Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 217

Volume 1 Chapter 217 Before The Graduation

They went back to the earth and as expected Karasuma reprimanded them.

Korosensei gave him data regarding the result of the spaceship and a more efficient space trajectory.

Of course, Haru also asked for the data too since it was an important result.

"How can you suddenly appear?" Kanzaki asked.

"It's a secret," Haru smiled.

They went to the class and started to read the data that they had brought from the space.

"So what is it?" Sugaya asked and looked at Okuda, "Okuda, can you interpret it for us?"

Okuda nodded with a happy smile, "Alright, leave it to me." She looked at Haru with a curious expression.

"Don't worry about me, I also want to read it," Haru said.

Okuda nodded and started to read the data of the research while explaining it to everyone.

Haru understood that the research that he had stolen from both Karma and Nagisa was about how to prevent antimatter cells from running out of control. He read that the scientist had tested various lifeforms from fish, frog, mouse, etc while also trying to release them in space to see their reaction and observed them from the moment their lifespan ended to the moment they went out of control to their explosion.

Haru also understood that the moon exploded because of this antimatter experiment that was used on the mouse.

Unlike the moon, outer space contains no matter to fuel the antimatter chain reaction, therefore minimalizing the scale of the explosions.

Haru was a bit surprised that the result showed that the risk of explosion is directly proportional to the tentacle lifeform's size, larger lifeforms were more stable and smaller lifeforms had a higher probability of an explosion.

In other words, when the tentacles were inserted into the human being the probability of the cells to lose control and exploding is far lower. Moreover, when the human had been injected by a formula that was written in the data would stimulate the silicon compound inside the body and make it very loose would reduce the risk of losing control even further.

"When the above conditions are fulfilled then the probability of him exploding will be no higher less than one percent at most," Haru nodded and understood as long as Korosensei became loose as jelly that the probability of him losing control or exploding wouldn't be higher than one percent. He saw the formal as quite easy to make but he needed to confirm, "The formula is easy to make."

Okuda adjusted her glasses and nodded, "Yes, I have made it before, it is almost the same as the one that I used during the assassination."


Everyone was a bit speechless when they heard this answer but they couldn't help but be happy when they heard it. They felt that even though it was easy, the process to reach this answer was very long and hard. They couldn't help but move when they thought that they had reached this destination.

Korosensei also felt happy when he saw his students.

"What about our assassination?"


Everyone was suddenly caught in a very complicated mood when they talked about this matter.

"Of course, we continue," Haru and Kouha answered at the same time.

"The government won't stop the assassination plan even when we know the formula," Kouha said.

"All we need to do is kill him until the deadline," Haru said and started to shoot him. He was still angry that his secret had been known by this perverted octopus.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Nyahahahaha, good, you should continue to kill him until our graduation!" Korosensei smiled.

Hearing his answer everyone couldn't help but smile and also took out their gun to shoot him. Their connection started from this assassination activity and to stop this assassination meant that they didn't value their connection. They would still continue to kill him until their graduation.

Karasuma and Bitch-sensei who saw them had become spirited again couldn't help but smile.

It was almost the end of January and the day of graduation would be only in a few months.


In January, they tried a lot of things from sleeping together in the class, mimicking comedians, and a lot of dumb things.

Kouha, who was pressured by the Al-Thamen, didn't think much about them anymore. He had only months and plus a few days before he finished his quest and went back to his world. During these days, he had made a lot of connections even though he was quite proud and thought that they were lower than him but still it was fun with them.


Haru and Kanzaki went home together since they had set aside the matter of assassination thought about their entrance exam.

"So what high school are you going to apply to?" Haru asked.

"What? Are you going to follow me?" Kanzaki smiled. She thought that he was just curious when he asked this question to her.

"Yes, I will register at the same high school as you," Haru nodded.


"Are you serious?" Kanzaki asked with a startled expression.

"Is that really that surprising?" Haru asked with a weird expression.

"No, I'm just surprised," Kanzaki smiled while shaking her head, "You're not going away?"


"I will go but I will apply to the same school as you, I might as Ritsu to take care of my high school diploma here," Haru said.


"You're cheating!" Kanzaki complained but actually, she sighed inwardly since she knew the world that he lived in was different from her.

"Kanzaki, no, Yukiko....." Haru stopped in front of him while calling her first name.

"I might be gone after graduation but it doesn't mean that I won't see you again."

"How long?" Kanzaki asked.

"I'm not sure, it might be one day, week, months, years," Haru answered. He knew that the Group Chat would have an update after the number of members in the Group Chat would turn into 10.

"I might have a boyfriend at that time," Kanzaki answered.

"That's fine, I will steal you away from him," Haru smiled.

Kanzaki snorted at him, "Then, first you need to go to the same high school as me."

"Alright, don't go to the arcade today, let's study," Haru said.

"Hmm," Kanzaki nodded.