Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 216

Volume 1 Chapter 216 Ground Control To Major Tom

The spacecraft moved slowly toward the I.S.S. waiting the permission to dock.






The astronauts in the I.S.S. who heard the announcement started going to the spacecraft to take out their supplies.

"Those dummies were sent from your country. Go and greet them with a hello hug, will ya?"

"Yeah," the astronaut from japan smiled and went to the spacecraft. He floated slowly, moving to enter the spacecraft until someone suddenly pulled him.


His other friends were startled and they tried to check on him.

"What's going on?"

They saw three people there holding a bomb while making one of them become their hostage.

"Hello," Nagisa greeted.

"Хорошо," Haru said.

"Why Russia?" Karma asked while placing a knife on the astronaut.

Nagisa and Karma were very curious about how Haru could enter this spacecraft without anyone noticing but he wouldn't tell them still even though they were curious they still needed to complete their mission.

Ritsu, who had infiltrated the operating room, cut off the relay from the I.S.S. to the surface.

Haru, Nagisa, and Karma entered the I.S.S. while threatening them and also told them to gather everyone.

Nagisa started to tell them why they were coming to this place, "So there you have it. Please allow us to copy the American team's research data. That's the one and our only demand," Nagisa said.

"You might know this but our teacher is a monster, you won't know what he will do on earth," Karma said.


Haru looked at they were quite calm, 'As expected of a soldier.' He was wondering whether he should use hypnotism on them but it wouldn't be late for later. He wanted to see their reaction regarding their demand.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

"First off, I'd like to give you praise, three little devils. But all of us are soldiers, do you think that you can handle us?" The captain asked.

"Yeah," Nagisa and Karma looked at him.

Haru smiled and waved his hand at them, "We only want to save our teacher."


They weren't sure but the pressure from him was different from the other two.

The captain still didn't give up and said, "All of us have come here to do life-threatening experiments without ever knowing something's gonna blow up....."

Karma and Nagisa only looked at Haru since they knew that it was only him who could fight against them.

The captain glared at them for a while and said, "But let's not get into pointless conflict. After all, this is pretty much the worst place ever to start a fight." He looked at them and said, "Let him go and we will talk."

Karma let go of his hostage.

"Even if you steal the data how can you go back?" The hostage thought that they were crazy.

"Don't worry, our friend has calculated our return trajectory," Nagisa explained.

"That's too reckless. The ship that came up on is just a test vessel. There are no guarantees for its performance."

"Maybe because you're young but don't you think that you're treating your life too lightly?"

Haru didn't say anything, only let both of them talk to the astronaut. He was wondering whether they had a guitar in this place since he thought he should record himself playing a song in this place.

"Can I ask a question?"

Suddenly one of the astronauts asked.

"Yes," Karma nodded.

"How can three people enter a spacecraft that is only for two people?"


They had only realized it now but it was very strange. They gulped and suddenly asked.

"Is he a ghost?"


Karma and Nagisa suddenly laughed hearing their question.

Haru sighed and said, "It's a secret, one of my tricks, it's better that you don't know about it."

They didn't press him and went to the lab to give them the data.

The captain went with them to explain this place to them.

This was also his first time here and it was quite nice.

"Do you have a guitar?" Haru asked.

"I do," the captain nodded.

"Can you lend me? I want to shoot a video here," Haru said.

"Do you want to shoot a music video here?" Nagisa twitched his lips and didn't expect him to be this relaxed.

"Oh, I will help you record it," Karma thought that it was interesting to shoot a music video in space.

"Interesting," the captain nodded and lent him his guitar.

Haru checked the guitar and adjusted it for a while. He looked at Karma to give him a signal and started to play the guitar.

Karma noticed that his signal also started to record him.

"Ground Control to Major Tom."

"Ground Control to Major Tom."


On earth, class 3-E.

"What song is this?" Terasaka asked and felt confused since it was English.

"This is Space Oddity from David Bowies," Korosensei nodded and said, "a very suitable song when you're in space."

"Dammit, he left me here and had fun there," Kouha was annoyed while listening to his song.

Kanzaki sighed but also smiled when she thought that he still had a very interesting side.


The captain and the other astronauts opened their mouth wide listening to his song. They were amazed and thought that it was a good idea to shoot a music video in space.

Haru played the guitar for the last time and finished his song.

"Perfect, I recorded it," Karma gave him a thumbs up and threw him his phone.

"Thanks," Haru said and caught it.

They talked for a while until they were done with their matter. They didn't stay in space that long and decided to go back after they had copied the data that was real after being checked by Ritsu.

"You're quite adventurous, kids."

"Go ahead and visit us next time but legally, okay?"

"I will give you an increase in the budget when I become someone influential," Karma said.

"Bye, old man, see you next time, try to shoot your music video next time," Haru said.

"Yeah, next time!"


Their spacecraft was separated from the I.S.S. and they were on their way back to Earth.

"Still, our trip to space is just like that," Nagisa sighed.

"Uh Uh," Karma said while playing the game.

"Haru, you need to hide now," Ritsu said.


"Alright," Haru said, and suddenly the float toward Nagisa disappeared without leaving any trace.


Karma and Nagisa felt confused as to where he had gone right now.

"Ritsu, I will leave it to you," Nagisa sighed.




"Leave it to me, I've made innumerable trajectory calculations to safely land us on earth. This spaceship might as well be my own body," Ritsu answered. She started to do her calculations and suddenly realized something. She had realized her own emotions right now ever since she had been staying in this class-3E.

"I'm happy that I came to class-3E."