Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 263

Volume 1 Chapter 263 Spider Family

"Oh, that's right, here is both of your swords," Haru said and gave both Gintoki and Korosensei a sword.

They nodded and accepted the swords from him. They didn't learn about a 'Ripple' since they were too lazy.

"I have imbued it with my light magic," Haru said, and looked at Shinobu, "Shinobu, you don't need to do anything later."

"Ha? What do you think about that?" Shinobu had been very displeased with him.

Haru looked at her and said, "You know, I have thought that you will become suitable members for our group."

"What do you mean?" Shinobu was confused.

"After we have defeated the progenitor of the demon and you have your revenge, we will tell you something important," Haru said.

"M - My revenge..." Shinobu looked at him with a startled expression and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I have heard that you have a sister from the little girls...." Haru said.

"I have to punish them..." Shinobu said with a low voice.

Haru knew that they needed female members since the number of male members was a bit too much lately.

Gintoki and Korosensei also didn't mind inviting Shinobu to their group.

They had stayed with her and from everyone in the Demon Slayer Corps they had thought that Shinobu was the most suitable since this girl could have a joke with them. They had thought about both Mitsuri and Shinobu but decided to invite Shinobu since this girl wasn't in a hurry to get married.

"So what do you mean by your group?" Shinobu asked with a curious expression. She didn't really hide the fact that she wanted to avenge her sister but she felt slightly uncomfortable when this guy knew something about her while she didn't know anything about him.

"Hmm, we can talk about that later since we have a guest," Haru said.

Shinobu became serious and heard footsteps that walked toward them, 'No...' She was speechless when she saw a group of spiders with a human face crawled together toward them.

Haru, Korosensei, and Gintoki had to admit that this scene made them shudder. They would have never thought there was such a disgusting creature in this world.

"Hiiii..." Gintoki didn't want to stay in this place and his teeth chattered in a fast manner, "L - Let's go back! W - We can't do it in the morning..." He also didn't like this atmosphere since it was quite scary to go to the mountain at midnight. He was afraid that he would meet a ghost or something. He suddenly felt that he wanted to take a leak but he didn't want to go alone, 'D - Dammit my bladder!'

"This is similar to a horror movie..." Korosensei said and sucked a deep breath. He had been in Toriko World but it still surprised him to see a spider with such a creepy face in front of him.

"Dammit, what are you doing? We need to beat them!" Shinobu said with an annoyed tone.

Haru nodded and didn't really want to touch them. He thought for a bit and decided to send them a laser beam from his finger.


His laser beam moved very fast and cut everything in front of them. He had imbued his attack with 'Ripple Energy' and before long his attack had massacred the entire spider in seconds and even destroyed some of the trees in a mountain.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Some of the trees fell down on the ground because of his attack.

Haru checked that the small creepy spiders in front of him had turned into ashes and died. He was really glad that he had come to this mountain since he had killed most of them.

Gintoki hid behind Haru and sighed in relief.

"...." Shinobu was speechless when she saw him slain the entire group of spiders with ease. She looked at him and asked, "Is that a ripple?" She would have never expected that the one who had always fought with her was this strong. She sighed when she thought that this guy had a very bad personality.

Haru nodded, "Yes." He didn't tell her the truth and he was too lazy to explain.


The spider family noticed that their spider army was slain instantly. They knew that this time it wasn't a weak enemy and it might be someone from a demon slayer corps.

The Spider Family was a clan of Spider Demons formed and led by the Lower Moon Five, Rui of the Twelve Demon Moons.

The clan was a group of five Demons, the Father Spider Demon, Mother Spider Demon, Older Sister Spider Demon, Older Brother Spider Demon, and finally Rui, who portrayed himself as the youngest brother of the family, but in actuality was the true leader of the group.

The Spider Family was an oddity, as Demons typically don't form groups. Despite calling themselves a 'family', the clan was highly dysfunctional at best and downright violent and sadistic at worst within their own kin, with torturous levels of physical and psychological abuse being commonly practiced. There was no real love or trust between its members at all.

Everyone gathered together because they were afraid of Rui who was the true leader of this group. They were afraid to be killed by him and that was why they had decided to become family to each other.

Rui who was the real leader of this Spider Family, took to great lengths to try to protect this "Family" even if they all, for the most part, lived completely terrified of him. He needed to protect his family and killed the people who had entered their house. He looked at his family and said, "Kill them and make them become our food."

They shuddered with his gaze and nodded. They went out together to put down this intruder as soon as possible since they didn't want to be killed.

"The one who wants to destroy my family has to die," Rui said with a vicious expression.


Shinobu, Haru, and Korosensei walked together but stopped when they heard his voice.

"Everyone, can we stop for a bit?" Gintoki asked.

"Why?" Shinobu asked.

"I want to take a dump, please accompany me," Gintoki said.