Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 221

Volume 1 Chapter 221 Assasination Time 1

"They have been caught," Kouha said.

"I know," Haru nodded. He had learned that everyone from the class 3E had been caught by the government and put on the monitor room.

"You're not going to help?" Teppei asked.

"Let's do it according to the plan, we will go there together with Shiro," Haru said.

"So how can they get out?" Kouha asked.

"There are other people who can help them," Haru said.

"Oh, those two," Kouha nodded.

The door was opened and they saw Shiro and Number Two, "Let's go."

They looked at each other and nodded.


Haru was right that every student from the class 3E had escaped from the monitoring room with the help of both Karasuma and Bitch-sensei.

All of them had decided to meet Korosensei inside that Shield of Earth. They went back to change their clothes into their assassination uniform and ran to the mountain where Korosensei was trapped.

Ritsu helped them to create a path for them to infiltrate inside that dome without anyone noticing but still there was someone who had waited for them.

It was a group of mercenaries that had caught them earlier.

"Hehehe, where are you going to go little devil?"

The group of mercenaries didn't realize that they had entered their trap.

They started to apprehend them one by one while giving them a lot of punishment such as giving wasabi or tabasco in their eyes. They had also put Terasaka's socks on them.

"Like I said where did you get my socks!" Terasaka complained.

They continued to go to the dome to see their teacher but they were stopped by the boss of the mercenary group. Their battle was very fierce, Karma and Nagisa worked together to fight him but as expected it was very hard to beat him.

The boss of a mercenary was a bit startled by their strategy, power, and teamwork. He had a hard time beating them without getting serious and it was until he almost wanted to get serious but he stopped himself.

Everyone who saw that chance hurriedly tied him with a rope and very strong fabric to wrap him.

The boss of the mercenary sighed when he was tied and defeated. He knew that he couldn't get serious or else that he would kill them. He let them meet that octopus while remembering the young man with silver hair. He had met him again before and had asked him to fight but didn't use a strange method only a physical one but still, he had lost. He knew that guy wanted to save that octopus, "Good luck, boy."


Everyone was running very fast and didn't care whether they were tired or not since they had seen a familiar figure inside this Shield of Light. Their eyes started to get wet when they saw him.

Korosensei was very happy and almost cried seeing his students, "You've all grown. Each and every one of you."


Everyone took out their knives and guns and tried to assassinate him at the same time.

Korosensei dodged them while catching them while hugging some of them since he felt that it had been a while for him to see them.

They knew that they only had a limited amount of time and they could only try to assassinate him in this meantime.

During their assassination time, five people entered the Shield of Light together.


Everyone stopped their assassination and started to tell him what was happening outside.

Korosensei nodded when he knew that the laser would be shot in a week.

Everyone started to tell him about their plan to make the government stop killing him but Korosensei told them not to worry about anything. They also complained about the government who still kept trying to kill him even though the chance of him would explode was less than one percent.

Korosensei listened to them then told them about a life lesson. He told them that the world wouldn't move according to their plan and that was normal rather than thinking about the people who were trying to stop you then it was better to not give them a f.u.c.k and just believe in yourself. He also told them all the lessons that they had learned from the past year

"Sensei, what do you think about both Kasugano and Ren?"

Korosensei smiled, "You don't need to worry about them, all you need to know is that they're still your classmates."


They looked at each other and nodded.

"By the way, Nakamura, I have noticed that your footsteps are a bit off, on top of that, I have smelled something sweet from you," Korosensei looked at her with drool.

Nakamura sighed and took something from her back pocket, "This is exactly one year from when the moon exploded, right?" She took a box and showed him the inside, "If I remember correctly, professor Yukimura made today your birthday."

Korosensei looked at the cake in front of him with a happy smile.

"I know that it is a bit small but it is from an expensive store...." Nakamura said and looked at Korosensei, "Oi! Don't drool over the cake!"

"But! But! I haven't had a sweet week," Korosensei was still drooling.

Nakamura sighed and looked at everyone, "Then, how about we start the song now?"

They nodded and started to sing the birthday song.






Everyone sang this song together while looking at him blowing the candle on the cake.

"Hurry up and blow the cake Korosensei!"

"We have only bought one candle so you only get one shot!"

Korosensei had become nervous but he still tried to blow the cake.


Everyone was startled when they saw something or someone suddenly attacked Korosensei who blew the cake.

"AH! MY CAKE!!!" Korosensei saw his cake had been destroyed.

Everyone turned and they saw four people on the rooftop of the building.

"Happy birthday," Shiro said.

"Ren! Teppei-sensei!"

Everyone was surprised when they saw both of them together with the villain that had tried to kill Korosensei.

"YANAGISAWA!!" Korosensei was surprised to see the real face of Shiro. He knew that person was the scientist who had turned him into this octopus.

"The time has come, I shall give you the cruelest death," Shiro said.

The person in black clothes opened his mask and said, "Master, you recognize, who am I right?"


"Let me introduce you, this is the man who has robbed the title 'God of Death' and today he will become the new Korosensei," Shiro said.

The person in black clothes suddenly burst his clothes and showed his appearance a large and colossal tentacle monster with darker colors.