to kill and the one who voted to not kill.

Everyone started to change into their assassination uniform and they were choosing their factions.

Haru went directly to those who voted to kill faction directly.

"You're going over there?"Kanzaki had a complicated expression.

"Kanzaki, don't stop me, I need to kill him," Haru shook his head.

""Oh, then I'm going to be here," Kouha said and joined the voted to not kill.

"Good, you're here, Kasugano," Karma nodded.

"Don't worry, I want to kill that octopus," Haru cracked his neck.


Nagisa was in the vote not to kill. He walked to Kouha and asked, "Ren-kun, is Kasugano-kun strong?"

"Strong," Kouha nodded and said, "I will handle him. You handle the red hair one."

"I know," Nagisa nodded.


Haru was together standing with everyone from the faction to kill the octopus. He didn't bring a gun but only a knife in his hand.

"Do whatever you want, just destroy them," Karma said.

"That's my plan," Haru said and added, "I will leave Nagisa for you." He said and started to run toward the battlefield.

Karma started to command his team and went to the battlefield himself.


Haru knew that he would meet this guy as soon as possible.


Kouha appeared and slammed his sword on him.

Haru predicted his movement and jumped away to evade his attack, "Kouha."

Kouha grinned and placed his sword on his shoulder. He had decided to use his metal vessel on him, "I won't use my Djinn Equip."

"Of course," Haru thought this guy was a bit obvious. He shook his head and said, "Do you want to try who is stronger?"

"Yeah, no magic, can you do that?" Kouha asked.

"Yeah, I have learned some martial arts, let's see whether you can handle it," Haru said and suddenly he appeared in front of him while using his finger to jab at his shoulder.

Kouha knew that he was stronger but he didn't expect that it was this strong, 'But I can read his attack!'


Kouha used his sword to block his finger jab.

Haru didn't stop and kept attacking him. His fingers could become weapons and it could even pierce into a thick tree. Even though he had quite a lot of points, he only used it to enhance his strength for once. He kept a lot of his points to buy something later since he thought that his strength was good enough.

Kouha knew that even though he could make his sword bigger they wouldn't think it strange since there was such technology in this world. He could bluff them that this sword was a bit special. He made his sword bigger and slammed him.



Everyone on the battlefield was attracted by their battles. They sucked a deep breath looking at them since they would have never expected that they would be this strong.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Don't be distracted," Kanzaki said while shooting them. She also looked at the battle between Haru and Kouha. She couldn't help but worry about him.

"You too, you shouldn't be distracted in battle," Karma suddenly jumped down from the top of a tree and cut her with a knife.


Nagisa moved slowly, hiding like a viper who killed his enemies with one strike without them noticing.


The battle had become more intense and there were only four people left on the battlefield.

"Nagisa, Karma, Ren, and Kasugano," Sugaya shook his head.

"Nagisa and Karma are normal compared to the two of them," Okamoto said.

"Sensei, is Ren-san a Kasugano-kun a famous hitman?" Megu asked.

"Hmm? Both of their identity is a bit special, you don't need to think too much, all you need to know is that they're your classmates and your assassination team, aren't you happier you have stronger friends?" Korosensei asked with a smile.

They nodded and didn't think much anymore.


Haru looked at Kouha who had breathed unevenly, even though Kouha had the skill but it was impossible to hit him since his ability to dodge was just too strong. He actually could use 'steal' to take away his weapon but he couldn't use his magic now but it wasn't impossible for him to win. He used 'soru' to appear in front of him and took his hand to armlock him.

Kouha was just too late to respond and he was also quite tired. His sword was dropped and one of his arms was locked by him, "Dammit!!!" He didn't expect to lose to him this easily. He knew that he didn't use his magic or else it would be faster. Still, he also didn't use his Djinn Equip in this battle.

Haru didn't hesitate and his knife stabbed him, "You lost." He stood up and helped him to stand up.

Kouha snorted at him and still felt quite frustrated. He needed to get stronger now when he thought that he lost to him this badly, "I won't lose next time."

"I will wait for that," Haru gave him a smile.

Both of them went to everyone and saw that the battle was over. They had decided their decision whether they would continue to kill him or help him to continue to live.