Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 253

Volume 1 Chapter 253 The Birth Of Octopus Samurai

"How can I let a girl do that, leave this one to me," Korosensei suddenly said and stood in front of them with a cool expression. He had changed into a samurai outfit with a samurai sword in his hand while putting a little stick in his mouth. He also had a traditional samurai wig hairstyle on his head.


They were speechless when they heard him and they were also speechless when he had gotten that thing.

"....Octopus?" The demon seemed shocked when he saw Korosensei. He had lived for several hundreds of years but this was his first time to see such a big octopus that was walking similarly to humans and also could have a conversation with him.

Haru had been using his light magic to alter the appearance of Korosensei to a normal person bending the light around him when they were walking in a crowded place.

Shinobu wasn't surprised since she knew that all of them had a strange technique.

They were alone now and the passengers were pretty much faint. They weren't really worried about the demon since it would pretty much kill soon.

"Oi! Oi! Before we start our duel, why don't we introduce ourselves to each other? I can see from your eyes that you're not a normal demon," Korosensei said.

Haru and Gintoki couldn't help but slap their faces.

"Good, this is my first time fighting with an octopus and I can't wait for that," the demon nodded and introduced himself, "My name is Akaza."

Akaza is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, holding the position of Upper Moon Three. He has pink hair and eyelashes, yellow eyes with blue sclerae, blue markings all over his body, and white skin.

"My name is Korosensei, people often call me, 'Prince of the Fateful Eternal Wind'," Korosensei put on a cool expression.

"..." Haru and Gintoki felt tired all of a sudden.

"Is that my sword? Since when did that octopus steal my sword?" Shinobu suddenly realized that her sword had been missing.

"Don't think too much about his existence is just too much for us either," Haru said.

"Yeah," Gintoki nodded.

"Haru-kun, Gintoki-kun, you sure know how to hurt my heart," Korosensei complained.

"Don't think too much about it, beat him hurriedly," Haru said.

"Oh, do you believe that 'Prince of the Fateful Eternal Wind' can beat me?" Akaza asked.

Korosensei suddenly blushed, "I - I'm sorry, please don't call me that, it is pretty embarrassing for me."


'Then why are you telling us about that nickname!' They shouted inwardly.

"....." Akaza also felt strange since he had never fought in such an awkward atmosphere before, "I think that name is quite cool." He praised him honestly.

"No!!! Don't pity me! Also, stop with that sincere expression!" Korosensei felt very embarrassed right now.

Akaza scratched his head and shook his head, "Anyway, I'll start now." Suddenly he closed the distance between the two of them in an instant.

"Do you know the reason why I put 'wind' in my name? It is because...." Korosensei unsheathed the sword that he had borrowed from Shinobu.

Korosensei is weak. Even though his speed is 20 mach but other than that he is pretty much weak. His tentacle can only be used to flick someone. He has the ultimate moves but after using them he won't be able to move for a while.

That is why he needs a weapon to defeat this demon. With a sword in his hands, he was pretty much invincible and he started to show them why he was known as the strongest assassin in his world.

"Atomic Slash!"

Korosensei performed over 100 quick sword slashes within a second, leaving his opponents in pieces. He passed through him and put the sword on the sheath again.

'W - What's happening?!' Akaza didn't see what was happening and it was just too fast for him to react. He suddenly felt that his body was falling apart but he didn't want to give up. He started to use his regeneration power to connect his body but he had forgotten who his opponents were.

"Atomic Slash!"

It is a technique that Korosensei has developed using his speed. This technique is impossible to perform without his speed and reflex.

Korosensei saw that his opponent tried to connect his body but he didn't let him. He kept doing this 'Atomic Slash!' several times until the body of the demon had turned into a fine dust.

Akaza had never felt such a helpless thing in his life. He had fought a lot of strong people in his life but he had never been this helpless. He kept trying to connect with his body but started to think it didn't really matter anymore. Suddenly he felt that his shoulds were held by three people. He turned and saw the family that he had forgotten in his life after he had turned into a demon, 'Why did I become a demon?'

'Welcome back.'

'I'm back,' Akaza decided to follow them and died peacefully.

"Rest in peace," Korosensei sheathed back the sword while looking at the faraway sky. He was pretty melancholy right now since he wasn't sure but he felt that he had seen the memory of the demon that he had fought earlier. His tears started to roll down on his eyes, "I hope that you can see them."

"Can you give back my sword?"

Suddenly someone asked him in a rude voice.

"..." His mood felt very complicated. He looked at the girl in front of her and sighed, "Here you go."

Shinobu didn't answer him but checked the sword to see whether there was damage that had been done to the sword. She was very amazed by him since his swordsmanship was just too strong. Her eyes couldn't even follow his movement and he could create a hundred slashes with a second.

"Sensei! I've recorded the earlier scene!" Haru was excited.

"Let's name it the 'Birth of Samurai Octopus'!" Gintoki nodded and his expression was very happy.

Korosensei looked at both of them who had smiled and excited expressions. He shook his head and said, "Can you add 'Prince of the Fateful Eternal Wind' at the end?" At least he would have done this since that demon appreciated his name. 'Farewell. I hope you're happy there.'


Suddenly somewhere.