Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 223

Volume 1 Chapter 223 Graduation

It was time for their graduation.

Haru didn't expect that he would have two graduations for his middle school.

"Kasugano Haruka."

"Yes," Haru stood up and walked toward the podium.

Teppei had become their guardian and watched both Kouha and him for this graduation. He had brought a video camera to record this scene.

"Congratulations on your graduation," Gakohou said.

"Thank you," Haru nodded and smiled at him.

"So you're going to continue your job after this?" Gakuhou asked.

"Yes, we need to go now but I might see you in the future, you should polish your game skills next time," Haru said.

Gakuhou snorted but gave him a smile.

Haru walked down from the podium and heard Kouha's name being called.

"Ren Kouha."

"Yes!" Kouha felt strange since he had never graduated from school. He walked to the podium and received his diploma.

"Congratulations on your graduation, we might not have talked a lot but I'm happy to have you at my school," Gakuhou said.

"Good, I might donate to this school in the future," Kouha said.

"Oh, I can't wait for that day," Gakuhou smiled. He thought that those two might create something big in the future.


Teppei, Haru, and Kouha were talking with everyone until he heard his name being called.


"Yukiko," Haru nodded with a smile and said, "Congratulations."

"You too," Kanzaki smiled.

Haru knew that he would be gone after this. He looked at Teppei who had an uncomfortable expression on his face right now.

Suddenly the building was stormed by a group of journalists.


They were going inside with force to ask them a question.

"Everybody, hurry up over the parking lot! I have a bus waiting for you there!" Karasuma said while stopping the journalist.

Haru sighed when he saw the group of journalists. He understood that they needed news but it still annoyed him. He didn't think much since he knew there was one of his classmates that were ready to wreck the data of those journalists.

Everyone was also annoyed by this group of journalists until suddenly a group of people pushed those journalists away and created them away.

"Wha? Who are you, kid?! Quit interfering!"

"Duh numbnuts, we're students of Kunigaoka. How about you leeches quit getting our way!"

The students from class A pushed away everyone who was in the way to create a path for the class E.

Haru was holding Kanzaki and he could feel two jealous gazes from his classmates and from the other class, "You sure have a lot of fans."

"You too," Kanzaki sighed since she also could feel an envious gaze from a lot of girls.

Everyone entered the bus and sat down there waiting to be sent back to their homes.

"Kasugano, I have heard that you have created a lot of profit from the assasination," Karma suddenly said.


"Why are you asking this question all of a sudden?" Haru was speechless.

"Yes, he has used me to buy a lot of cheap land and houses," Ritsu suddenly said.


Everyone could see the face of evil capitalist in his face right now.

Haru sighed and said, "Alright, everyone, can you stop in my apartment? I want to show you something since I will be going now after this."

"You're going away?" Nagisa was surprised. He thought that he would continue to go to the school together with Kanzaki.

Kanzaki didn't say anything, only in silence, covering her face with her hair to not let anyone see her expression.

"Why should we come to your apartment?" Terasaka asked.

"Just come or you will regret it," Kouha said.


Everyone looked at each other and nodded. They had decided to go to his apartment together since it might be their last time to see Haru, Teppei, and Kouha.


They were inside his apartment. They didn't expect them to live in a luxurious apartment.

"Damn, your apartment is very luxurious!" Sugaya complained.

"How much is this?" Isogai had his eyes turned into yen.

"Wait there, I will cook you something," Haru said and went to the kitchen.

Everyone gulped when they heard that he would cook them something. His cooking was very deadly and it must have been the most delicious food that they had eaten before.

"Let me help you," Muramatsu said since it might be his last time to learn cooking from him.

"Let's play the game," Kouha said and showed them a lot of game consoles.

Their eyes were shining and they started to play together.

"This game sure is fun, isn't it?"


Everybody stopped what they were doing and they had their mouths opened really wide looking at the bipedal octopus who were playing together with them.


Terasaka thought for a bit and stabbed him with his knife.


"Terasaka-kun, you have graduated from your assassination class, right?" Korosensei smiled at them.



Everyone jumped toward him while screaming his name and also took out their gun and knife trying to kill him.

"Nyuhuhuhu, everyone sure is spirited after graduation," Korosensei smiled.

"Are you real? Are you real? You're not an illusion or a hologram, right?" Karma asked him with a suspicious expression.

"No, I'm real," Korosensei said and stabbed a knife in one of his tentacles, "See?"

"How can you still live?" Okuda asked.

"It's because of Kasugano-kun," Korosensei looked at the kitchen and said, "He is sure amazing since he can trick everyone."


Haru noticed their gaze and asked, "What?"


Every boy in the class ran toward him and some of them hugged him and some of them tried to punch him.



"W - WE....."

Haru sighed and said, "It's necessary! I do not only need to trick you but I also need to trick the world! Damn, now that sounds amazing." He felt that it was kind of awesome that he had tricked the world.

'Trick the world...'

They suddenly remembered his first introduction after his transfer and at how he suddenly appeared in the spacecraft. They had to admit that he might be the best magician in the world.

"How can you do that?" Kurahashi asked with a curious expression.

"The Magician never revealed his trick, their only job was to entertain their audience," Haru said, and clapped his hands together revealing a white daisy on his hand. He gave this flower to this girl and continued to cook.

