Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 255

Volume 1 Chapter 255 Morning Coffee

Haru woke up in the early morning and saw that two of them were still sleeping. He wiped his eyes and looked around their room.

It is a traditional Japanese room with tatami floors and sliding doors that were made from paper.

Haru opened the door and felt a bit chilly since it was still early in the morning but he could see a beautiful backyard that was full of flowers and butterflies fluttering around. He took his smartphone and took the picture in front of him. He thought for a bit and decided to make a coffee for himself. He took a portable stove and a pot to boil water. He also took out a cup to drink and put some coffee powder and sugar inside the cup.

When the water had boiled, he poured the water directly into the cups and stirred it with a spoon.

Haru had prepared a lot of things inside his body. He was glad that he had gotten 'Sticky Fingers' in the past or else it would be difficult for him to bring a lot of things. He waited for the coffee to cool down for a bit and sipped it slowly. He felt a strange peacefulness that he had never felt when he was living in a crowded town, "Ahh... It's good."

Gintoki and Korosensei felt a bit chilly and wrapped their bodies tightly in a blanket. Their noses suddenly smelled good and opened their eyes slowly. They saw him sitting with a relaxed expression watching the scenery of the backyard while drinking a coffee.

"Can you get me one? With a lot of sugar?" Gintoki asked.

"Me too," Korosensei asked.

"Sure," Haru said, and also made coffee for them.

Three of them sat there relaxing themselves drinking a coffee while watching the scenery in front of them with a peaceful expression.

"It was very peaceful," Korosensie said.

"Yeah..." Haru and Gintoki answered.

Three of them sipped the coffee at the same time with a blissful expression.

"Still, in such peacefulness there is a demon who has eaten a lot of humans."

Suddenly they heard a familiar voice disturb them. They turned and saw Shinobu was there looking at them, no, she was looking at their coffee. Their peacefulness turned sour when they heard her voice.

"Can you let us have a peaceful time?" Gintoki asked.

"Seeing all of you enjoying a morning scene really makes me a bit annoyed," Shinobu said with a smile.

'What the hell is this girl?' They just couldn't understand how this girl could utter such an unbelievable word with a kind smile.

"Isn't this why coffee is bitter?" Haru suddenly said.

"That's true," they nodded at his words.

Even though they had put some sugar in their coffee, they still could taste a slight bitterness on it and the girl beside them was similar to the coffee that they had drunk. They had entered enlightenment and couldn't care about such words.

"How can you drink mud water in the early morning? Is it your tradition?" Shinobu asked. She had never seen a coffee before and it was very strange in her eyes, 'How can they drink such black water?' She smelled that it was very nice but she just couldn't imagine the taste of this beverage.

They sighed at her words.

"Haru, make her some," Korosensei said.

"Yeah, show him with your craft," Gintoki said.

"Alright," Haru nodded and started to make coffee in a very skillful manner. He gave the cup to her and said, "Drink it after it has cooled down." He didn't say anything afterward and decided to continue to relax. He suddenly had an idea where he could be able to search for a number of demons in this place.

Shinobu didn't really want to drink it but she was also a bit curious. She hadn't slept since she had gone back since she needed to write a report. She thought for a while and decided to drink the coffee. She sipped it slowly and suddenly she felt very energized.

'This taste is...' Shinobu felt the taste was a bit strange for her since it had both sweetness and bitterness. Even though it had made a contradiction, she couldn't help but think about the yin-yang symbol.

Suddenly she saw both of him in black and white moving around her making her body became weird, 'C.U.M!' She took a deep breath and looked at the coffee that he had created with amazement.

Haru, who was by her side, couldn't help but smile inwardly when he saw her reaction. He thought for a bit and asked, "Where is the kitchen?"

"Kitchen? What are you doing there?" Shinobu asked with a confused expression.

"Of course, making breakfast," Haru said.


"Are you serious?" Shinobu couldn't understand what he thought of him.

"Yes, my tongue is a bit sensitive, and if it's bad, I will die," Haru said with a serious expression.

"....." Shinobu was speechless when she saw his reaction. She thought for a bit and nodded, "Alright, follow me."

Haru stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"Oh, I can't wait to eat his food," Korosensei started to drool.

"Is it that delicious?" Gintoki asked.

"You've eaten his bread, what do you think?" Korosensei asked.

"Well, that's true..." Gintoki also waited with a lot of expectation.


Haru was in the kitchen and started to cook.

Everyone who saw him couldn't help but open their jaws really wide.

"Shinobu-sama? Who is he?" The servant in this estate couldn't help but ask.


Shinobu also started to wonder who his identity was, "Don't mind him." She looked at his figure who was cooking in the kitchen and would have never imagined cooking could become such art before.