Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 219

Volume 1 Chapter 219 Spear Of Heaven

Haru went to the school alone since Kouha was too lazy to come to the school. He saw a group of people gathered around his classmates. He didn't think much and kicked them away from her.


They fell down similar to a domino and didn't expect someone would kick them right away with such a force that made their bodies a bit hurt and fall together. They felt very humiliated by him and stood up together but they fell down since they slipped.

"Are you alright, Yada?" Haru asked.

"Y - Yes," Yada was a bit startled when she saw him kick them right away and made them fall down at the same time. She knew that he was powerful but didn't expect to do this much.

"Alright, let's go to school together," Haru said.

Yada nodded in response.



Yada was a bit scared in them.

They tried to stand up but they fell down again once more.

Haru had used a combination of wind magic and water magic to create ice magic to make the ground became very slippery but still, their scream was annoying to him. He turned and only told them a single word, "Scram!"

They weren't sure what was happening but they felt their bodies became really heavy and it was very hard for them to breathe all of the sudden.

Haru knew that there was another person who walked toward him with bad intentions. He made them slip there quite hard.


Yada was quite startled when she saw an old man with long hair fall down with such a force.

"Are you alright, old man? You should go back to your home and rest since the winter in this place is quite cold, it is quite dangerous for your old bone," Haru said while helping him to stand up. He didn't need to guess their identity since he knew that they were a group of mercenaries that had been hired by the country. He thought that they were very disappointing in his opinion.

"Do you want me to call you an ambulance?" Yada asked since she was worried that this old man might faint on the street.

"You don't need to," the old man said and walked away from them. He wasn't sure why but he felt danger from this silver-haired boy.

"Oi! Yada! Kasugano!"

Their classmates were very worried when they saw a group of foreigners with very tall bodies looking at both of them with very scary expressions.

"Who is that?" Karma asked.

"Someone who made trouble, don't care, they're just small fries," Haru said with quite a loud tone to make them hear him.

The group of mercenaries gritted their teeth when they heard him but didn't do anything since it was very hard for them to breathe right now. They weren't sure what was happening to them right now.

Haru didn't like it when someone provoked him. He would even make them into his puppet with his hypnotism but still, there were a lot of people here and he didn't really want to show his ruthless side to everyone, "Now, that you mention it, how is the result of your entrance exam?" He was accepted and a bit curious about the rest of everyone.

"Of course, I'm accepted," Karma nodded.

"Me too," Yada nodded.

"How about you, Terasaka? You're not rejected right?" Haru asked.

"Of course not!" Terasaka was a bit annoyed since he was teased.


Haru, Kouha, and Teppei were in the monitor room watching the lance of heaven to launch.

The Spear of Heaven is a special colossal Anti-Sensei satellite weapon. This special weapon works by shooting a silent beam of light specifically designed to vaporize tentacle-based creatures, specifically Korosensei. At full power, the laser can cover the entire zenith of the old campus hill.

They had set up the plan and it needed him to be inside the cage to receive an attack from that Spear of Heaven.

Haru and Kouha were sitting on the sofa while looking at the collection of the photos that they had taken in the past year.

"I'm a bit envious that you have created such memories," Teppei sighed.

"Say the one who makes a widow his girlfriend?" Haru said with a grin.

"That's right, you really sneaky, huh?" Kouha smiled to tease him.

Teppei gave them a small laugh in that question. He had been staying in one bar and came to know a beautiful widow with one child there. He wasn't sure but he was attracted to her and the widow also attracted to him but that widow had a tumor on her brain. Luckily, that octopus saved her life and made her able to live normally from now on. He felt indebted to that octopus and had decided to invite him to the group.

"You sure are heartless about not worrying about that octopus while staying here laughing and talking together," Shiro grinned, looking at them.

"Oh, Shiro, let's cheer for that octopus," Teppei said and gave him a juice since he knew that Shiro didn't drink alcohol.

Shiro nodded, "Cheers! For that octopus to have gone away from this world!"


His words weren't wrong since after this that octopus would really disappear from this world since he would be moving to a different world.


Korosensei was in the classroom sorting out the photos that he had created together with everyone. He knew that he would be gone away from this world after this and couldn't help but felt this year was a really amazing experience for him, 'Agiri...' He caressed photo of one woman while thinking whether the thing that they had said to him.

Suddenly from the sky, there was a bright light that came from the space moved very fast and enveloped the entire zenith of the old campus hill.