Kurahashi blushed in response.

"Damn, his flirting skill...." Maehara thought that he still needed to learn.

Kanzaki suddenly got annoyed and pulled his ear.

"Kanzaki-san, can you let go of my ear? I'm trying to cook here," Haru sighed.

"No," Kanzaki answered.

"Alright, everyone, let's ignore this harem protagonist and let's play a game now while waiting for him to eat," Korosensei said.

"OI!!!" Haru complained.


"Don't ignore me!"

Everyone started to play a game until his food was done. They started to eat together with a happy expression.


Haru, Korosensei, Teppei, and Kouha looked at everyone who was sleeping right now.

Haru had given his food some weak sleeping pills and that was why the effect only worked now. He looked at Teppei and Korosensei, "Are you ready?"

"Okay," Korosensei nodded.

"Sigh..." Teppei sighed.

Haru opened a zipper on Teppei's body and opened it.

"Still, this power is strange but very handy," Korosensei entered Teppei's body. His death had been planned by him using his illusion magic. He felt that Haru should become a professional magician show and he was sure that he could become very famous.

Haru had faked his death and put Korosensei inside his body when he fell down after the battle.

Korosensei could still see what was happening outside and told him what he needed to say last night when Korosensei faked his death.

His illusion was a bit real since he used a lot of combination magic. He really felt that his concentration was almost broken since he needed to calculate a lot of movement from his body. He was glad that it was only for a few minutes or else he would be really dead tired after that.

"I'm curious about this gourmet world, nyuhuhuhu," Korosensei laughed.

"Oh, there will be a lot of interesting things there," Haru said and closed the zipper but left some part of it. He looked at Teppei and said, "You can open the zipper later."

"I know I don't want this octopus to live inside me," Teppei shuddered when thought about it.

"What is that?! You're very rude?! Isn't it me the one who is saving your girlfriend?" Korosensei was annoyed.

"This thing and that thing are different!" Teppei said.

Both of them started to quarrel with each other.


They turned and saw Kanzaki woke up there.

Kouha, Korosensei, and Teppei patted his shoulder and said, "Go."

Haru looked at them with speechless expression. They didn't need to tell him that he would go to her, "Hey."

"You put sleeping pills on their food?" Kanzaki asked.

"Yeah, but it's not yours," Haru said.

"Why?" Kanzaki asked.

"Because I want to talk with you for the last time," Haru said.

"You're going to go?" Kanzaki just couldn't describe the feeling that she was feeling right now.

"Yes, but I will meet you again," Haru said, trying to reassure her. He looked at them and wasn't sure about what to say since it would be very irresponsible for him to confess then he went away from this world. He was still thinking until suddenly his lips were kissed suddenly.

*Whistle! Whistle! Whistle!

*Click! Click! Click!

They heard the sound of both whistle and camera from Teppei, Korosensei, and Kouha but they ignored it since it might have been a long time before they met each other.

Haru had been holding up for the past few months and his kiss was a bit lewd than necessary.

"Hmph!!!!" Kanzaki didn't expect that his kiss would be this intense. She started to melt under his kiss and her h.i.p.s started to get weak.

Haru supported her body while holding her waist.

Kouha, Korosensei, and Teppei stopped what they were doing while watching them while opening their mouths wide since this kill was just very intense.

Haru also noticed both Karma and Nagisa had woken up but he ignored them.

Karma and Nagisa thought that they had woken up in the super awkward time ever since it wasn't funny to see their classmates kissing each other in a very sensual manner, 'But that guy sure is very skilled....'

Haru separated from her and gave her a hug for the last time.

"You sure are skilled," Kanzaki complained while hugging him.

"The boys always have talent in that area," Haru said.

Kanzaki snorted, "Is that so?"


"Bye," Haru said and walked away from her. He knew that she was a good girl and it was better for someone to date her later since he wasn't sure he would come back. He felt that it was very unfair for her to wait for him while he still had a girlfriend in his original world.

Kanzaki tried to reach him but she stopped.

Haru walked with everyone and turned toward her, "I will be missing you."

"Me too," Kanzaki tried to give him a smile.

"Once again, bye," Haru said while waving his hand.

Suddenly Haru, Teppei with Korosensei inside his body, and Haru disappeared after a white light enveloped them.

Nagisa and Karma noticed this scene hurriedly stood up and reached that light but they couldn't since it disappeared instantly.

"Kanza---" Nagisa and Karma wanted to ask her but stopped when they saw her figure who was crying silently wiping the tears on her eyes that kept dripping out.

"That guy, I will punch him when he comes back here," Karma said with a very annoying tone.

"Yeah, Kasugano really needed to be beaten up," Nagisa who was very kind and also felt that someone needed to punch him.

Nagisa and Karma weren't sure how to calm her and tried to wake their female classmates to help them.

The female classmates woke up and startled when they heard what was happening. They went to her and told her to search for a new boyfriend while telling her that they would help to punch, kick, curse, or torture until she was satisfied.

Kanzaki laughed and told them not to worry since she wasn't that weak. She sighed and hoped to see him soon. She looked at her smartphone which had a strange octopus chain that he had caught during their time in an arcade as a joke for their teacher.

It might seem like a joke in everyone's eyes since the octopus chain was strange but it was a very precious memory for her.