Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 231

Volume 1 Chapter 231 Onmyouji

The report wasn't that thick but it was quite a lot.

"There's a lot here," Haru said.

Yuri nodded, "Yes, for your information, there are a lot of urban legends and tragic stories regarding the building that you want to buy," She felt a bit scared when she found out a lot of strange things during her research.

"Wait! Before we continue, can I ask a question?" Utaha asked while looking at him.

"Yes," Haru nodded.

"Why do you want to buy a haunted building?" Utaha asked with a confused expression.

"Because it was cheap," Haru said.


They were speechless by his answer but it was also one of the most logical answers.

"Alright, let me continue first," Yuri said and also brought a whiteboard with her to explain. She looked at him and said, "I have gathered a lot of information and this building has been bought by 15 people for the past 50 years and all of them decided to sell it right away after buying it."

"Why?" Kosaka asked.

"The urban legend said that when the owner tries to renovate this building there must be a lot of accidents that are happening in that place, for example, there are a lot of people who died from the construction work, having a nightmare and become crazy, and even the owner also received a lot of bad luck...." Yuri kept listing the thing that happened around that place.

They shuddered when they heard her story.

Haru nodded and understood why the price was so cheap. He didn't expect that he would receive such a bonus when he bought that building.

"Then, why did a lot of people buy that place, even though there were a lot of accidents already there?" Sora asked.

"Because the location is very good and it is very cheap, a lot of people are attracted like a moth who was attracted by fire and didn't notice that they were burnt.....' Kosaka suddenly said.


The atmosphere suddenly became quiet and the wind became quite strong hitting the window and created a creepy sound.


'What the heck?' Haru thought and clapped his hands together.


Everyone looked at him when they heard him clap his hands.

"So are you really going to buy this haunted building?" Utaha asked.

"I will buy it," Haru nodded.

Kosaka raised her eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," Haru said.

"You might die....." Shiina said.


"It's okay, I have the preparation," Haru said.

"Haru, this will be different from this house," Yuri said.


They were stopped for a while and asked, "This house?!"

"What do you mean?!" Utaha asked with a confused expression.

"This house is also haunted," Haru said.


They suddenly became confused since they didn't feel strange about this house and it was even very comfortable in their opinion.

"Are you sure? This house is very comfortable, there isn't any strange thing happening here," Kosaka said and felt doubtful.

"There isn't any ghost since the ghosts went to heaven," Haru said.


"What is it? Are you trying to become a priest or something? I'm sorry even though you're quite suitable, I can only think that you're someone who has a delusional disease," Utaha spewed a lot of words at him.


Haru was too lazy to say anything and decided to show them something. He had eaten 'Horo Horo no Mi' and was thought to try his new power. He knew from the anime how to use this devil fruit and created a ghost from nothing.

Suddenly a ghost came out of his body.

The appearance of this ghost is a bit similar to a 'Casper' that they had watched on the television during their childhood time.

Their mouth shape became 'O' and they were stunned by this scene.

"Cute....." Shiina said and wanted to touch it.

"Shiina, don't touch it," Haru hurriedly told her.

Shiina stopped when she heard his voice, "Why?"

Haru had just used his power and he was afraid that this ghost would drain her will and make her depressed. Worst case that she wanted to commit suicide and he didn't want that to happen, "It's a bit dangerous, I have just learned it." He didn't show it that long and made it disappear.


Kosaka and Utaha were stunned when they were in place.

"What is that?" Kosaka asked him.

"Ghost," Haru said.


"Are you serious?" Utaha asked.

"What do you think?" Haru asked.

Kosaka and Utaha felt this development became strange. They felt that the boy that they knew had become very mysterious. They started to have an imagination about him having a fight with an evil spirit in the night.

Sora, Megumi, and Yuri didn't seem that surprised but they were wondering about his new power. They were wondering whether he could control a ghost or something similar.

"Now, do you understand why I have the confidence?" Haru asked.

Utaha and Kosaka looked at him and couldn't help but ask.

"Wait!? Are you telling me that you're an Omnyouji?!" Utaha asked.

"So have you been exorcising a lot of ghosts? Can you tell me more?" Kosaka asked.

Utaha and Kosaka didn't feel scared but they were more curious about him since it was very rare to meet a real onmyouji.

Haru felt that this new identity was quite suitable since in the society there was quite a lot of onmyouji even though most of them were fakes. He had money and there were a lot of haunted places in this country. He couldn't help but think of creating an apartment or mansion there and just rented them. He would be living quite easily later without working and lived similar to a salted fish.

"Can you show the ghost once more?" Shiina asked with a hopeful expression in her eyes.

Haru, who had released his ghost for the first time, had already grasped the basic understanding of this devil fruit. He summoned his ghost again and it started to float around with a happy smile.

Everyone who saw it couldn't help but think that the ghost was very cute even though they knew it was a ghost, 'How strange...'

Shiina who looked at the ghost wanted to hug it but she held herself but her eyes were burning in desire while looking at him.