Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 246

Volume 1 Chapter 246 Do You Want A Lollipop?

After showing each other skill they entered Sakonji's small hut to talk to each other.

Haru told him that their purpose to come here was to search for a Blue Spider Lily to cure their Korosensei who had turned into a yellow octopus.

Sakonji nodded when he saw the yellow octopus.

Korosensei blinked his eyes and wasn't sure what to say in this situation.

"I'm sorry but I've never heard of that kind of plant before," Sakonji shook his head.

"It's alright, we will stay in this country for a while, especially after we have known there is a demon here, as a ripple practitioner it is also our duty to eliminate them," Haru said with righteous expression.

"....." Gintoki and Korosensei were just too speechless at him.

Sakonji knew that they could become a powerful ally. He nodded, "Then let me introduce you to our demon slaying corps."

"Demon slaying corps?" Haru raised his eyebrow. He knew such an organization exists but he needed to keep his poker face.

"Yes, that is the name of our organization," Sakonji nodded and said, "I've retired from the organization and I'm already old. It's better for you to speak directly to Oyakata-sama about the plant, demon, and our breath style."

"Thank you very much," Haru nodded. He felt that his luck was quite good that he could meet the former pillar of the demon-slaying corps and got his recommendation to meet the leader of this organization.

The process was relatively fast since Sakonji only needed to communicate using the crow and sent a message to the headquarters.

They were waiting for a quite boring wait for the communication.

"There isn't any internet here," Gintoki sighed.

"Aren't you a samurai? Why are you becoming similar to the millennial generation?" Haru spat.

"Hey, my heart is forever with the children," Gintoki said.

Korosensei thought for a bit and said, "I wonder how p.o.r.n is in this era."

"..." Gintoki and Haru looked at him with dead eyes.

"What is p.o.r.n?" Tanjiro asked him with innocent eyes.

"Nothing. You're a bit too early to know," Gintoki said and gave him a candy, "Here, eat some lollipop."

"Lollipop?" Tanjiro felt strange and didn't know how to eat it.

"Let me help you," Korosensei opened the wrap and told him to eat it.

Tanjiro tried to chew it but it was too hard.

"Don't chew it, just lick it," Gintoki said.

Tanjiro nodded and started to lick the lollipop. His eyes lit up, "It's good." He looked at his little sister and looked at them.

"This is for your little sister," Gintoki said and gave him once more. He had a soft spot for him since Tanjiro made him remember himself in the past.

"Thank you," Tanjiro nodded and gave it to his little sister, "Nezuko, try this lollipop."

Haru looked at both Gintoki and Korosensei and felt that they had become a bad uncle who gave children a lollipop.

"I've told the headquarters, you can go there anytime," Sakonji said.

"How can we get there?" Gintoki asked.

Sakonji pointed at the crow, "Just follow this crow and it will guide you to that place."

"Thank you," Haru said.

"No problem, even though we're coming from a different country but our purpose is the same is to eliminate a demon in this world," Sakonji looked far away with sighed, "It'll be great when the world is peaceful."

"Yeah, that would be great," Korosensei nodded.

Haru looked at him and said, "Sakonji-san, before we go, can I ask a question regarding a breath style?"

"Yes, I'm also curious about your Ripple," Sakonji nodded.

They talked for a while about both Ripple and Breath Style. Both of them are powerful and they have the same origin. Everything is starting from the breath and without a powerful breath, they can't utilize their technique.

Haru nodded and understood that Breath Style was a very powerful technique that could cut the demon with ease but to kill them they needed a special sword that was made with special ore.

Ripple is a bit different since it creates similar energy from sunlight. When someone mastered this martial art, they don't need to use a special sword to kill a demon since their body can produce sunlight energy. It can also heal their bodies and make their appearance youthful for a long time.

Haru was sure that Sakonji would have the appearance of an old man in his thirties if there was a Ripple in this world.

They talked for a while about a lot of things, especially a demon since they only had gotten their knowledge from manga and anime. Their mission was quite a lot and thought that it was better to get more information before they went to the headquarters of the demon-slaying corps.


Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the leader of the Demon Slaying Corps. He has light skin and black shoulder-length hair. He has a curse mark that is slowly killing him that also makes his skin look as if it was rotting spreading down his face and covering his eyes making him unable to see.

He read the letter that was sent by Sakonji and couldn't help but felt curious, 'The warrior who is coming from the western country?' He felt curious and wanted to see them. He also learned their powerful technique from the letter.


Kagaya looked at the nine pillars who were bowing in front of him. He opened his mouth, "There will be a warrior who is coming from a different country going to come to our headquarters when they come please greet them."

"Warrior from a different country?!" They were surprised when they heard it.

"Are they similar to us?" One of them asked.

Kagaya nodded, "Yes, they're also fighting a demon similar to us, but their technique is a bit different from us, maybe everyone can get to know each other later."

They nodded and felt a bit curious about it. They wanted to know how this group of warriors could defeat the demons in their country.

"Shinobu..." Kagaya said.


"Please receive them at Butterfly Estate when they come," Kagaya said.


They talked for a while waiting for them to come to their headquarters. Even though they were curious but they were also wary about them since they had never seen them.