Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 237

Volume 1 Chapter 237 Disturbing Scene

*rumble! rumble!

Haru looked at the building once again but it had become very gloomy thanks to the cloudy sky.

"Haru...." Shiina was really worried right now.

"I'm going to enter," Haru said as he felt that the sky had started to drizzle. He didn't want to stay outside for too long and entered the building that he had just bought as soon as possible.

Shiina saw him walking toward the haunted building couldn't help but sigh. She also followed him as he entered the building inside.

Suzuki looked at both of them from inside his car. His face was expressionless and the stone amulet in his pocket started to crack. Suddenly his expression turned into a grin while his mouth opened really wide showing a slit open both of his cheeks.


Haru closed his nose since the smell of this place was quite unpleasant. He felt that there should be a lot of dead animal carcass inside this building since he smelled something rotten inside. He looked at Shiina and said, "Walk beside me, it will be bad for us to separate from each other."

Shiina nodded at him and took out her sword.

Haru decided to use his light magic since this place was just too dark for him to see anything. He summoned a small ball of light on his palm and started to walk inside the building. He could see a lot of junk around the ground and vines that grew around the wall.

There is a lot of crack around the building and the dirt covering the entire floor showing there aren't any people who have entered this building ever since.

*step step

Suddenly heard footstep from the upper floor walking quite loudly.

"What is that?!" Shiina asked with a shaky voice.

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "Let's check it." He said and walked up the stairs to the upper floor. He knew that ghosts loved to play hide and seek to make them scared and eat them slowly.

Shiina was scared and couldn't help but tucked his shirt.

Haru looked at her and asked, "Are you scared?"

"No!" Shiina shook her head.


Haru was wondering whether it was the right choice to bring her along. He thought that she would be dependable to it seemed that it was wrong, "Hold my hand."

Shiina nodded in a confident manner, "Yes, this way I can protect you better."


Haru was speechless and didn't say anything again. He thought for a bit and said, "This building is an apartment before, right?"

"Yes, that's what that guy said earlier," Shiina said and frowned, "I thought that guy seemed a bit suspicious."

Haru didn't blame her for doubting Suzuki since he also thought that a lot of his stories felt unnatural, especially the part where the relative's owner asked his family to manage this building for the entire two generations. He felt that it was weird since the relative should choose that person rather than the other broker.

Haru felt that their family might try to make something or a real spiritual master was trying to create a strong spirit or something but it didn't really matter since he would kill them sooner or later.

Shiina and Haru entered the second floor and they didn't see anything.

*drip drip

The drizzle turned into rain and the thunder started to clap, making the building more menacing.

*rumble rumble


The door suddenly slammed and followed with the sound of water that came out from the faucet.

Shiina became really scared and held his arms tightly. She suddenly felt something cold holding her leg, "Haru!!!!"

Haru covered his feet with light magic and stomped the hand that was holding her leg.


The hand started to dissipate and became dust leaving to the sky.

Haru hugged her and said, "Calm down, that one is just a small fries."

"Just a small fries?" Shiina asked.

"Yes, since the real one is coming soon," Haru said.


Shiina suddenly felt something strange until she saw a lot of hands coming out from the ground. She could see that there should be at least a hundreds of hands that moved toward them.

Haru made a grabbing movement using his power from 'Horo Horo no Mi' trying to pull all of them together into one.

The hundreds of hands flew out from the ground and became very large white ball with a lot of hands tried to escape from the ball.

Shiina opened her mouth wide when she saw the change from the ball.

Suddenly these hands turned into people's heads screaming loudly, making a very creepy voice.

"Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!"

They kept uttering those words while looking at both of them with tears of blood.

Shiina hugged him tightly, "Do something!"

"I would," Haru said and moved the ball of a soul which was screaming creepily closer to himself.

"W - Why are you bringing it closer?!" Shiina really wanted to get out right now.

"I will purify them," Haru said, and covered his fist with light magic that he combined with his new power, slammed it into that creepy ball of soul.



The soul inside the ball started to scream in pain when it contacted with his light magic.

Haru knew that all of the soul inside the ball had consumed a human soul who had entered this place. He wasn't sure how many people that had been devoured by this building and he was sure that there might be a ritual that was made inside this place.

The soul started to dissipate leaving without leaving any trace.

Shiina looked at the process of how he had purified the evil spirit with amazement.

"Let's go," Haru said with a smile.

Shiina wasn't sure but his smile made her became very calm all of sudden. She nodded at him and followed him to check the entire floor.


Suddenly in the underground of the haunted building, there was something strange happening.

Suzuki entered the underground from a different entrance from the two of them. He walked slowly and with a grin on his face until he heard a very loud scream. His expression started to change and he ran very fast toward the underground. He saw a handsome man that was in his prime but half of his face full of wrinkles and melted slowly making a very disturbing scene. He was stunned when he saw it and didn't know what to do right now.

"K - Kill them! Kill them!"

This voice shocked Suzuki to the core and made him faint directly on the ground. Suddenly his fingers started making a very creepy movement. He stood up with an angle that was usually impossible unless that person was a professional gymnast. He walked up while hanging his head low without showing his face.

The handsome man with half melting face held his anger since soon he would have his revenge.