Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 225

Volume 1 Chapter 225 Evil Spirit

Haru entered his cafe and took a deep breath since it really had been a long time since he had entered this place. Even though it was only for a moment here, it was quite a long time for him staying in that world.

"Fleur de Lapins," Ritsu looked at his store from his smartphone.

"Yes," Haru nodded and entered the cafe. He was startled when he saw someone drawing on the table, "Kosaka?"

"Hmm? Kasugano?" Kosaka turned toward him.

"You're not sleeping?" Haru asked.

"No, I want to draw this as soon as possible," Kosaka said and continued to draw.

Haru went to her and looked at the picture that she had drawn. He looked at her drawing while using a drawing tablet with a screen until dawn. He was wondering whether she didn't sleep last night, "Do you want something?"

"Can you make me a coffee?" Kosaka asked while wiping her eyes, "I need to take a break." She was quite sleepy right now.

"Sure," Haru knew that it might be useless to stop her. He made her a coffee and walked to her but he saw her sleeping, "This woman....." He was speechless and said, "Kosaka, you should go to sleep in your room."

"Hmm..." Kosaka didn't wake up and slept while frowning.


Haru sighed and carried her to her room since her body would be hurt to sleep on the sofa of the cafe.

"Is this your girlfriend?" Ritsu asked.

"No, she is my partner," Haru said.

"So you're married?!" Ritsu was startled.


"I mean a partner of working," Haru thought this girl sure had a lot of flowers on her head.

"Oh...." Ritsu sounded quite disappointed.

"Why are you disappointed?" Haru asked while twitching his lips.

"I have thought about getting a juicy gossip," Ritsu smiled.


Haru carried Kosaka to her bed and let her sleep there. He covered her with a blanket and caressed her hair for a bit. He was really wondering what made had driven her this much, "Sleep well." He didn't bother her to sleep and went to the kitchen.


"So how many girls do you have here?" Ritsu asked.

"What kind of question is that?" Haru twitched his lips.

"Which one is it? The rich girl? A shrine maiden? Busty glasses older sister? Or your little sister?" Ritsu asked.


"It's the little sister, right?" Ritsu asked.

"Just let me work now," Haru was tired right now. He started the process of creating his bread until he heard his name to be called.


"Yuri? Can you help me?" Haru said.

"Yeah," Yuri went toward him but stopped when she saw a picture of a girl on his phone.


The picture on the phone looked at her and smiled, "Hello."

"Hello?" Ritsu tilted her head and felt confused.

Artificial Intelligence isn't something common in this world.

Yuri suddenly thought of something and screamed, "GHOST!!!!"


Haru and Ritsu were speechless at her reaction.

"HARU, YOU NEED TO EXORCISE THIS GIRL!!!" Yuri ran toward him and grabbed his t-shirt.


"I'm not a ghost," Ritsu said with quite a sad tone.


"Really?" Yuri asked and looked at her.

"Yes, I'm Ritsu and I'm an Artificial Intelligence," Ritsu introduced herself and asked, "What's your name?"

"Me? I'm Nakamura Yuri," Yuri introduced herself, "Artificial Intelligence?"

"Yes...." Ritsu started to explain what her existence was and told her that it was because of him that she could be here today.

"T - This is amazing!" Yuri was surprised when she heard it. She thought that Ritsu was really human since this girl could talk with her normally. She looked at him and asked, "But why did you make her girl?" She thought that he was really perverted.


"How about you help me first?" Haru asked with a sigh.

"O - Oh..." Yuri nodded and started to help him.

They were talking to each other regarding this Artificial Intelligence since it was really amazing in her eyes.

Haru had told Ritsu to keep a secret about the existence of dimensional group chat, Korosensei, and Yosogu no Sora in his phone so he didn't have that much of a worry.

"Yuri-chan, did you use a ponytail because you know that he likes it?" Ritsu suddenly asked.


This girl sure knew how to make the situation become awkward.


"Haru?" Sora looked at him around but couldn't find him. She looked at the dining table and there was a piece of note there. She sighed when she found out that she was in his cafe right now. She didn't really like to come there since there were a lot of girls there but still, she wasn't sure why but she wanted to meet him right now. She thought that she should come to his cafe when it was closed since she didn't like a crowded place. She looked at her phone and decided also to ask Megumi to come too but before that she needed to eat the food on the table since she was hungry.


Shiina slept very soundly since she had never had such a soft bed before in her life. She was wondering who could create such a wonderful thing and she was glad that she followed him back. She could meet her disciple but also could eat a lot of delicious food and a nice place to sleep. She was still sleeping until she smelled something nice. She thought that she needed to help him since she was staying in his place and she also wanted to try the food too. She went out of her room with quite a sloppy expression to the kitchen. She saw both Haru and Yuri there but also saw a figure on the small box looking at her intently.

Shiina woke up instantly and started to get nervous. She placed her hand on her back holding his small katana. She saw that both Haru and Yuri didn't notice the existence of the girl inside that small box.

"Good morning," Ritsu said to her.

Shiina was frozen for a moment until she suddenly jumped while screaming, "EVIL SPIRIT! BEGONE!!"