Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 243

Volume 1 Chapter 243 Where Is The Demon?

"The sky has turned dark," Tanjiro looked at the sky. He placed down the wooden box that he had carried and said, "Nezuko, come out. It is nighttime."

The wooden box suddenly moved and someone came out from inside.

A beautiful girl with long black hair wearing a pink patterned kimono while carrying a piece of bamboo in her mouth stood up after she came out from the wooden box.

"Are you alright?" Tanjiro asked.

"Hmm," Nezuko nodded at him.

"Let's continue to walk since we need to meet the man that the demon slayer has talked to us about," Tanjiro said.

Nezuko just nodded without saying anything.

Tanjiro and Nezuko are a pair of brothers and sisters. They're on a journey to meet an old man whose name is Urokodaki Sakonji from the demon slayer who has let them away before. Their family has been killed by a demon and only left both of them alone in this world.

Tanjiro is worried about his sister since she has turned into a demon, 'But she is alright.' He had that confidence since he had never seen her eating a human or doing something bad. He wanted to turn her back into a human and he was sure that the demon slayer organization had that answer.

Both of them walked together until they needed time to rest.

Tanjiro saw a temple on the way and said, "There is a light inside that temple. There might be a person inside. Let's go see it!"

Nezuko nodded at him.

Both of them walked together while holding hands but they stopped.

Tanjiro frowned and shuddered when he smelled something from inside the temple, "There is a smell of blood." His nose is very keen and he could smell something sickeningly dry and sweet metallic scent from inside the temple. He couldn't help but become worried, "This mountain is dangerous, there might be someone who has gotten hurt inside!"

Both of them started to run toward the temple to check whether there was someone who had gotten hurt or not.

Tanjiro opened the sliding door of the temple while shouting, "Are you alright?" But his expression changed when he saw the scene inside the temple.

It was sickening him, he saw a lot of humans had died and had been dismembered inside the temple.

But the thing that made him show a fear expression was there was someone there who had been chewing the body part of a human that had been killed inside the temple.

"What is it?" The man said and turned toward them with an angry expression, "This is my turf! If you cause trouble here, I will kill you now."


Tanjiro couldn't utter a word when he saw the demon in front of him. His feeling was very complex, he felt both fear and rage that started to boil inside his heart.

'I need to do something!'

That is the only thing that he has thought about inside his head.

Nezuko who saw the dead body wasn't sure but her tears started to brim over her eyes.

"Hmm, I feel something strange, are you guys a human?" The demon asked while licking the blood on his hand.


Tanjiro didn't answer him but tightened his muscles.

Suddenly the fire lamp inside the temple had gone away and the demon jumped toward him intending to kill him.

Tanjiro who had been pushed by the demon took out his ax and sliced his face.


The demon jumped back with a chin that was full of blood.

Tanjiro saw that the demon didn't even show any pain and only looked at him with anger.

"Heheha, an ax? Not bad. But," the demon suddenly appeared in front of him and choked his neck.

Tanjiro tried to stop him but he couldn't beat the power of this demon, 'D - Dammit." He knew that he would die soon if this continued.

Suddenly someone appeared between them and kicked the head of the demon and separated it away from his body.

"Heeee?!" Tanjiro was shocked when he saw the scene in front of him. He looked at the headless body and hurriedly pushed it away.

Nezuko, who was by his side, kicked that body away from them.


The headless body was thrown away and hit the tree with a loud sound.

"Ne - Nezuko...." Tanjiro wasn't sure what to say in this situation.

"You're a demon, huh! Why are you helping a human!"

Tanjiro turned and saw that the head of the demon that had been separated from his body was still alive, "He - He still alive?!"

Suddenly the headless body that had been thrown away stood up and ran toward them. That body moved very fast and attacked Nezuko.

"Nezuko! Stop it!" Tanjiro was angry when he saw his little sister was attacked and raised his ax but the head of the demon stopped him.

"As if I'll let you!" The demon shouted.

The headless body of the demon kicked Nezuko away the same way that she had thrown away to him earlier.

"NEZUKO!!!!" Tanjiro had become very angry and knew that he needed to save his little sister.

"Hehehe, I'll kill both of you," the demon said while biting his ax.

"Get away from me!" Tanjiro headbutted the demon in front of him.

"ARGHH!!" The head of a demon let go of the ax and dropped on the ground.

Tanjiro turned and hurriedly ran toward the direction of his little sister, "NEZUKO!!!!" He ran very fast since he was really worried about her until he stopped when he saw the scene in front of him. He saw three people appearing and each of them was wearing a strange outfit. He saw the man with very expensive clothes holding the body of the demon with one hand and suddenly became bright. He saw the body of demon suddenly burned into ashes by this light.

"W - What's that light?!" Tanjiro had never seen someone who could make such a bright light from nothing.

"Oh, do you know where a demon is?"