Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 256

Volume 1 Chapter 256 Modified Body

Everyone who had eaten his food couldn't help but have a blissful expression on their faces.

Gintoki thought for a bit and asked, "Haru, can you make me an Uji-Gintoki-don?"


"Don't tell me that is a rice with a sweet red bean paste on the top of it?" Haru was speechless.

"Yes," Gintoki nodded excitedly and asked, "Can you make it?"

"Isn't your blood sugar quite high? You get diabetes sooner or later," Haru said.

"It's okay, I've got a body that can eat a lot of sweets without worries," Gintoki said. He felt quite relaxed in this place rather than in his world, which was full of commotion every day. In this place, he didn't have to eat horrendous food, meet a stalker, be eaten by a big dog, chased by a landlord for the rent, etc.

"When are you going to meet your boss?" Korosensei asked.

"Hmm, it should be in a few hours," Shinobu said and asked, "Do you have a question?"

"Yes, who are they? Also, why are they looking at us?" Korosensei pointed at the five little girls who had been observing them.

"Oh, they're disciples of this place and they're curious about all of you here," Shinobu said.

Haru looked at her and said, "From your expression, you want to ask a question from us, right?"

Shinobu wanted to ask a lot of questions from them. She was curious about who they could get a vehicle, coffee, how he turned into an octopus, etc. She wasn't sure what kind of questions she should be asking them but there was one thing that she needed to ask, "What's your purpose here?"

Haru nodded, "We have two purposes."

"Two?" Shinobu raised her eyebrow.

"First, we're going to search for a flower," Haru said.

"Flower? What kind of flower?" Shinobu asked. In her estate, there were many kinds of flowers and she could get them in exchange for their things.

"Blue Spider Lily, have you ever heard of it?" Haru asked.

Shinobu thought for a bit and shook her head, "No, I've never heard or seen that kind of flowers." She looked at them and asked, "What kind of flower is that?"

"It's a flower to cure our friends here," Haru said while pointing at Korosensei.

Shinobu looked at Korosensei and nodded. She thought that he had become an octopus because of something. She looked at him with a pitiful expression.

"..." Korosensei has a complex emotion right now.

"Then, what is your last purpose?" Shinobu asked.

"To destroy a demon," they answered at the same time.

"Demons are harmful to humans," Haru said.

"....." Shinobu felt surprised when she heard it. She thought that they were coming to have fun but it seemed that she was wrong.

Haru knew that he needed to use this chance to make their relationship closer. He looked at her and said with a serious expression, "Let's kill all the demons in this world."

"Yes," Shinobu was sure they could become a strong ally for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Haru gave him his hand trying to give her a handshake but this girl suddenly slapped his hand away.



Haru was speechless when he saw her reaction.

"Are you hitting me? Sorry that's not happening. You're not my type," Shinobu said and left him.

"???" Haru was confused until he felt someone patted his shoulders, "Hmm?"

"Haru, don't mind it," Gintoki said while patting his shoulder.

"Yes, sometimes you'll receive a rejection," Korosensei tried to console him.

Haru, who heard him, couldn't help but wanted to smack the table on them on two of them. He thought for a bit and decided to throw it away since it wasn't his own.

"W - Wait?!"


Shinobu snorted at him. She knew they could become an ally but she still felt annoyed when he said those words to her yesterday.

"Shinobu-sama, you sure are having fun," Aoi said.

Aoi Kanzaki is a Demon Slayer, though she works as a servant in the Butterfly Estate rather than taking to the front lines.

"Having fun? Me? That's not happening. First, we need to slay all the demons in this country. Aoi, please take care of them and call me in two hours. I'll go back to my room," Shinobu said.

"Y - Yes.." Aoi nodded and was a bit nervous since she thought that she had made her angry.

Shinobu entered her room and sighed. Her room is quite empty and there isn't anything besides and several books about her research in poison, medicine, and antidote. She walked toward her desk and there was a butterfly hairpin on there. She held it while caressing it, 'Big sis...'

It had been a few years since her sister was killed by a demon.

Shinobu knew a demon who had killed her big sister but her power wasn't enough.

She is weak and that is why she has been using poison to slay a demon. She felt annoyed when she remembered the demon who had made her remember her past. She needed to slay all the demons, especially the demons who had killed her sister. She opened her book and had decided to use this plan to kill that demon. She had decided to modify her body to become a poisonous body.

She had thought of a plan to alter her body by absorbing and altering her body's physiology with highly concentrated Wisteria-based poison. She knew that the demon who had killed her sister loved to eat a woman, especially the strong one. She would use everything and sacrifice everything to slay that demon, even with her own life.

Shinobu suddenly chuckled when she remembered the thing that she had said to him, "Not my type? I might not be able to have a chance to love someone later." She needed to perfect her method since she wanted it to be completely undetectable, merged with the body's own cell structures of her blood, internal organs and all the way down to the very tips of her fingernails.

'Once it is done, it will be impossible for me to have a husband and conceive a child in the future,' Shinobu shook her head and decided to consult her plan with the demon doctor, Tamayo.