Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 265

Volume 1 Chapter 265 What's Happening?


Gintoki saw the spider with a creepy face jump into him. He hurriedly rolled back and took out his sword.

The spider saw that it had missed its attack.

Gintoki unsheathed his sword and slashed it instantly.


The spider was cut in half and slain by him.

Gintoki hurriedly stood up and used his pants. He took a deep breath and felt a bit speechless, "....."

"I am here."

"I am here."

Gintoki felt confused when he heard Korosensei's voice for a while. He walked and saw a recorder radio on the back of the tree, "..." He had been left behind by him alone in this dark forest. He really needed to beat down that dammed bipedal octopus right now.


Gintoki held his sword while calling their name, "Haru! Korosensei! Shinobu! Where are you!" He was really scared that there would be a ghost suddenly appearing in front of him. He walked slowly while looking around in shaky movement. His mouth was chattering until suddenly he saw something in front of him.

"Haa... You seem delicious..."

"..." Gintoki sucked a deep breath. He saw a spider demon with a large body and has long pale white hair reaching down across his shoulders with his only unique trait being that his face resembles that of a giant spider with several eyes and spider pincers in both of his cheeks.

"S - Spider!!!!!!" Gintoki shouted really hard in fear. He really hated a spider and it made him shudder to see such a large spider.


"You.... are noisy....," the demon opened his mouth wide and wanted to bite him down.



The big spider demon looked at Korosensei curiously. He saw that the creature in front of him had a lot of legs similar to him. Even though his color was weird, he could see a lot of similarities between the two of them. He looked at him and asked, "Are you our long lost brother?"


Korosensei was a famous assassin in the past. He had a lot of experience in his life but it was his first time for a spider demon to ask him whether they were a brother or not. He looked at him and asked, "Have you never seen an octopus?"

"Octopus? What's that?" The big spider asked.

"..." Korosensei thought for a bit and showed him his tentacles, "It is a very handsome creature, I am very famous and has a lot of fans too." He didn't lie since he had a lot of fans. His manga was very famous and a lot of people loved his character.

The demon spider became very confused. He saw that the creature in front of him wasn't a human but it wasn't a demon either, "You're not a demon?"

"I am not," Korosensei shook his head.

The demon spider was curious but he still had his job, "I somehow like you, how about you become our kin?" He felt that this guy could become a great brother to him.

Korosensei looked at him and asked, "Do you eat a human?"

The demon spider smiled and nodded, "Of course, they are very delicious! Do you also eat humans too?" He asked curiously since he knew that Korosensei wasn't a human.

Korosensei took a deep breath and said, "Then I am sorry that I have to slay you." He placed one of his tentacles on his katana which was hanging on his side.

The demon spider realized the sword on his side. He felt that the sword was very familiar but he didn't care about that, "Don't worry, you will become our kin soon."

Suddenly a lot of spider with a human face creepily came out from the bushes, trees, and ground at the same time.

Korosensei shuddered since this scene made him a bit disgusted. He didn't hate a creature with a lot of legs but the human face of these creatures was very disturbing for him. He knew that this demon had killed a lot of humans in the past to create such an army. He knew that he needed to slay the demon in front of him.

"GO! KILL HIM!!!" The big spider demon shouted.

The spiders jumped together toward him trying to swarm him with large numbers.

The big spider didn't show mercy, even though he liked to talk more but it was better to talk after he had killed him and turned him into a demon. He would also torture him for a bit since this octopus had rejected his offer, "DIE!!!!"

Korosensei didn't show a panicked expression. His expression turned solemn and he started to utter one sentence, "Atomic Slash!"


No one noticed anything but suddenly the demon spider dropped on the ground.

"W - What's happening?!" The demon spider saw that every spider that jumped into him suddenly dropped to the ground without doing anything. He was also the same since he also dropped from the ground.


"That guy, I wondered whether there was any trouble with him," Korosensei said and suddenly disappeared.


Before long, everyone had noticed that they had died. They were cut into very small pieces and before long they had turned into ashes. They had only one question when they had turned into ashes.

'What is happening?'


Shinobu and Haru walked together passing through trees and bushes until they saw an old house that was almost in ruin and it was very dark but they could see a single figure that was bathed in a moonlight sitting on the top of the rock with a melancholy expression.

"Are you trying to destroy my family?" The demon asked with a gloomy voice.

Shinobu was ready with her sword and knew that the demon in front of her was the leader of every demon in this mountain. She could feel that this demon was very strong and she needed to get serious.

"No, do you have a toilet here? I want to take a leak," Haru said.


The demon blinked his eyes looking at him with confusion.

Shinobu wondered whether she should stab the demon in front of her or the guy beside her right now.