Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 232

Volume 1 Chapter 232 Simple Game

Everyone didn't continue to discuss the ghost but went to the 2nd floor to play a game or watch a movie.

"Do you want me to help you?" Haru asked.

Kosaka looked at him and asked, "Can you draw?"


"It should be possible," Haru nodded.

"So try it," Kosaka said and pointed at one of the drawings.

"Good," Haru nodded and picked up his tablet to draw there.

"Haru, your artistic sense is a bit different from normal," Sora said.

"Yeah, I remember that your sense of art is a bit hard to understand for normal people," Utaha said.

Megumi and Yuri suddenly became curious.

"Oi, isn't that a bit too much? My art is awesome!" Haru didn't accept the fact that his art was strange. He looked at them and said, "Let me show you!" He looked at the ill.u.s.tration of 'Tohsaka Rin' and started to draw it.

Kosaka didn't wait for him and continued to draw since she needed to finish her job as soon as possible. She wanted this game to be successful and didn't want to become bad. She was glad that he could do both programming and script. Even though he could draw but she decided to reject it since it was her job.

Haru didn't draw the ill.u.s.tration too long and it was quite fast for him to finish it, "Done."

Everyone looked at his drawing and couldn't help but become stunned.


Kosaka checked his drawing for a while and placed it back, "You should focus on the script, don't do anything on drawing, let me handle it."


They nodded and didn't say anything again.

"Why?" Haru felt very unsatisfied now.

Kosaka sighed and said, "Your art might be very good for some people but it isn't suitable for this game."

"It's unique," Shiina said.


Haru felt that his shoulder was patted by Megumi, "Megumi?"

"Just give up," Megumi said.


"Still, your drawing style hasn't changed since middle school," Utaha said.

Yuri thought for a bit and said, "It's cubism, right?"

Cubism is a movement in art that began in France in 1907 that is characterized by the use of geometric planes and shapes. The works of Pablo Picasso, which consist of interlocking shapes and geometric planes, are examples of cubism.

The ill.u.s.tration that he had drawn was a picture of 'Rin Tohsaka' with a cubismstyle.

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that his art was very good in his opinion. He rubbed his chin and thought that it wasn't bad. He looked at Kosaka who was drawing the ill.u.s.tration by herself with a serious expression. He was a bit bored and he couldn't flirt with his girlfriend with a lot of girls around him. He thought for a bit and decided to create a simple game since he wasn't that busy right now. He took his laptop and started to create a game.


"That's right, I have seen this cafe name on the website of Tootsuki School as a partner, is that true?" Utaha asked.

"Yeah, the students from that school might come to become an intern here," Yuri nodded.

"Oh, interesting, is it from middle school or the high school one?" Utaha asked.

"Hmm, I'm not sure but it might be from middle school," Haru answered while making a game.

Sora was resting on his lap while eating a lazily ice cream: "The most important thing is not whether they're in middle school or high school but whether they're a girl or a boy?"


They looked at him and waited for his answer.

"Of course, it is a girl, the people who live here are girls, I'm sure you guys will be uncomfortable when a guy living here," Haru said.

"The real reason is?" Megumi asked.

"There is no way that I will let a guy live here," Haru said.

They nodded in response and understood him.

"How stupid..." Shiina said while doing a concentration training session with rules on each of her left-hand fingers.

"Now that you mention it, is she going to live here?" Yuri asked.

"She?" Sora and Utaha looked at him.

"She is the singer for this game," Yuuki said and explained, "Sora, you have seen her before, the one that we've seen on the street before."

Sora thought for a bit and remembered the girl who was singing on the street before, "I remember her, is she going to live here too?"

"She might but she has parents, I'm not really sure about her decision," Yuuki answered.


Iwasawa looked at her boss and said, "Boss, I'm sorry but I'm going to stop working here."

"What? Why?" her boss was a bit confused.

"My friend has offered me work," Iwasawa said.

"Work? It's not something suspicious, right? Don't get fooled by people," her boss was worried.

"Don't worry, I'm also working in the kitchen too after this," Iwasawa said. She didn't tell him that she would also be working to become a singer for his game. She wasn't sure but she thought that it was better to live there too since she didn't want to stay with her parents.

Her boss nodded, "Then, I will support your decision, wait for a while here." He said and went to his room.

Iwasawa was waiting for him until he came out while bringing an envelope.

"This isn't much, but I hope that you can become a singer in the future," her boss said and gave her the envelope.

Iwasawa knew that there was money inside. She looked at him and said, "Thank you, boss." She needed money to live by herself and she was very grateful to him.

"Good luck."

Iwasawa nodded in response.


"Now that you mention it, what have you been doing?" Yuri asked.

"I'm making a game," Haru said.



Kosaka was startled and asked, "What game?" She didn't expect him to suddenly make a game by himself.

"Smartphone game and a simple one. You don't need to think much since I'm making it because I'm bored," Haru said.

"What is the title?" Megumi asked.

"It's Flappy Bird," Haru answered.