Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 230

Volume 1 Chapter 230 Manju

Sora, Megumi, Utaha, Shiina, and Yuri really enjoyed the Manju that they had bought in the Honoka's family store. They thought to buy some for him and went back together.

"Still, this manju is very good," Utaha said.

"How stupid..." Shiina said while eating a lot of Manju.

"I'm glad that you like it," Honoka smiled.

"Do you think Haru can make it?" Yuri asked.

"He can, he has God's Tongue," Sora said.


*Clank! Clank!

Suddenly they heard a commotion from inside the store.

"Is that true? Does the owner of that bakery have a God's Tongue?" Honoka's father suddenly came out.

"Yeah, is that true?!" Honoka's mother also came out and asked with a surprised expression.

"Yes," Sora was a bit startled but nodded.


"Can he come here?" Honoka's mother asked and shook her head, "No, can he just write an improvement about our product?"

"Of course, we will give him a payment," Honoka's father said.


They didn't expect that his God's Tongue would create such a reaction from Honoka's parents.

"Is God's Tongue really that powerful?" Honoka asked while eating the bread that she had bought in his store.

"Of course," Honoka's mother looked at her daughter as if a fool, "God's Tongue can help to improve our products then our store profit will increase."

Honoka's father nodded.

Honoka's mother sighed, "There is Erina Nakiri who has that tongue too but she is too busy and her appointment is full for the entire 10 years."


They were speechless when they heard this kind of setting from them.

Honoka's mother looked at them and said, "Please, bring him here."


"I would talk to him first, I couldn't make a promise," Sora said, and didn't expect that it would become something big.

"Thank you very much," Honoka's mother said.

"Mom, don't worry, he wants to come here earlier but he has something to do, maybe next time he will come here," Honoka said.

Both of Honoka's parents nodded and felt happy when they heard it.

They talked for a while and decided to go back since they wanted to tell him about this matter.

Sora looked at the four girls beside her and knew that they would become her rival. She sighed when she thought that he had made a lot of girls fall for him.

"Shiina, don't eat too much, leave some for him and Kosaka-san," Megumi said.

"Kosaka?" Utaha and Sora said at the same time.

"She was his business partner too, but both of them made a game," Yuri said.

"Game? Is his plan finished?" Utaha suddenly said and looked at Sora.

"Yes, he wrote it after the trip from Macau," Sora nodded when she heard about the game. She might have forgotten about the name of that person but she didn't forget that he wanted to make a game.

Utaha remembered that both of them would eroge together. She was curious and asked, "How is the story of his game?"

"I'm not sure but the characters are very cool since Kosaka-san has been drawing ill.u.s.trations," Yuri said. She wasn't sure since she didn't read the story.

The only one who knows the story might be both Haru and Kosaka.

Utaha didn't expect either of them to be this fast enough to create the game. She also wanted to know what kind of script he had written for this game. She thought about it and couldn't stay here any longer, "I need to read the script!" She said and started to run.

Everyone who looked at her started to run and stopped around 50 meters away. They saw her breathing very heavily and very tired.

"I - I'm tired," Utaha said.



They walked together and arrived in his cafe.

"Kasumigaoka-san, you need to train your body more," Megumi said.

"Yes, you have become tired after running 50 meters, how pathetic," Yuri said.

Utaha snorted and said, "It's okay, I'm more brain than a brawl and I don't want to turn into a gorilla."


"Do you mean that we're a brawl?" Yuri asked with an annoyed expression.

"Oh, sorry, I don't mean to say that it is you guys," Utaha said, and added, "But if you feel that way then it might be."

"Bastard!" Yuri was annoyed.

"Why are you so noisy in front of the store?"

They turned and looked at him but were a bit stunned. Their faces were a bit red when they saw his appearance.

"Haru!" Sora ignored them and went toward him. She looked at him and asked, "Why are you wearing glasses?"

"Well, I'm working," Haru said and added, "Let's not cause a ruckus, alright?"

Yuri and Utaha looked at each other and snorted but they didn't say anything else. Both of them still glanced at him since he was wearing glasses since it was a rare chance.

Haru went back to his seat and made an appointment with the real estate agent that sold the haunted building that he wanted to buy. The real estate agent who was in charge of this building had tried to tell him not to buy that place but he didn't really care. He had power now and he was confident since he had eaten 'Horo Horo no Mi'.

'The land is quite vast and the price is quite cheap in this area,' Haru didn't expect the price of the land to be dropped this much, 'The problem might be serious.'

"Are you really going to buy that haunted building?" Yuri asked.

"Yeah, is there something wrong?" Haru asked.

Yuri nodded with a serious expression, "Wait here, I will bring the data research that I have gathered here."

'Data research...' they were flabbergasted when they heard it.

"Haru, how is the game?" Utaha asked.

"It's good, the process is quite smooth," Haru said.

"Can you let me read the script?" Utaha asked.

"No, don't let her read it," Kosaka said.

"Ha?!" Utaha was annoyed.

"I don't want trouble happening when we're going to make this game, just wait until we sell the game," Kosaka said and continued to draw.

"I'm sorry, Utaha, but it is like she said, just wait until the game is finished," Haru said.

Utaha was really annoyed right now and took the manju. She chewed into her mouth while looking away.

Haru didn't say anything since he needed to respect his partner's business.

"Haru, I have brought you a manju," Megumi said.

"Thank you," Haru said and started to eat it. He was surprised with the taste and it gave him a pleasant surprise since he could feel the kindness from the chef. His eyes lit up and said, "This is very good but I can make it better."

"Oh, can you tell me how? Honoka's parents have asked us to ask you to come there or write a memo to increase the taste of the Manju," Megumi said.

Haru nodded since he didn't mind helping a friend.

"Is this manju? Let me try it?" Kosaka went to them and took one of them. She looked at Utaha who was looking at her for a while, "What?"

"Nothing," Utaha shook her head. She decided not to help him since she wanted to see what kind of game he could create with this woman.

"Haru, this is the research data that I have gathered from that building," Yuri said, and brought the report with her.