Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 257

Volume 1 Chapter 257 What Did You Say Bastard?

*Knock! Knock!

"Shinobu-sama, this is the time," Aoi said.

"Yes," Shinobu answered and walked out from her room. She saw that Aoi had an excited expression but she didn't ask anything. She walked toward the room where the three of them were staying but was stunned when she saw the thing that was happening in front of her. She saw the three idiots playing with her disciple. She looked at them for a while and asked, "What are you doing?"


"S - Shinobu-sama!" The three little girls were scared and hid in the back of Gintoki, Haru, and Korosensei.

Her expression softened when she saw they were scared, "I'm not angry, I'm just curious."

"Y - Yes," they were glad that she didn't get angry.

One of them suddenly became excited and told her what was happening. She told her that they had been playing with bubble soap and it was very fun to create a very large bubble in the backyard.

Shinobu nodded and didn't get angry but she was just curious how three of them had a lot of ways to have fun.

"Is it time?' Haru asked.

"Yes, let's go to meet Oyakata-sama and the other pillars," Shinobu said.

They nodded and said goodbye to the five young girls.

"W - Will you come back?" They asked with a teary expression.

"Octopus-san, let's play again."

"Yes, let's play later," Korosensei said and patted their heads.

Haru and Gintoki thought that this scene had gone wrong several ways. They decided to ignore it since they knew that octopus wasn't a lolicon but a big boob lover. They went to their scooters again and decided to drive them to the headquarters of the demon slayer corps.

Haru gave Shinobu a helmet, "Let's go."

Shinobu wore a helmet and nodded at him. She tucked his shirt reluctantly and guided them to the location of the headquarters.

"I wonder whether we can set up GPS here," Haru said.

"That's a good idea, don't you still have that Spear of Heaven? You can use that," Korosensei said.

"The size is too big but that might be a good idea," Haru said. He remembered the first satellite in his world had a size of volleyball but when he thought the first satellite would have such a gargantuan size he couldn't help but laugh. He might change history but that was fun in his opinion.

They rode their motor scooters while talking to each other.

Shinobu didn't even understand what they were talking about, 'Satellite? The internet?'


The headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Everyone was waiting for the self-proclaimed demon slayer from a foreign country.

"Are they strong?" One of the pillars asked.

"Yes, they're strong, and I've received a report from Shinobu that they have slain a member of Lower Moon and a member of High Moons," Kagaya said.

"Wha?!" Everyone was surprised when they heard it.

Twelve Demon Moons are a group of twelve powerful Demons under Muzan Kibutsuji's command, who have all been given a portion of his blood which have augmented their powers. It is divided into two groups, the Upper Moons and the Lower Moons. Each has their number engraved into their eye(s), with the Lower members having it in only one, whereas Upper members have it in both.

They were not surprised when they heard that the foreigners had slain the Lower Moons for a hundred years. They had slain a lot of Lower Moons but it was different when they heard that they had slain the High Moons.

The demon of High Moons are very strong and they have killed a lot of Pillars in the past hundreds of years.

"They have slain a High Moons, huh? Then, I can't wait to try their strength."

"No, they will become our ally, don't provoke them."

"Ally? We still haven't met them yet! Let me see what their purpose is to come here."

"I wonder whether one of them is still single..."

"Are you going to ask them to marry?"

"It might be....."

The other Pillars started to discuss with each other until they saw a gesture to stop from their boss.

"Without a doubt they're an ally for us to slay the demons in this world as long as their purpose is to slay a demon, they're our friends," Kagaya said.

They nodded, their purpose was clear and that was to slay all the demons in this country. They were waiting for a while until they heard a weird noise coming from the outside.

"What's that?"


"Akaza has died...."


That was what he was saying to all of his subordinates.

Muzan wouldn't have this much of a headache when the one who had been killed was a Lower Moon, but it was different when it was High Moons who had been killed.

The position of High Moons has been stable for the past hundred of years and Akaza who was an Upper Moon Three was also very strong.

"Really? How is that happening?" One of the members asked with a curious expression.

"Kah, he is just we---" He stopped when everyone looked at him without expression.

"W - What?!" He was the newest member of the High Moons and it made him uncomfortable when everyone was staring at him.

Muzan shook his head, "It doesn't matter, the matter is who can kill him? Does the Demon Slaying Corps have that much of power? Or is there another factor that we still don't know?"


They knew that the situation had turned into serious.

"Muzan-sama, please order us."

They had become a demon because of him and they were grateful for him to be able to change them into a demon since they could live a very long life and had powerful strength.

"Try to investigate what is happening, also our last long battle might end soon."


Everyone who was staying in the headquarters of the Demon Slaying Corps was startled and wasn't sure what to say right now. They saw the three foreigners and Shinobu who were riding a strange vehicle on the headquarters and parked it right in front of them.


They weren't sure what to say right now.

Gintoki and Korosensei nudged him to tell him to say something.

"Oi, Haru, say something, they're waiting for you," Gintoki said.

"Yes, I have a bit of a fright stage now," Korosensei said.

Haru looked at both of them with an annoyed expression. He knew that he needed to get both instructions of 'Breath Style' and ore from the secret location. He couldn't appear weak in front of them and decided to say this, "You're all weak."


Veins appeared on their foreheads.