Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 245

Volume 1 Chapter 245 Ripple Vs Breath Style

Haru knew that the old man in front of him was the former leader of the demon slayer organization. This old man is also the master of water breath that is used to slay a demon.

"Old man, who are you?" Gintoki asked.

"Before that, Tanjiro shouldn't you hide Nezuko?" Haru said.

"Ha?" Tanjiro was confused.

"The sun will rise soon, it'll be bad for your little sister," Haru said.

Tanjiro looked around but he couldn't find his little sister, "Nezuko?!" He walked inside the temple and saw her inside. He sighed in relief when he saw her inside the box.

"I don't know who you are but can you help me bury the body inside the temple?" The old man asked.

They nodded in response when they heard him.


They had buried the dead body on the earth.

"Can you tell me who are you guys?" The old man asked. He was curious about how the people in front of them had a very different appearance and also a magical skill that could turn the zombie into ashes without a sword or poison, 'Is that an octopus?' He thought while looking at Korosensei.

"Before you ask our name why don't you introduce yourself first, old man?" Gintoki said rudely.

"Oh, that's right, I'm Sakonji Urokodaki," Sakonji said.

"Y - You're the one that..." Tanjiro suddenly exclaimed.

"You're Tanjiro Kudamo?" Sakonji looked at him.

"Yes, that's me," Tanjiro nodded.

Sakonji nodded, "Giyu Tomikata has introduced you to me, you need to follow me after this."

"Yes," Tanjiro nodded and looked at the three of them curiously.

"Can we follow you old man?" Haru asked and added, "We want to ask some questions about a demon since their existence is a bit similar to the vampires and zombies in our country."

Sakonji was a bit surprised, "There is the same existence in your country?"

"Yes, they're also very powerful and their weakness is sunlight similar to a demon earlier," Haru said, adding, "We might be able to exchange each other's information."

Sakonji nodded and also felt a bit curious, "Yes, that will be alright."

"Where is your home? I will send you there," Korosensei suddenly said. He knew from him that the old man in front of him was also a teacher. He was quite curious about the training course or the way this old man trained his disciple.

"Huh? Send me?" Sakonji felt confused.



Gintoki and Tanjiro were puking on the side.

Sakonji was better but he was also a bit dizzy, 'W - Who are they?' He knew that speed was impossible to be recreated by a human. He wasn't sure anymore about them and became even more curious.

Haru was looking at Korosensei who smiled mischievously. He sighed and introduced himself, "My name is Kasugano Haruka, the one who is puking is Sakata Gintoki, and the yellow octopus is Korosensei."

"Nice to meet you," Korosensei smiled.

"..." Sakonji was speechless and asked, "Your name...."

"Yes, our ancestors are from this country, which is why our names are similar," Haru said. He was lying with a straight face.

"Oh, then what are you guys?" Sakonji asked.

"Similar to you guys, we're also a demon slayer but our name is a bit different," Haru said and added, "We're ripple users."

"Ripple user?" Sakonji blinked his eyes inside his tengu mask.

Haru might really think that the author of 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' was inspired by 'Jojo' since their enemies were similar and their technique was also similar only with a different method to apply it.

Gintoki and Korosensei didn't say anything since his explanation was very eloquent.

"We're able to produce energy similar to sunlight inside our body, which is why we can beat the demon easily," Haru said.

"Produce similar energy to sunlight?!" Sakonji thought that if the demon slayer had that technique then they could defeat the demon easily.

"What about you? Are you using something similar to us?" Haru asked.

Sakonji shook his head, "No, we're using something known as breath style, it is a sword technique that is developed to defeat a demon."

"Interesting, can you let us see this technique of yours?" Haru asked.

Sakonji nodded, "Yes, but can you also show me yours too?"

"That's good," Haru nodded.

Everyone was looking at both of them with a curious expression.

"I'll show you my technique first," Sakonji said and grabbed the sword in his house. He walked toward the big stone in front of him. He held his sword and took a deep breath.

"D - Don't say that he is trying to cut that big stone?!" Tanjiro was shocked.

"First Style: Water Surface Slice!" Sakonji sent a powerful single concentrated slash toward the big stone in front of him.

It might be their imagination but they saw an illusion of water that was sent from that slash.


The big stone was cut in half by his powerful sword attack.

Sakonji let out his breath and put his sword on the sheath again.

"Alright, now is my time," Haru said and walked toward the frog that was resting on the stone.

"W - What are you doing?!" Tenjiro was startled.

Haru had said to everyone that they should buy a Ripple technique since it was quite cheap and had a lot of functions in this world. He raised his fist and punched it toward the frog, "HAAA!!!"

"STOP!!!!" Tanjiro shouted.

His fist hit the frog but passed through and cut the stone in half without damaging the frog.

"Croak!" The frog jumped away after the stone was cut in half.


"T - The frog is fine..." Tanjiro was surprised.

Haru had thought that the Ripple technique would be useful in this world who was fighting against the demon who had a weakness against sunlight. He needed to collect the 10 instructions of breath style and to do that he had thought to exchange it with the this Ripple technique.

Ripple technique can become the auxiliary of the demon slayer who has learned the breathing style of making their attack stronger to fight against the demon.

Sakonji was stunned and wasn't sure what to say since he could feel kindness in that technique. He really hoped for the demon slayer in his country to have that technique.