Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 233

Volume 1 Chapter 233 Flappy Bird

There are four ways for a game company to create money.

The first is the simplest one that is to sell your game directly to the customer. The second is from an advertis.e.m.e.nt that is seen from when the people playing their game, the third is to sell a lot of accessories or an item on the free game, and the last is from a subscription.

His Fate/Stay Night is making money with the first way since they had planned to sell it on the winter Comiket.

Haru and Kosaka had their own fans and they weren't nameless creators and it was easier to attract people to buy their game.

Haru had decided to create this game since it would connect to his other game in the future and it would create a franchise work that would be worth billions of dollars. Even though he knew that the PC game was very popular right now, he knew that in the future the smartphone game would be very popular too. He remembered in his past life there were a lot of smartphone games that could easily be worth a billion or more.

He remembered several famous games in his past life and he decided to create it here since it was such a shame to not share it here and he could also get money too. He had thought for a bit and decided to create the easiest game but it was one of the most popular.

Flappy Bird.

Yes, that game is one of the most popular games in his past world.

He remembered the creator could get at least 50,000$ or more a day just from the advertis.e.m.e.nt. He was both amazed and surprised but this game was very incredible since it was easy to make people get hooked by this game.

"Oh, what kind of game is this 'Flappy Bird'?" Kosaka asked with a slightly annoyed voice. She was working here and suddenly he decided to create a game.

"It's just a simple game, wait for a while, I'll be done soon in an hour or so," Haru answered.


"An hour?" Kosaka nodded and thought that this guy was just bored. She thought that he wanted to sell it or something. She continued to draw again and focus on her work.

"Is making a game really this simple?" Yuri asked. She had seen Kosaka had been working for the past few days and in her opinion, it needed a lot of time.

"It depends on the game itself, the game that I'm working on is a very simple game, I'll let you play it later," Haru said.

Megumi was on his side watching him do programming. She had a slight interest in it and asked, "Is it easy to learn to program a game?"

"It's both easy and hard," Haru said.

"What's that answer?" Utaha also rested on his back while reading a book.

"I guess that depends on each of the individuals whether they want to learn or not," Haru said. He was a bit speechless when the girls here used his body as a resting place, 'I'm not sofa!?' He decided not to say anything since their smell was very nice in his nose.

Sora slept on his lap since she was a bit sleepy.

Everyone looked at her and felt a bit jealous.

Shiina was also sleeping on the sofa while dreaming that there were a lot of cute cats around her, 'Cute...'


Iwasawa looked at the cafe in front of her. She was a bit nervous and wondered whether his offer was still working. She took a deep breath and pressed the bell on this house.



"I'll answer it," Shiina said and jumped from the sofa to the first floor.


Everyone was speechless by her actions.


Iwasawa waited for a while and the door was opened, "Hello."

Shiina nodded and looked at the luggage on her side, "Enter."

Iwasawa nodded and felt that this girl was a bit cold but she didn't think much. She entered the cafe and still felt that this place was very comfortable, "Where is he?"

"On the 2nd floor, you should come too," Shiina said.

"Thank you," Iwasawa said.

"No problem," Shiina answered and walked to the 2nd floor together.

Both of them entered the 2nd floor and they heard his voice.

"It's done!"

They looked at him and sighed in relief.

"Iwasawa? You're here?" Haru was a bit surprised.

"So you're lying about letting me work and live here?" Iwasawa asked with a bit of a nervous expression. She had never been too close to someone before and it made her a bit nervous.

"No, of course not, you can live here," Haru said.

"Oh, is your game done?" Utaha asked.

"Yeah," Haru nodded.

"Let me try it," Kosaka stopped and pushed him away.

Iwasawa looked at them with a curious expression and asked, "What are they doing?"

"I'm not sure but he is making a game," Shiina said.

"Game?" Iwasawa was a bit curious but she wasn't sure whether she should go there or not.

Shiina looked at her and said, "Welcome."

Iwasawa nodded and smiled at her, "Thank you."


They looked at his game on his laptop and felt a bit speechless. They saw a cute yellow bird that was floating in the middle.

The thing that they were most speechless about was the art of this game.

"The game graphics are crap," Kosaka said.

"That's why I said this is a simple game," Haru said and started to explain the game.

Flappy Bird is a side-scroller game where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them.

"Still, let me try it," Kosaka said and started to click the button of the mouse. She saw the bird jump from time to time until she saw the green pipes. She thought that it would be easy but suddenly she hit the pipe.

[Game Over!]




Everyone was speechless by the result.

Kosaka took a deep breath and said, "Let me try it again." She played it again and this time she hit the pipes again.


"Isn't' this game too difficult?" Kosaka complained.

"You're suck, let me try it," Utaha said and pushed her away. She was a bit better since she had seen her but she hit the pipes after 3 attempts.


"See! This game is too difficult! You should lower the difficulty," Kosaka said.

"No, it's better this way," Haru said.

"Let me try it now," Sora said.

Then, each of them started to play together.

Haru knew that the most dangerous thing about this game was to get hooked, "Stop playing! Don't get hooked by this game!"