Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 222

Volume 1 Chapter 222 Assasination Time 2

The tentacle monster jumped in front of them while looking at them with a grim expression.

"T - This is a monster!"

"Ren-kun! Teppei-sensei! Why are you there!"

"We're only watching," Kouha said.

"Same here," Teppei nodded.

Kanzaki tried to look for him but she couldn't find him. She looked at them and asked, "Where is Haru?"

"He is on his way," Kouha said.

"Rather than that, isn't it better to think whether you can get out of this place alive or not?" Shiro said.

The tentacle monster couldn't stop his urge to kill the octopus, "DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Korosensei knew that it was bad, "RUNNNNN!!!!!!!!" He threw them away and avoided the attack from this monster.


Everyone was thrown away and saved from that attack. They looked at the monster with a helpless expression.

"You need to get into a safe place."

They heard a familiar voice and suddenly they were moved to the side with very high speed.

"Kasugano-kun?" Nagisa said.

"I'm here," Haru suddenly appeared in front of them. He looked at them and said, "Just stay here, don't ever stay away from me."

"Why did you order us around!" Terasaka was annoyed by him since he only appeared at the end.

"In this place, you will only become a burden to him, just let him fight against him without a distraction," Haru said.

"If you say that then you should help him!" Karma said.

Haru frowned and said, "Do you think that it is possible to enter a battle between monsters? I'm just a trickster and you should know that."


"Just watch him," Haru said and turned to see the battle. He was only worried that both Shiro and Number Two would attack them.


Korosensei really was wondering whether they would really let him be beaten this way but he still remembered his words.

'You need to be beaten up.'

Korosensei twitched his lips and thought that they were merciless enough to let him be beaten like this. He avoided the attack from the monster and tried to attack him but the speed of that monster was way faster than him.

"Oh, you're good, how about you let me join?" Shiro said he suddenly stabbed himself with an injection.

"Joints. Muscle fibers. Spinal cord. Nerves," Shiro grinned and said, "Even though I'm not turning into a full tentacle monster but as long as there is this tentacle cell in part of my body, I shall gain a supernatural strength!" He jumped and shot a beam from his eyepatch.


Korosensei tried to escape but in front of him, there was a black tentacle monster. He deflected their attacks but his stamina was really drained. He knew that his time wouldn't be that long, "My students, there is one thing that I forgot to mention during our most recent lesson."

"No matter how skillfully you manage to doge an array of head-on battles over the course of your life, you will always run into times where you must simply give it your all and fight.

"In your teacher's case, that time would be now!!!"

Haru really thought that this guy was really good at giving advice, 'As expected of someone who has a lot of experience during his life.' He also had that kind of moment when he almost died but luckily he was alive right now. He looked at the battle while looking for a chance to enter the show.


An outrageous battle in which a sonic boom is created with each and every blow has been put into motion.

In their eyes, they could only do nothing but blur, but one thing that was for sure was that Korosense was being overwhelmingly pressured by Number Two, whose attacks rained down at twice the speed of Kosensei's and combined with the support of Shiro or Yanagisawa who had now become both an intellectual and physical superhuman.

Haru could feel the hate of both Shiro and Number Two when they were trying to kill this octopus. He was wondering should this octopus be hated to this point. He also hated him for some point but overall that octopus was just annoying. He kept looking at the battle and before long that he saw the octopus started his counter-attack. He could see that this octopus deflect the combiation attack of both Number Two and Shiro with minimum movement. He nodded and didn't expect that his fighting experience would be this high but he suddenly he noticed something bad.

"A teacher's duty is to protect their students, don't you agree?"

Suddenly the black monster appeared in front of the students, no, not a student but an illusion of the student on the other side.


"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Shiro laughed when he saw that the octopus had failed to protect his students.

The illusion was so perfect that it was able to fool both Shiro and Number Two.

Korosensei didn't show any emotion but used all of his power into his laser beam that blasted both Shiro and that black tentacle monster.

"W - WAIT! WAIT!" Shiro didn't expect that he would be thrown toward the Shield of Earth while there was still a tentacle inside his body, "AAAHHHHH!!!!"

