Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 238

Volume 1 Chapter 238 Disfigured Demon

Shiina was glad that he was there since he could kill the ghost easily with his punch or kick. She looked at him and asked, "Can you cover my weapon with that light?"

Haru nodded, "Sure." He used his magic to cover her sword and made it glow in the darkness.

Shiina looked at her weapon and felt very intrigued by it.

*crack crack

They saw that there was a group of mannequins suddenly standing up from the ground with shaky movement walking toward them very fast.

Shiina didn't hesitate and attacked them with her sword.

*Slash! Slash! Slash!

Her movement was very fast and cut the group of mannequins cleanly dissipating the soul in the process.

Haru put his hands in his pocket while kicking them, destroying the mannequins into pieces. He was on the 2nd floor right now but there were a lot of surprises. He looked at the stairs that connected to the 3rd floor or the last floor of this building, "Let's go to the 3rd floor."

Shiina nodded in agreement. She looked at her sword and smiled a little since it was very strong.

Both of them walked to the 3rd floor and used the stair but suddenly it crumbled slowly destroying the stairs.

If it was a normal people they would have died because they dropped to the lower floor but two of them were different since both of them were strong.

Shiina used her sword to stick on the wall but she felt that her body was floating. She looked at him who was floating and moved slowly to the 3rd floor. She blinked her eyes and also started to float toward them.

Haru landed on the 3rd floor while looking around curiously. He was wondering what kind of surprise this building would show them.

"You can fly?" Shiina asked.

"Yes, I can even go to space," Haru said.


Haru didn't say anything again and decided to look around this 3rd floor. He was wondering what kind of ghost would appear on this floor.


Haru looked like it was the same hand that appeared on the 2nd floor. He was wondering why they kept coming out even though they knew that it was useless. He kicked them away with his light magic and purified them instantly. He didn't underestimate them but they were just too weak.

Both of them moved around the 3rd floor destroying the ghost that they had met along the way.

Shiina didn't feel scared anymore since she knew that she could defeat them instantly, "We've defeated them all."

"Yeah," Haru said, but he knew that it wasn't enough since he only met the small fries along the way. He knew that it wasn't over and there was still the boss or the mastermind inside this building, "Let's go check the 1st floor, there might be something there."

Shiina nodded in agreement.

Both of them walked out from the corner of the 3rd floor until they heard the sound of a footstep.

Shiina hurriedly raised her sword but stopped when she saw the person in front of her. She frowned and said, "You?"


Suzuki was very scared when he saw the sword on his neck. He looked at them and said, "I'm Suzuki! I'm the one who is helping you buy this place!"

Shiina lowered her sword and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm worried about you," Suzuki said with a sigh of relief when he saw both of them were alright.

Shiina nodded and said, "Let's go to the 1st floor."

"Good, let's go, you guys can walk first," Suzuki said, but suddenly he was kicked by him.


Suzuki was thrown a few meters away and dropped directly on the ground, fainting directly.


"Isn't it weird that normal people like him can walk to the 3rd floor when the stairs are broken?" Haru asked.

Shiina suddenly realized her mistake and knew that she couldn't use her ninja logic to a normal people.

Haru walked toward Suzuki and felt something strange in his pocket. He had realized that since entering the building earlier and didn't bother with him since he didn't even think that he didn't even show a threat to him. He took the stone amulet in his pocket and observed it again. He knew that this amulet was very strange. It didn't give protection but it was rather something ominous. He didn't hesitate and destroyed it with his light magic. He saw a dark smoke come out and dissipated into the air.

"What is that?" Shiina asked.

"It's controlling him," Haru said and slapped Suzuki.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Ugh..." Suzuki felt that his cheek was very hurt and he opened his eyes. He blinked his eyes and saw both Haru and Shiina in front of him, "Huh? Why are you here? Where is this?" He looked around and suddenly panicked since he felt this place was somehow familiar.

"This is a haunted building," Haru said.


Suzuki suddenly held his head and asked, "Ugh, what is happening? What are you guys?"

"I'm a psychic," Haru said.

"...Psychic?" Suzuki suddenly thought that he was lying until he saw those hands suddenly appear on the ground, "W - What is that?!"

Haru didn't say anything and kicked the hands making it dissipate.


Suzuki opened his mouth wide and looked at him in amazement. He gulped and felt glad that he didn't offend him. He also understood why Haru wanted to buy this building.

Haru thought that psychic might be suitable for him since he didn't have much knowledge about Shinto or Buddha that much. His skill was very crude since he only punched or kicked them directly to purify them.

"How can we go down?" Suzuki asked while looking at the destroyed stairs.

'How can you get up?' Haru and Shiina thought but they didn't say anything.

Haru grabbed him and jumped down to the lower floor.

Shiina also did the same and jumped down to the 2nd floor.

Suzuki felt a bit dizzy and thought that they might be ninjas too. He only wanted to go out now but he didn't want to go alone.

They walked to the 1st floor.

Suzuki who saw the entrance couldn't help but run away from them since he wanted to escape from this place.


Suddenly the entrance door was closed.


Suzuki dropped on the ground since he was very scared and hurriedly crawled down toward both Haru and Shiina. He hid behind both of them looking at the thing in front of him with a scary expression.

Haru and Shiina saw a man with a disfigured face suddenly appearing on the entrance door.


Suzuki looked at this man and suddenly was surprised, "Y - You!?"

"Do you know him?" Haru asked.

"Y - Yes, I have seen him in the photo, he is the head of shrine where my grandparents were working in the past, h - he has died b-but why is he here?" Suzuki said with a shaky voice.

"You should tell me more about this building in detail or else..." Haru said while glancing at him and letting out a very gloomy aura.

Suzuki hurriedly nodded at him and felt that he was very cold.


The disfigured man suddenly became bigger, his hands were full of muscle, his head also became bigger showing his creepy grin, and his body proportion became very off.

Shiina was ready with her sword to slay the demon in front of her.

Haru thought that this world had become more mysterious and it very interested him. He raised his palm and made a grabbing movement.

Suddenly the disfigured demon felt a force that tried to press him. He tried to fight back but the force was just too powerful.

Haru didn't give him a chance to scream and destroyed it instantly.

Everyone could see the demon dissipated into the air.

Haru could see a lot of souls suddenly flying out from the building away to the sky after he had destroyed the demon.

"Is it over?" Shiina asked.

"Yeah," Haru said and looked at Suzuki, "Let's go back and help me later."

Suzuki nodded in response.