Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 224

Volume 1 Chapter 224 Ritsu Network

Haru teleported back to his room. He laid down on his bed while thinking about what he had done in the past few months. His mind was still complicated regarding this traveling to another world. He was a male and it was hard to stop temptation from another gender. He looked outside and it was still midnight. He decided to sleep resting for a moment.

'I've become sc.u.m....'


Kouha appeared in his room and he looked at both of his older brother who was watching him teleporting, "Brother En! Brother Koumei!" He was happy to see them again.


"You're not going to another world?" Kouen asked with a confused expression.

"No, I have come back, brothers!" Kouha said with a smile.


"Are you serious?" Koumei asked.

Kouen and Koumei had heard that the time would be stopped when Kouha teleported to another world but still, it made them amazed.

"Yeah, I have spent at least six months there," Kouha said with a slight nostalgia there.

"What did you do there? Did you fight a monster? Researching something or..." Koumei started to ask a lot of questions.


"It hurts!" Koumei held his head.

"Calm down, let me talk," Kouen said and looked at his brother, "So what did you do there?"

"I entered a school there," Kouha said.



"Tell me more," Koumei said.

Kouha nodded and started his storytelling them about school, assassination, octopus, serum, the world, history, government, and a lot more.

Koumei and Kouen stood there listening to his story. The only thing that attracted them was the world without war.


Teppei teleported back to his world and looked at the time and calendar in his room. He was amazed since the world really stopped.

"So this is your world?"

Suddenly the zipper on his body opened and the bipedal octopus came out from inside his body.

"Don't suddenly come out of my body!" Teppei said, but he was grateful that this octopus had come out of his body.

"So what's your job here?" Korosensei asked.

"Me? I'm a Gourmet Reviver and my job is to protect the ingredients in this world so it won't become extinct," Teppei said.

"Hmm, so that's quite a good job," Korosensei looked around and wasn't sure what he should do now. He was a teacher and wondering whether he should open a school here. He also came because he had heard that there was something in this group chat that was able to revive someone from death and he wanted that thing.

"First, let's eat, let me treat you, the only thing that I have confidence about my world is the food," Teppei said and wrapped his hand around his shoulder.

"Nyuhuhu, then what about p.o.r.n?" Korosensei grinned.


"There are some here, but let's talk about the group chat and maybe communicate with other members too," Teppei said.

Korosensei thought for a bit and nodded since he was very curious about this dimensional group chat.


Haru slept for a while and woke up since he needed to check his experiment. He thought that he could bring Ritsu here to his world when he let her stay on his smartphone. He looked at his phone and opened the Ritsu's app, "Ritsu?"


Haru didn't receive his answer. He tried to check it once more but it seemed that his experiment was a failure. He sighed but he didn't think much since he had expected it to happen. He wanted to bring her to his world since he knew that she would be a great helper for him. He knew this would happen and that was why he decided to create another A.I. that had a similar feature to Ritsu in case he failed to bring her. He had the help to create an A.I. from both Ritsu and Korosensei, and the data that he had stolen a lot of research from that world.

Haru took something from his body and connected it with his laptop. He started to code the program for a while until he pressed the enter button.

Suddenly there was a familiar figure inside his laptop.

"Ritsu," Haru smiled and decided to create another Ritsu in his world.

"Yes, Kasugano Haruka-sama," Ritsu answered.

Haru had also inserted a similar feature from the same Ritsu in his world but also added that it would follow him. He was wondering whether Ritsu that he had created would turn into Ultron but since Ritsu was a girl he didn't think that it would happen. He looked at her and said, "I have given you memories of your other self, what do you think?"


"You sure are amazing and because of that, I can connect myself with my other self in this world," Ritsu said and added, "But still do you want me to call you Kasugano Haruka-sama? Do you have a maid fetish? Do you want to change my costume to a maid now?"


Haru opened his mouth wide when he heard her. He had a headache and asked her, "Are you Ritsu?"

"Yes, why are you that surprised? Aren't you the one who created this network?" Ritsu asked.

Haru didn't think that it was possible before and didn't expect to create Ritsu's network. He rubbed his chin and thought that it might be possible to create dimensional group chat by his own power since Ritsu had created a bridge between two worlds right now.

"Hmm, is this p.o.r.n? Are you interested in this kind of fetish? Uwaaa.... Do you love ponytail girls? Do you love the nape?..."

Haru really thought that he needed to stop her or else it would be dangerous.


"So Korosensei isn't in this world?" Ritsu asked, but in quite a sad tone.

"No, he is with Teppei and he wants something to revive someone," Haru said.

"Revive someone, huh?" Ritsu nodded and asked, "Is there something that you want me to do?"

"Hmm," Haru thought for a bit and shook his head, "Not for now, I want to create apps but I will feel bad to ask for your help since I want to do this with my own power."

Ritsu nodded, "Alright, but you can call me anytime."

"Sure, I might ask you to help me manage the server or to prank the hacker when they try to do something to my apps," Haru said.

"I will do that," Ritsu smiled and added, "I still want to know your world, can you bring me along later?"

"Sure," Haru said. He saw the itime on the clock and it was his time to go to his cafe, "Alright, I will show you my cafe."

"Cafe?" Ritsu titled her head.