Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 218

Volume 1 Chapter 218 Valentine

Haru and Kouha were in the lab together with Teppei and Shiro. They were talking together about their assassination plan.

Haru heard there would be a group of professional mercenaries that would come to their school later. He only shook his head since he didn't expect them to be able to kill that octopus.

Shiro didn't think much about whether they could kill that octopus or not and his ambition was to kill Korosensei by his own power. He was okay with them without doing anything since he wanted to kill that octopus by himself.

Haru and Kouha had just done their entrance exam and in their opinion, it was pretty much easy. Both of them had applied to the same school as Kanzaki since Haru wanted to go there and Kouha didn't really think much about the choice of his school.

The four of them weren't the only one since there was one person who was in the dark standing up near the corner while wearing clothes that covered all parts of his body making them unable to see his appearance.

Haru and Kouha saw him when Kayano was out of berserk and had a duel with Korosensei.

"You guys should see his power," Shiro said with a grin.

"Is he powerful?" Kouha asked.

"Of course, he is more powerful than that stupid octopus," Shiro smiled and said, "Show them your power."

The man, who was in black clothing, went out to the abandoned building to test his power.

"Let's see his power from here," Shiro said and looked from afar. His expression was similar to a child who wanted to show his friends his new toy.

They watched from the monitor the man in these black clothes.

"Number Two, are you ready?" Shiro asked.

Number Two didn't say anything but gave him a slight nod.

"Good start!" Shiro said with excitement in his voice.

Number Two suddenly moved very fast with only a few seconds to arrive in the next second.

Teppei, Kouha, and Haru were a bit surprised by the speed of this Number Two. They knew that this speed wouldn't lose to that octopus or it might be faster than that octopus. They knew that this Number Two had done to the building.

Haru was amazed at the speed of this new project but still, the power was still lacking in his opinion but it was still amazing since Number Two could disintegrate the large building into a fine dust.

Shiro had a calm smile on his face and said, "Our exam date is in March. We shall kill him our beloved teacher as proof of how his students have grown."

'March,' Haru also knew that it would be the day that he would graduate from class-3E and go back to his own world. He had invited that octopus and the only thing that he needed to do was to graduate from that class. He couldn't wait to meet both Sora and Megumi since it really had been a while for him to see them. He was lucky since the time was stopped in his world or else he wouldn't want to go for this quest.


"Why have we gotten a lot of chocolates?" Kouha asked with a confused expression. He had received a lot of chocolate from a lot of girls. He wasn't even sure who had given them this chocolate.

"It's Valentine's Day, it's the day that the girls give the boy chocolate," Haru explained.

"Hmm," Kouha nodded and only learned this custom from him.

"But be careful, just eat the chocolate from your acquaintance and it is better to throw the rest from the stranger," Haru said with a shudder.

"Why?" Kouha asked with a confused expression.

"Let me tell you about my experience," Haru started to tell him about his experience. He had quite a rich experience with valentine but not all of them were good. He told them when there was a hair on his chocolate or some creepy mantra inside to curse him to fall in love with the girls. He also told him that it was better to throw away the homemade chocolate and only received the bought one from the store since the ingredient of that chocolate was quite doubtful in his opinion.

"What are the ingredients?" Kouha asked with interest. He didn't expect that he had such a rich experience.

"Pubic hair, spit, etc, I'm sure some perverts will love it but I'm not into that kind of fetish," Haru sighed when he thought about his valentine memories.

Kouha also became pale when he heard it. He thought it was quite fun but didn't expect there to be such a horror behind the day.

Both of them entered the class and also received a lot of chocolate from the girls receiving an envious gaze from the guy.

Korosensei also looked at both of them with drool and envious expression while biting his finger.


"This is very uncomfortable," Kouha wanted to cut all of them with his sword.

"Calm down," Haru tried to calm him down.

The class started and they still received this strange gaze.

Haru thought that he would only receive one chocolate from one person in this class but didn't expect to receive a lot of time from every girl in the class even though it was obligatory. He was wondering whether they were waiting for the white day waiting for this gift.

The school was over and he didn't go home first since there was someone waiting for him.

"You sure are popular," Kanzaki looked at the number of chocolate that he had received.

"All of them are obligatory," Haru gave him a wry smile. He looked at her and asked, "But still, I haven't received one from the one that I have been waiting for."

Kanzaki smiled, "Oh? Really? Who is that?"

Haru didn't want to play anymore and gave her a direct answer, "It's you."


Kanzaki didn't expect such a direct answer from him. She was a bit shy but still showing the chocolate that she had made, "Here is for you."

Haru had a 'God's Tongue' but still even though her cooking was bad and it would be a painful experience for him to eat he needed to eat this chocolate. He was a bit nervous and ate the chocolate directly. He could feel that there was some missing in the chocolate but still, he felt a different kind of delicious from this chocolate, "It's delicious, thank you."

"Alright, let's go to an arcade now," Kanzaki smiled.