Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 251

Volume 1 Chapter 251 Infinite Train 2

"He? Interesting, there is someone who can break my power."

This person didn't show fear but rather quite a melancholy expression when his power had been broken.

His name is Enmu and he is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, having held the position of Lower Moon One.

He is very sadistic and enjoys the pain and suffering of humans with his most favorite method being giving them a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare and taking pleasure in the pain and suffering in others and enjoys seeing the agonized expressions they make.


This was the first time someone had broken his power. He felt that they were interesting and couldn't wait to fight with them, "Now come, I'll show you a nightmare that you won't ever forget in your death."


"Shinobu, calm down," Haru stopped her.

Shinobu wanted to break him away but his power was too strong. She held her anger and asked, "What?"

"Don't charge recklessly into the demon without knowing, I'm not sure what has happened to you but I won't let you die," Haru said.

Shinobu took a deep breath and nodded, "Alright, thank you."

Haru smirked, "You should show that expression more often, you won't marry when you always get angry."

Veins appeared on her forehead but she still kept smiling, "Then, do you have a plan to beat this demon?"

Haru looked at both Korosensei and Gintoko who were sleeping. He sighed at both of them and knew that they were still sleeping because of the power of the demon in this train. He felt that they were just too careless. He had told them to buy Ripple from the group chat but they didn't listen to him. He knew that they were strong but they were vulnerable from magic or curse, especially Korosensei who was an assassin. Even though his speed was very fast but once that octopus slept soundly it was very easy to kill him.

Ripple has the effect of producing energy inside the body of the user to cure any curse, poison, silence, bleed, disease, negative effect status, etc. In simple terms, it has the same effect of the potion or magic that is used to dispel any bad effects on the game.

That is why Haru was unaffected by the power of the demon on the ticket train earlier.

The entire passengers inside the train had been put into sleeping by the demon.

Haru didn't dispel it but decided to fight the demon since it was faster. Even though he had Ripple, he still hadn't mastered it and it would take too much time to wake them up from the power of the demon. His light magic was only to heal something such as bleeding or heavy wounds. He hadn't learned how to cure a bad effect since he had never faced someone who used that meant of attack before. He started to learn that there were a lot of things that could kill him in this world. Even though he was powerful, he couldn't underestimate the people in this world.

"The demon is at the top, let's just beat it directly," Haru said.

"..." Shinobu really wanted to smash him right now when she thought that he had a good idea but suddenly she realized something, "How did you know there is a demon on the top of the train?"

"Let's just say it is my intuition," Haru said and added, "Mine is pretty keen."

"Hmm, let's go," Shinobu said and jumped out from the window to the top of the train.

Haru also followed her and jumped into the top of the train.

Neither of them needed to search for the demon since the demon that had put the entire passenger into the land of their dreams was standing in front of them.

"Are you awake? Good morning," the demon greeted them and said, "You could have to sleep more."

The demon has a quite similar appearance to a human, unless they have used their power and a black mark appeared on their bodies it is pretty hard to know which one is a demon from just their appearance alone.

"Then will we die?" Haru said.

"Yeah," the demon nodded and said, "I'm not sure why my power isn't working on you, but I'm sure showing a very nice dream to the girl beside you? How is it? Do you like it? I can make it better, you know."

"Shut up!" Shinobu was angry and said, "It's because of you! It's because of all of you that I've lost everyone!"

"Then, isn't that good? I'm giving you back everything," the demon said and smiled, "Even though it is only in the dream. I'm a pretty nice guy, I give you a nice dream but you don't appreciate me." He shook his head and said, "I might as well show you a nightmare in your next dream."

"There is no next time since you will die in my hands," Shinobu said and moved very fast similar to a bee. Her hand was on the handle of her sword ready to stab her opponent.

'Breath of Insect, huh?' Haru could see that her movement was similar to an insect. He started to wonder whether 'Breath Style' was similar to Kungfu since their movement was mimicking something, such as animals or an element of the world.

"To kill me, it isn't that easy," the demon said and introduced himself, "My name is Enmu, at least remember the name of demon that is killing you." He raised his hand and suddenly there was a mouth appearing on the back of his hand.

"Blood Demon Technique Compelling Hypnotic Whisper."

Shinobu knew that it was a very bad situation and needed to solve the demon in front of her as soon as possible but she was too late.

"Go to sleep."

Suddenly she felt very sleepy but before she closed her eyes. She saw the demon in front of her raised his hand while saying.

"Don't worry, you will meet your family soon enough."