Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 215

Volume 1 Chapter 215 Onward To The Space

They had decided to save him. Their feelings were a bit complicated and they hated him but they also loved him.

In the end, they had decided to save him but first, they needed to discuss how to save him.

Takebayashi the only glasses boy in the class was the one who started to tell them about the analysis regarding this octopus, "Let's think about this normally, are all the leaders or our world considering nothing but killing Korosensei?"

"I don't think so since the fundamental of this research is to save the earth, if there is a way to prevent the explosion without killing Korosensei, that would be a valid option."

"If there is research to kill him then why won't there be research to save him? Why don't we try to investigate that?" Takebayashi said.

"The chances of that are slims...." Karasuma started to tell them about various issues regarding country, research, and a lot of things. He told them that it was top secret and it was almost impossible to get that data.

"I have hacked into the project database," Ritsu suddenly said.

"What?" Karasuma was startled.

"As long as it's connected to the internet, I can get pretty much any computer," Ritsu explained and opened her clothes.


"Over the years, I've been studying how to expand my functionality."

"She was amazing," Kouha whispered to him.

Haru nodded in response. He still believed that Ritsu could become their amazing member in the group chat but he also needed to test his hypothesis and tested whether his experiment would be working or not but he needed to wait until he came back to his world.

They saw that Ritsu showed them various research that was happening around the world regarding Korosensei.

Haru was amazed but he also understood when someone in danger would unleash all of their potentials and in the end, the technology in this world had become more advanced but he sighed when he couldn't see the data, "You can't find the data?"

"Yes, they don't save the data inside a computer," Ritsu also sighed.

"Then how can they exchange their data?" Okamoto asked.

"Using a direct method, similar to a letter," Haru answered.

"Yes, even though it is a primitive method but it is very safe, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who guard the data," Korosensei nodded.

"So how do we know if they're researching a way to save Korosensei or not?" Sugaya asked.

"Just read the title," Megu answered and looked at each title of the research, "Here! An American team verification to prevent the destructive antimatter chain reaction that accompanies the aging and division tentacle cells!"

"A sample of the final result is estimated to return on January 25th from the I.S.S.....?"

"The I.S.S.?"


"The International Space Station?!"

"Space, interesting," Kouha also knew that in his world there was also outer space but he had never thought to go there. Suddenly he became interested and wanted to go there.

Haru knew that ISS was quite a perfect location for research since there was plenty of research that couldn't be down without zero gravity or vacuum, 'Also they don't need to worry about an explosion.'

They discussed with each other and decided that they needed to get this data since they had decided to save him. They would do whatever they could to save Korosensei.

Korosensei looked at them and said, "Karasuma-sensei, could you leave the room for the moment?"

Karasuma felt weird but he nodded while looking at his strange head that had turned into the planet.

"So let's sum up this discussion now," Korosensei said, and added, "Before the research data from space gets handed over to its owner, to America, you want to sneak a peek at it."

They nodded in response.

Korosensei started to tell them about how it was very difficult for them to steal this data with his logic.

Haru could go to space with his gravity magic but he knew this octopus had his own way for them.

"But look! Did you know that this is scheduled to launch soon?" Korosensei said while showing them a tablet with a picture of the spacecraft there, "It's a test flight of the manned spacecraft, developed by Japan."

Haru felt strange since actually, it was quite hard to get permission to launch a rocket in this country since the sound was very loud and the residence would also protest about it. He was quite surprised to see that the country had given permission to launch a spacecraft, 'I guess a danger gives them permission.'

Korosensei started to tell them about his plan and how that would be done.

"In other words?"

"Yes, this is your research project, you will be hijacking a space station and stealing the experimental data," Korosensei said with a planet-shaped head.


They were speechless and weren't sure what to say in that situation but they knew that it was the only way. They started to discuss their plan and how to get into that spacecraft.

"Kasugano-sensei," Korosensei suddenly called.


"Don't call me that," Haru sighed.

"Alright, Haru-kun, so you have the confidence to make my escape from the eyes of the government?" Korosensei asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, I can do it." He thought for a bit and said, "I will show you later, that I can slip into both Nagisa and Karma when they enter the spacecraft without them noticing."

"Good," Korosensei was also curious as to how he would make them escape from the eyes of the government.

Haru went away from him since he didn't feel comfortable around him since he knew that he had dated his little sister.


Haru turned and looked at him.

"I support your relationship," Korosensei gave him a thumbs up.



On the 18th of January, their plan started.

Haru and Kouha came together with everyone to infiltrate into the spacecraft launch site. Both of them followed everyone and got into the rocket site easily.

The other team went to the operating room to infiltrate Ritsu into their system.

Karma and Nagisa were chosen to be the ones who entered the spacecraft.

Kouha looked at him but suddenly he saw him disappeared, 'Huh?!'

Korosensei only saw it for a moment but he saw him, 'Enter Nagisa's body?' His speed was just too fast but he could see that Haru opened a zipper on Nagisa's back for a second, 'Zipper, huh?' He was wondering whether he would also enter someone body too but he also felt reassured since there was someone who guarded them.

Nagisa and Karma were quite nervous about this spacecraft. Both of them suddenly were startled when they heard Korosensei's voice since the speed of the rocket was mach 23 to be launched to space and Korosensei's speed was around mach 22.

Korosensei told them not to worry about him but Nagisa and Karma told him that his life was more than teaching material to them.

"Don't worry, I'm here too."

Nagisa and Karma were startled when they heard his voice but they couldn't find him anywhere.

Thus, their trip to space started.


"DAMMIT, HARU!! DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" Kouha shouted to the sky.