Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 220

Volume 1 Chapter 220 Shield Of Earth

Everyone in the monitor room watched the Spear of Heaven launch to kill that octopus.


The Spear of Heaven was very bright and very fast.

Everyone was confident that they would kill that octopus with this weapon but it was until they saw that octopus had escaped from the classroom.


Korosensei held a branch of a tree with his tentacle. He was really scared by that weapon and didn't expect that it would be this dangerous. He had heard it from them but it still scared them. He wanted to escape to the outside.


"We won't let you!"

"Activate Shield of Earth!"


They knew that it was hard to kill him and that was why they decided to make this trap for him and waited for the Spear of Heaven to charge its power before launching it once again to kill that octopus.


Suddenly there was a laser that was shot from the six high-rise buildings and created a hidden barrier that covered the entire mountain where that octopus is located.


Korosensei was speechless. He knew this information from them but still looked at the real thing giving him a different feeling. He tried to touch the barrier with his tentacle and suddenly it disintegrated into dust.


Korosensei looked at the sky and knew that he couldn't do anything now. He went back to the classroom to make a graduation book for his students.


Every student of class-3E was startled by this scene and they couldn't help but become worried and scared about what was happening to their teacher. They wanted to get out and ran toward the school but they received an email from Karasuma telling them to stay at their houses but they couldn't do that. They went to the mountain but saw that the country had set up the blockade to the mountain and didn't allow anyone within 100 meters from the location.

"Dammit, what is happening?"

"I can't get through to his phone either."

"I'm unable to communicate with the classroom where my main body is located. All the power lines connected to the mountain have been cut off," Ritsu answered.


"That's right, where are both Kasugano and Kouha?"

Suddenly someone asked this question.

"Kanzaki, try to call Kasugano," Karma said since he knew that both of them were quite close.

Kanzaki nodded and started to call him.


Haru saw the announcement on television and knew that the world would be panicked. He saw the prime minister announce what was happening around the school. He thought for a bit and knew that it was a perfect time to make money. He opened his laptop and started to search for something.

"Haru, what are you doing?" Kouha asked him.

"I'm going to buy land," Haru said. He knew that the people in that area would want to move away from that place and would sell their house, land, and apartments at a very cheap price since in front danger they wanted to stay away from that place. He knew that nothing would happen to that location and decided to buy the house and land around that area and he was right since he saw a lot of advertis.e.m.e.nt of someone who wanted to move right away from that place.

"Hoo, get me a land too," Kouha said, since he knew that someone who owned the land would also own the rich.

"Alright," Haru nodded. He had changed the gold that he had gotten from 'Magi World' in this world since the money that was used was the same. He would also use this money for his capital for his business later in his original world since he knew that his apps would drain a lot of money in the early times.


Haru looked at his phone was ringing, no, there was Ritsu suddenly appearing on his laptop, "Ritsu?" He looked at his phone and saw that Kanzaki had called him, "Kanzaki?"

"Kasugano-kun, where are you?" Kanzaki asked.

"I'm in the same place as Karasuma, we can't go out now," Haru said, but he would sneak out later. He thought for a bit and said, "I know that you're worried about Sensei and as you expected that the world wants to kill him."

"Give me the phone! Kasugano, do you know all of this?!" Karma was very angry.

"Turn the phone into a loudspeaker so everyone can hear it," Haru said.

Karma was still angry but followed his request.

"I know that all of you are angry but I'm also helpless, all you need to know is that there are seven days before the country launches that light again to kill him, during that time, you need to save him," Haru said.

"You won't help us?" Nagisa asked.

"I can't, I have a lot of people monitoring us but I will try to sneak out but don't expect me to since it is very hard to escape," Haru said.


Everyone who heard his voice couldn't help but bite their lips. They knew that Haru, Kouha, and Teppei were also people from the government that was in charge of killing Korosensei.


"So what will you do now?" Haru asked.

"Of course, we will save that octopus bastard!" Karma shouted.

Everyone also said the same thing in response.

"Can you give the phone to Kanzaki?" Haru asked.


"Hello?" Kanzaki said and sounded quite angry. She knew that he was hiding something from her.


"Just believe in me now, I can't tell you anything," Haru said.


"Alright, I will believe in you," Kanzaki answered after a pause.

"I lo- no, let's meet again," Haru said and closed the phone. He looked at Ritsu who had hacked his laptop.

"Depending on your answer, I will scatter all your money in the bank, publish your n.a.k.e.d photo on the internet....." Ritsu threatened him with a lot of things since she saw him lying here. She didn't see anyone in his room and there was no one who was monitoring them but she knew that they were inside the monitoring room for this assassination plan.

"I can't tell you anything but I have considered that octopus as part of my friends," Haru said with a serious expression. He felt that her threat was just too scary for him.


"Tell me," Ritsu said while showing him his n.a.k.e.d photo on his laptop.

"..." Haru was speechless but his answer was still the same.

"No, I can't tell you since I'm afraid someone can hack you," Haru said, and added, "Just believe in me, I won't let anything happen to him."

"Alright, I believe in you, class 3E has become something important for me, please protect him," Ritsu said.

"I know," Haru nodded.

Ritsu was still there looking at him without expression.


Haru was wondering when this girl would go away. He sighed and asked, "You're not going away?"

"No, I will monitor you," Ritsu said.


"Then, can you help me buy cheap land and a house?" Haru asked.