Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 241

Volume 1 Chapter 241 What Is The Color Of Your Blood?

Haru looked at everyone who was practicing a musical instrument. He only needed to wait for Maki to come tomorrow and the recording would be alright.


Haru felt that his phone had vibrated and looked at his phone. He raised his eyebrows when he saw there was another quest.

Kuroneko: "There is a quest!"

Luffy: "Oh! I can't wait to see the quest!"

Korosensei: "What is the quest?"

Haru didn't hesitate and started to read the quest.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Kill demon progenitor.]

[Quest 2: Kill 100 demons.]

[Quest 3: Get the 10 instructions of breath styles.]

[Quest 4: Get 1 kg of both Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore.]

[Quest 5: Get Blue Spider Lily.]

[Quest 6: Invite one member.]

[Participant: Three Persons]

[Reward: 2000 points, an update, and a random reward.]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world. Please choose the right person to enter the Group Chat]

[Countdown: No]


Everyone was stunned when they saw a list of quests that appeared in the group chat.

'Six quests?' Haru would have never thought that the quest would be this much. He looked at the ques and tried to think which world that this would lead them too.

'Hmm, Demon? Progenitor? Breath Style? Ore? Blue Spider Lily?' Haru suddenly realized which world that this quest would lead them.

Tsunade: "Kuroneko, Haru, do any of you know anything about the world where this quest will be held?"

Kuroneko: "I'm not sure, I'll need to search it first."

Haru: "You don't need to since I know the answer."

Yajima: "Where is it?"

Haru: "It should be in 'Kimetsu no Yaiba'."

Gintoki: "'Kimetsu no Yaiba'? What kind of world is that?"

Haru: "It's almost the same as your world Gin-san."

Gintoki was surprised, "My world?"

Haru: "Yeah, it is the same but the technology is very awkward, this world in Japan during the Meiji period."

Korosensei: "Meiji period? Then it should be the time of modernization of Japan."

Gintoki: "Wait! What do you mean the same as my world? Is that world also attacked by aliens?"

Haru: "No, they're not attacked by an alien but a demon."


Kuroneko: "Oh, I know this world, it is about a group of samurai which has mastered the ability of special swordsmanship to defeat a group of a demon who eat and kill a human." She remembered to read it before and it was quite a cruel world when she read the story.

Haru started to explain, "First, let me tell you about a demon, they are immortal and malevolent beings, which kill and eat humans."

Luffy: "Eat human?!"

Teppei: "Then, what kind of creature are they?"

Haru: "They were human."

Tsunade: "Were?"

Haru: "Yeah, if a human comes into contact with the blood of a demon progenitor through an inflicted wound or through drinking, then they will transform into a demon. So you can't ever let the blood of this progenitor touch you."


Tsunade: "Once you're in contact with the blood of this demon then you will also turn into a demon."

Tsunade: "Tsk, this quest is dangerous."

Kouha: "All we need to do is kill the demon, right? Isn't that easy? What is the weakness of this demon?"

Yajima: "Well, they're harmful to the people in that world and it is better to destroy them, huh?"

Haru: "Well, a demon has four weaknesses."

Gintoki: "That much? Isn't that easy?"

Everyone also agreed that since a demon had a lot of weakness it would be very easy to defeat them.

Haru: "Let me tell you first the weakness of the demon, then you can see whether it is easy or not."

Haru: "The four weaknesses are sunlight, nichirin blade, wisteria flower, and the curse of Muzan."

Kouha: "I can understand the sunlight and wisteria flower, but what about the other two?"

Haru: "Nichirin blade is a special blade that is made from Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore, which absorbed sunlight. The ores are the ones that we need to collect for this quest. For the curse of Muzan, first, Muzan is the demon progenitor, so any demon that is trying to harm Muzan they will be killed by the curse instantly."


Kuroneko: "Still, the number of quests is too much."

Haru: "Yeah, the only thing that I'm worried about is the quest to search the Blue Spider Lily, that flower is very rare in that world, the normal Spider Lily is easy to find but the mystical Blue Spider Lily is different."

Korosensei: "I can do that, my speed is 20 mach and it will be easy for me to search around the world." He thought that he could get a reward to revive his lover later.


No one had any objection to his participation in this quest since his speed was really fast.

Tsunade: "Anyway, all the people who are using their fists to fight can't enter this quest since they can turn into a demon once they're touching his blood."

Luffy: "Eh? So I can't enter the quest?"

Haru: "Be patient, Luffy, there will be a lot of quests too in the future."

Luffy was a bit depressed and decided to train his haki. He needed to master and after that, he could enjoy traveling around the world without worry.

Kouha: "Haru, are you going to join this quest too?"

Haru felt a bit complicated since he didn't really want to kill. Even though he had killed him before, it was still quite uncomfortable for him. He couldn't get used to that feeling no matter what.

Yajima: "@Haru, you have light magic, you're suitable to join since you have one of the weaknesses of those demons."

Haru thought for a bit and nodded, "Alright, but we need three people, there are both me and Korosensei who will go to this world."

Gintoki: "Who is going to join next?"

Kuroneko: "How about you Gin-san? That world isn't that different from your world."

Gintoki was a bit speechless, "Me?" He didn't have a superpower and his only strong point was his sword, but when he thought about that, the world had similarities with his world. He clenched the wooden sword in his hand and said, "I will join the quest."

Teppei: "Can you bring me a sample of their blood?"

Haru: "I will do that."

They had decided for the next quest that the ones who would go were Haru, Korosensei, and Gintoki. Three of them would be the participants of this quest.

Korosensei: "Nyufufufu, I can't wait for my first time to come to that world, do I need to prepare a kimono?" He knew that most of the people in that world would be using a kimono since it was during the Meiji era.

Haru: "You might need a mask rather than a kimono." He spat since it was better to hide that round face and the tentacles rather than thinking about his clothes.

Korosensei: "Haru-kun! You're cruel! Sensei will cry!"

Kouha: "Then cry you stupid octopus!"

Korosensei: "ORZ...."

Korosensei: "I might be sharing this 'Yosuga no Sora' in Teppei's world."


Haru suddenly became annoyed, "Korosensei, what is the color of your blood?" He felt tired and put out his phone.

"What's wrong?" Megumi asked.

"Nothing," Haru thought for a bit and asked, "Do you want any souvenirs?"

"Souvenirs?" Megumi titled her head.