Korosensei ignored them since the opponent in front of him was a bigger threat than he had thought. His energy was almost depleted but he pushed this monster octopus into the Shield of Earth.


Korosensei was caught in nostalgia but he still needed to kill this black tentacle one. He used an anti-Korosensei knife that he had gotten from his student while holding it using a paper.

The monster tentacle didn't give up but wanted to kill him too.

Korosensei caught the attack and stabbed the knife to his core.


"I wanted to become someone that you would acknowledge...."

"I wanted to be like you..."

"These days, I am finally able to understand how you felt. If we meet again on the other side, let us study together once more so that we don't make the same mistakes twice," Korosensei said.

The black monster had his face turned back and closed his eyes disappeared slowly into the air.

Korosensei had become weak and he fell down on the ground without energy. He smiled when he saw his students, "You're alright?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure what he has done but he has made an illusion earlier," Karma said. He thought that the monster would kill them but then he saw the appearance of everyone on the other side.

"What is that?" Itona asked. He was very interested in machinery.

"This is an Illusion Projection, it is similar to a holographic projection, you can use it for movie effects," Haru said.

"Did you make it?" Yoshida asked.

"Yeah, but don't we have something more important, right, sensei?" Haru said.

"Yeah, class, how could you call yourself an assassin if you overlook such an ideal opportunity to eliminate your target?" Korosensei said.


Everyone looked at him with a complicated expression.

"Isn't it clear? Now is the time to kill. Joyous times are bound to end. That... is the very nature of the school."

The light laser on the sky continued to become bright. The harsh reality couldn't be avoided and they needed to make their decision.

"Guys, we have come to make a decision. The option for us to just stay like this and let the 'Spear of Heaven' end it all."

"If you don't want to kill him now raise your hand."



"Now, those in favor of killing him?"

They gritted his teeth and suddenly remembered the thing that had happened in the past years together with him.

All of them raised their hands since it was their answer. They knew well that it was painful but it was necessary since they didn't want to sever the bond that they had created over the past year. They moved together toward him and held all of his tentacles and his head.

It is his weakness that his movements will be restained if all of them hold him down at once.

"Everyone let me be the one to do it," Nagisa said.

No one voiced their rejection while still holding his tentacles.

Nagisa sat on his body and was ready to kill him.

"Now class has finally come. If I were to say individual goodbyes to each one of you, even 24 hours wouldn't be enough for me to get everything I need to off my chest."

"I've left specific parting words in the books of consultation I've created and left it in the classroom."

"So there is no need for us to have a lengthy chat."


"For one last time, I would like to take attendance."

"All of you, please look straight into my eyes and respond with a loud and clear voice when your name is called."

Korosensei said for everyone and started to take their attendance and also talked for a while with his co-worker.

"Alright, then Karma."




Korosensei continued to take their attendance for both Haru and Kouha too.

"This has truly been an unforgettable and fantastic year."

"To have the privilege to be assassinated by all of you..."

"I might be the luckiest man in the world."

Nagisa placed his knife to his core but he started to get nervous.

Korosensei, who noticed this, started to talk to him to calm him down.

Nagisa who heard his voice started to remember the thing that had happened in the past year and it was the best year of his life. His eyes were full of tears and he was smiling, "Goodbye... Korosensei."

"Indeed this is goodbye," Korosensei smiled.

They didn't say anything again and this time it was their time to assassinate him.

Nagisa raised his hand and stabbed his knife to his core.


'Congratulations on your graduation.'

*BGM (Il mare eterno nella mia anima).

It felt as if they had heard him whisper those words to all of them.

His entire body glowed brightly in the dark and calmly fluttered away like tiny particles of light.

They tried to grab his body as if their lives depended on it but he gently slipped away from us.


They couldn't hold it anymore and cried with during this moment.

The clock is about to strike at midnight.

Just hours before the day of Kunigaoka Junior High's official graduation ceremony. They ended up graduating early from their assassination classroom.

Haru held Kanzaki who was crying on his chest while looking at the sky.

'Goodbye, Korosensei....'