Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 235

Volume 1 Chapter 235 Haunted Building

"You have to go with Shiina," Megumi said. She was worried that he would buy that haunted building alone and told him to bring Shiina together.

Haru and Shiina went out together to visit the property agent that managed the haunted building that he had aimed for a while.

Kosaka and Iwasawa were in his cafe waiting for the people from the music store to modify his underground to become a music studio.

Haru looked at his watch and it was almost the time for his appointment. He decided to meet the property agent at noon since the ghost would be at their weakest when the sun was at its brightest.

In other words, he needed to come in the afternoon.

He didn't really want to come during the night and the property agent also wouldn't want to accompany him to visit that place either.

"Is that place full of ghosts?" Shiina asked. She had hidden her shuriken, sword, and lot of weapons on her body.

"I'm probably not sure yet, but I need to see it first," Haru said. He wanted to have a vehicle but he didn't have a driving license. He was wondering whether he could get it from the backdoor or something.

The office of the property agent isn't that far but it isn't that close either.

Haru met the agent and talked for a while regarding the haunted building. The man had advised him not to buy it but he didn't force him to follow him either. In his opinion, as long as the building was sold then it was alright whether the buyer decided to follow his advice or not it didn't really matter to him.

The man was sure that Haru would go back after he had seen the building once. He was a bit tired when he thought a lot of people had come to ask him to visit that place but decided to cancel from buying that building.

That was why the man had made a business regardless of whether the buyer decided to buy the building or not they needed to pay 10,000 yen just to ask him to visit that place. It wasn't that much money but he didn't do much either.

Haru was more curious about the building. He had asked for the photo but the man didn't have it since the photo would become a blur or the camera would be broken when they took a picture of that building. There were also a lot of strange things happening when they entered that haunted building.

Haru and Shiina listened to the story of the property agent regarding the haunted building. They had heard it from Yuri but it wasn't as detailed as the property agent who was managing that building.

Both of them have learned that the name of their property agent is Suzuki. They didn't really have an interest in his first name since the people in this country didn't call people with their first name until they were close to each other.

"In fact, my father also managed that building too," Suzuki said.

"So why is your family the one who manages it?" Haru asked.

"The owner of that building died when the building was built on that land, the rest of the family decided to sell that building since the tax heritage was too high for them, they have decided to use our agency to help them sell that building," Suzuki said.

"How long has that building been built?" Haru asked for the confirmation.

"The building was built in the Shouwa Era and I have forgotten how long that has been but it should be at least 50 years or more," Suzuki said.

"Was there someone who bought that building?" Haru asked.

"Yes, there were a lot of people who had tried to buy that building," Suzuki said.


"Most of them have died after buying that building and their relatives have decided to sell it again since the tax heritage of that building is very high," Suzuki said.

Haru knew that even though the building was very cheap, the tax itself was very high.

The relatives of the previous owner knew that it wasn't worth it to keep such a big building when they didn't even use it for a business.

"The owner has kept changing at least 15 times," Suzuki said.

Haru nodded and it was the same as the report that he had heard from Yuri before.

"It has been 10 years for someone who has tried to buy that house," Suzuki said, and added, "With the internet, there are a lot of urban legends regarding that building and the people have decided that it was better to not buy that place even though the price is cheap and the location is very good."

Haru felt that this building would be very interesting to see. He was quite amazed when he heard the land itself was 8,758 square meters or more and the price itself was only 70 million yen. He knew that the relatives of the last owner must be desperate to sell that building as soon as possible and probably the story was real since it was impossible to have such a large mass of land in Tokyo at a very cheap price. He looked at him and felt a bit fishy, "So you're a family has been the one who manages that place?"

"Yes, from my father's time up until me now," Suzuki said. He told him that he was in his 40's right now.

"So you're alright? Is there any problem with your family since you have been handling that building?" Haru asked.

"It's alright since our family has this," Suzuki said and took something out of his shirt.

"What is that?" Haru asked. Even though it was weak, he could feel the energy from the stone on his necklace.

"My grandparents in the past were priests, they were working in the nearest shrine and they have given their descendants a stone amulet to protect them, they have said that they received this stone amulet from the main priest inside the shrine...." Suzuki said and started to tell them about his family tree to him.

Haru and Shiina didn't say anything, only listening to him while interjecting to ask a question.

They were on this trip for 20 minutes and they saw the building.

"We have arrived," Suzuki said while frowning.

"Haru..." Shiina tightened the grip on her hidden weapons when she saw that building.

Haru knew that Suzuki wasn't lying since the building in front of him really gave them a crept and ominous feeling.