Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 247

Volume 1 Chapter 247 Brothel

They didn't stay in Sakonji's hut that long since it was quite unbearable for them to stay in a small hut for a long time. They thought that it was better to go out looking for a demon rather than staying in this place.

"Goodluck, Tanjiro-kun, protect your little sister," Haru said.

"Yes, I will work hard to protect Nezuko," Tanjiro nodded.

"Sis-Con..." Korosensei and Gintoki said at the same time.

Haru ignored them since he was really a sis-con. He had decided to embrace this identity and it wasn't that bad in his opinion. He thought for a bit and said, "The basis of Ripple is similar to Breath Style and learn well from Sakonji-san, you might be able to learn about Ripple in the future."

"Yes," Tanjiro nodded.

"Where are you going now?" Sakonji asked.

"I want to go to the city, I want to try the sweets in this country," Gintoki said.

"Sweet, huh? That's good too, let's go to Tokyo then," Korosensei nodded and wrapped his tentacles to them.

"Not again!" Haru and Gintoki became pale when they felt his tentacles on their waist.

"Goodbye everyone," Korsensei said and started to fly.


Tanjiro and Sakonji couldn't help but watch them with a sigh and pitying expression.

Sakonji looked at Tanji and said, "Go and start your training!"



*Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

They had arrived in Tokyo and ate udon on the street cart.

Haru sighed with the taste of this food. He had a lot of complaints since his tongue was a bit special but he didn't say anything since he was hungry.

"So what should we do now?" Gintoki asked.

"Hmm, well, we need to search for a demon," Haru answered.

"I'm going to go and search for this Blue Lily Spider," Korosensei said.


"My speed is very fast, I can go to Nepal, China, and Korea when we can't find the flowers in this country," Korenseies said while slurping his udon. He looked at them and said, "I will entrust both of you to defeat the demon, collecting special ore, and breath style instruction."


"The power of demons is quite weak, even though they're immortal, they will be defeated with a ripple," Korosensei said and sighed, "I'm a bit disappointed with p.o.r.n in this world, they're very crude and don't enjoy art such as p.o.r.n magazines."


"Agree," Gintoki nodded profoundly.

Haru had a headache coming with them. He started to wonder whether they could be okay in this mission. He thought for a bit and asked, "Do any of you have money?"

They stopped when he asked this question.

Haru didn't need to hear their answer when he saw their expression. He thought for a while and said, "Wait here for a while, I will exchange some gold with money."

"Don't make us wait too long!" Gintoki said.

"Yes, it is quite bad to commit a petty crime when we have just arrived in this world, my image as a gentleman will be destroyed!" Korosensei said.

'A gentleman?' They wanted to spit when they heard him. They could see only a perverted yellow octopus in front of them.

They were too lazy to say anything to him.

"Oi! Don't be silent!" Korosensei complained.

Haru shook his head and went out to search a store to pawn his gold, exchahing it with money in this world. He walked to a crowded street and noticed that a lot of people were watching him since he was quite tall and his hair was unique. He ignored them to search for a pawn shop since there were two people who were waiting for him. He walked for a while until he had found the store. He exchanged gold and used his hypnotics to help him get a fair trade. He received quite a sum of money and wanted to go back to pay the udon earlier.

"Sir, are you a foreigner? How about you try the girls in our shop?"

Suddenly there was someone who stopped him offering him a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e.

Haru felt a bit complicated by him, "Oh? Really?" It might be because his appearance was similar to a businessman who was coming to this country to have a deal with someone here.

The brothel is quite a profitable business in this era and there are a lot of girls who need money. They don't have the skill and their parents also don't have a lot of money. With a lack of education, they have decided to sell themselves since it is very easy to get the money that way.

"Yes, she is very beautiful and she is also new to this business," the man tried to tempt him.

"Where is the location?" Haru asked.

"It's over there, you can see it from here," the man said while pointing his finger.

Haru saw the building and thought for a bit, "Alright, let me visit your place."

"Good, you won't be regretting your decision, please come with me," the man smiled really wide when he had succeded inviting him.


"Please welcome," the man smiled.

Haru entered the brothel and could see that it was very luxurious. He could smell some fragrance and it might be similar to a garden of flowers. He could see a samurai who was wearing an expensive kimono entered this place with l.u.s.tful expression and the woman who was wearing a very beautiful patterned kimono tempted something similar to a temptress.

The man guided him to one room and opened the room showing a beautiful girl inside, "How is it?"

"She was beautiful," Haru nodded.

The woman bowed and said, "Nice to meet you, sir."

"Please enjoy it," the man said and left him.

The woman stood up and pulled his hand to enter the room, "Please enjoy the sake first, sir."

Haru smiled and followed the woman inside.


"When are you going to pay for the udon!" The owner of the udon cart was angry toward both Gintoki and Korosensei.

"Please wait for a while, our friend is going to get the money," Korosensei said and tried to calm him.

"W - What are you?!" The owner was wary of looking at this big man.

"We will pay for it," Gintoki said.

Korosensei had used his make up to disguise himself but the result was horrible.

"I'll wait until then! You need to pay or else...." The owner looked at Gintoki and left them.

"Dammit, where is he?" Gintoki was uncomfortable.

"Just be patient, he will come back soon," Korosensei said.

They would be angry when they knew that he had just entered a brothel.