Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 260

Volume 1 Chapter 260 Ripple Training

Kagaya prepared everything that he needed to trade for a 'Ripple' but he said to them that he didn't know Blue Spider Lily. He didn't think the price was that expensive when he thought that that technique could become the second life for everyone and helped to slay the demon easier.

They knew that it was very difficult to find Blue Spider Lily. They thought that it was better to finish the other quest first.

Haru didn't hesitate and brought them to the nearby river to practice 'Ripple'. He didn't mind to teach them first since he could wait for them to give him the thing that he wanted. He didn't think that they would try to fool him and he didn't really care either depending on their attitude he might call a meteorite from space later.

Gintoki and Korosensei were eating an anmitsu that he had made before while watching him teaching the Pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Kagaya also watched them with a curious expression. He might force himself but he wanted to know this technique too.

Every pillar who saw their boss watching them couldn't help but put in an extra effort to master this technique.

Haru coughed and made their attention toward him, "First of all I've got to remind you this training is very tough."

They snorted together at him.

"Hard? Then show us how hard it is?!"

They provoked him by telling him that they weren't afraid of hard work.

Haru only shook his head and entered the river. No, he walked on the top of the water.


"He walks on top of the water?!"

"Shinobi? No, I don't see any tools under his feet."


"What are those ripples in the water?!"

"That shape! It isn't natural! Why do the ripples take that shape!"

Haru didn't say anything but he walked toward the frog which was resting on the rock. He raised his fist to punch this frog.



Haru ignored them and punched the frog but it didn't harm the frog and split the rock into half.


The frog jumped and swam without feeling anything.

"Is this 'Ripple'?" Kagaya was also amazed. He was wondering how this young man could do that thing.

"Yes, this is a 'Ripple'," Haru said and jumped toward them. He looked at them and said, "For the past week, I will teach you everything for you to learn this technique."

"Week? Are you sure?"

The training that they needed to do to learn 'Breath Style' was very long. They needed at least one to a few years to learn it but this young man told them that they could learn 'Ripple' for a week.

"I have read the instructions of 'Breath Style' earlier and the concept of both techniques isn't that much different, you've got the basics but let me tell you to utilize your power better and this method will be brutal, for all of you who want to go back you should go back now," Haru said.

They didn't move and looked at him with a determined expression.

"Good, I'll adjust your breathing first, who wants to become the genuine pig?" Haru asked.

"Let me do it."

"Your name is?" Haru asked.

"Kyoujuro Rengoku, the Flame Pillar," Rengoku said.

Rengoku is a young a.d.u.l.t of tall stature with bright yellow hair with red streaks, black forked eyebrows, and golden eyes.

"Good, try to accept this," Haru said and tried to adjust to this guy's breathing by punching his diaphragm using his pinky.

"Ugh.." Regoku dropped to the ground while holding his chest.

"Bastard! What the hell, are you doing?!" They were angry when their comrades were punched.

"I've pushed out the air in his lungs out to the last of centimeters! Do you want to master it fast? I'll do it in spartan ways," Haru said.

'Spartan ways?' They didn't understand the 'Spartan ways' but they understood that this training might have a lot of hardsh.i.p.s.

"Don't worry, he might not be able to breathe for a while but..."

Rengoku who was dropped on the ground suddenly felt that his body became energized and he could feel strange energy inside his body and it was very warm, "This is?" He also felt that his arms were a bit sore since he trained really hard last night but now he doesn't feel it anymore.

Haru nodded since, in essence, both 'Breath Style' and 'Ripple' had a lot of similarities, both of them utilized the respiration of the user to make their body stronger.

"The pain is gone!" Rengoku was surprised.

"Have your pain vanished? No, your breath removed the pain," Haru said and explained, "Basicly 'Breath' and 'Blood' are connected! For 'Blood' carries 'Oxygen' from the lung! And the 'Oxygen' in the blood is connected to your 'Cells'! 'Cells' equals 'Body'."

"In other words! Like the ripples in the water, your breath causes ripples in your body."

"From this week onwards, I want you to focus on training this 'Ripple' method and I'll give you this too," Haru said, and took something out of his pocket and threw it to every Pillar who was following him.

"What is this?" Shinobu asked.

"Don't wear that first, I'll adjust your breathing using my 'Ripple' energy similar to Rengoku," Haru said.


'So will we be punched too?' They thought with a speechless expression.

"For your information, the name of that thing is 'Correct Breathing Mask'," Haru said.

"'Correct Breathing Mask'?'

Haru nodded, "Yes, that is used to correct the rhythm of your breath, well you'll understand once you've used it later." He said and started to punch every guy with his 'Ripple' energy.

As expected even the largest one dropped on the ground but he hurriedly stood up. They would have never thought that it was this painful when they had lost the air in their lungs.

"Ladies, are you ready?" Haru looked at the two girls in front of him.

Shinobu and the other girl gave him a nod. Both of them were tempted to learn this technique when they heard that it could maintain their beauty.

Haru nodded and adjusted their breathing too.

They needed a few minutes until they were able to breathe again.

Haru had to admit that all of them had a powerful breath since they had learned 'Breath Style'. He nodded and said, "Now, wear that mask."

They wore masks but suddenly they couldn't breathe. They tried to take it off by force but it had locked into their faces.

"What the hell?!"

"I can't breathe!"

"If your rhythm of breath is correct, you will be able to breathe normally, but if your rhythm is off, the mask is created to make you suffer by not being able to breathe, you have to be able to run 100 km easily with that mask on...."

"What about when we're eating?"

Haru jumped on the top of the rock while saying to them in a pose, "The training has already started. I will only take it off when you eat and brush your teeth."

"Now, start!"