Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 250

Volume 1 Chapter 250 Infinite Train 1

Haru knew the name of the girl in front of her was Shinobu Kocho. Even though she was small, she was the Insect Pillar.

The Pillars are the top-ranked and most powerful swordsmen among the Demon Slayers in the Demon Slaying Corps who serve as its elite warriors.

Her appearance might be quite cute but her weapon was dangerous since she was using poison as her means to kill a demon.

Haru felt a bit sad for everyone in this world since most of them had their own tragedy.

Shinobu who was in front of them didn't say anything and only walked in front of them.

"She is very angry right now," Korosensei said.

Haru was still annoyed by him since his tongue was sensitive and it was hard for him to eat something bad, the worst case that he could faint directly, "Just let her, during this time, everything that we will say will be ignored."

"Yeah, this girl is still better since she didn't punch you or create horrendous food that can match a nuclear weapon or a masochist stalker," Gintoki said.

Haru patted his shoulder since he knew that his luck with a girl was quite bad.

"Are you trying to show off? Are you trying to show off to me that you have a girl?!" Korosensei suddenly became annoyed by both of them.

"....." Gintoki and Haru became speechless at him.

"Hmph! Our friendship is over! Shinobu-chan, wait for me!" Korosensei said.

"Don't call my name you stupid octopus!" Shinobu spat.


Korosensei dropped on the ground with a depressed expression.

Gintoki and Haru patted his shoulders and said, "There is us here."

Koroseseni felt that tears started to well in his eyes. He hugged them and shouted, "Best friends!"

Gintoki and Haru nodded and also hugged him.

"How stupid! Don't make me get embarrassed on the street!" Shinobu was annoyed by them.

They ignored her while smiling.


"Coal train..." Haru was speechless since it was his first time to see such an antic train.

"This is your first time to see it?" Shinobu said with a proud expression.

"..." Haru felt that there was a missing screw inside her head. He had seen something more incredible and faster than this coal train. He calmed himself and sighed, "Do we have to ride this?"

"Yes," Shinobu nodded and said, "Let's go."

They nodded and entered the train.

Yes, this is their first time riding a coal train. Even though they had ridden the more modern train, it was such a novel thing to ride an antic.

"Now that you mention it, the car is also using steam," Gintoki said.

"I wonder how much it will cost," Haru said.

"Do you want to buy one?" Korosensei asked.

"Well, it will become an antic, and when I bring it back the price will be several times higher," Haru said.

"....." Gintoki and Korosensei were speechless at how he was thinking.

They went to their seats and sat in their seats. The seat was for four people and they were sitting facing each other.

"You three sit together, I'll sit here by myself," Shinobu said.

They were speechless at this girl.

Gintoki and Korosensei didn't hesitate and sat down first, "Haru, you sit over there."

"..." Haru wanted to smash the head of both of them. He sighed and ignored her warning sitting next to her.

Shinobu didn't say anything but her expression clearly showed a very displeasant expression.

"Please let me check your ticket," the staff member walked toward them.

Shinobu nodded and gave the staff four tickets.

"Thank you," the staff said and left them.

Haru was a bit hungry and took out something from his body. He had brought a bread that he had cooked since he was a bit lazy to cook before.

"Oh, is that your bread? Let me try it," Korosensei said and took one from him. He knew that he had opened a pastry in his world.

"Me too," Gintoki said, and also took one.

"Do you want some?" Haru offered Shinobu.

"No, thank you," Shinobu looked away since she had never seen such food before. Even though it smelled really great, she didn't want to eat anything from him. She was a bit hungry and decided to buy a bento from the train. She opened the bento and ate it slowly.

They were also curious about the taste of the food in this place and decided to buy it too.

They didn't wait too long and the train started to move.

Haru had to admit that the sound of this train was a bit annoying since it was very loud.

They were talking to each other about a lot of things.

Shinobu didn't join their conversation but listened quitely since it was quite interesting, especially their joke.

They were talking to each other but stopped when they saw a monster with a strange body entering their passenger car.

"Demon!" Shinobu who saw that monster became serious and hurriedly attacked the monster with her sword. Her speed was very fast and her steps were similar to a butterfly. She moved very close in an instant and stabbed the sword that was full of poison into the body of the demon.

It was an instant defeat that the demon killed instantly.

Shinobu sheathed her sword again and sat down on her seat. She saw three of them had a surprised expression on their face. She nodded and didn't say anything, feeling slightly happy that they were amazed by her skill. She wasn't sure why but suddenly she saw all of her family having dinner together. She was very happy when she saw the faces of both her parents and her big sister.

"Dad! Mom! Sister!" Shinobu called their names and they also called her name. She felt very happy and it was very nice to talk to them. She was very happy and wanted to be with them foreve---

Suddenly everyone was broken and she opened her eyes. In front of her was the man that she hated.

"Have you woken up?" Haru asked.

"What are you doing?" Shinobu asked. Her voice was really cold and depended on his answer she might have stabbed him.

"There is a demon that makes everyone sleep, you've also slept earlier," Haru said.

Shinobu suddenly remembered her dream with her family. She became very angry and veins appeared on her forehead, "I'll kill that demon!" She had never felt rage before and needed to kill that demon right now.