Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 266

Volume 1 Chapter 266 Zipper Vs Thread

Gintoki had never felt that he wanted to go home this much. He felt that a little girl with barbarian power, a v.i.r.g.i.n boy with glasses, and a large dog that love to swallow a person was cuter than the grotesque spider that was walking on two legs.

Don't misunderstand him. Gintoki didn't hate or felt racism toward this demon. He didn't mind being friends with this demon if only this demon didn't want to eat him. He knew that most of the demons would think that a human was similar to food in their eyes. He couldn't be friends with someone who treated him as food. He hoped that either Shinobu, Korosensei, or Haru would help him as soon as possible. He kept running while shouting, "HELP ME!!!!!"

"Don't move around!" The demon spider shouted at him while chasing after him. He didn't have any other power beside a monstrous strength. He couldn't use his thread and thought that the demon-slaying corps in front of him would fight death to death but he didn't expect for him to run immediately. He thought that he could chase him but his speed was very fast.

"Go, Gintoki-kun!"

Suddenly both of them heard a cheer from the side. Both of them turned and saw a bipedal octopus holding a pom-pom while cheering his name.


"Bastard! Why did you leave me alone?! I have almost been eaten by this guy!" Gintoki said while pointing his finger at the demon spider.

The demon spider looked at Korosensei and felt confused, "Are you, my long lost son?"


Korosensei had never known that everyone in this world didn't know about an octopus. He felt quite tired all of sudden but he still explained to him. He wanted to say something but he heard a laugh.

"Hahaha, long lost son!" Gintoki had never laughed this hard before. He rolled around the ground while holding his stomach.

"....." Korosensei was wondering whether they were real friends.

Gintoki was still laughing but stopped when he saw a large fist that almost smashed his head. He rolled on the ground and avoided that attack. He stood up and became angry, "Korosensei! Why don't you help me!"

"....." Korosensei took a chair out of nowhere while holding a book. He looked at him and said, "Sorry? What did you say?"

Gintoki only knew that this octopus was very petty. He was just laughing at him but didn't expect to receive his revenge this early. He kept dodging the attack of the demon spider and tried to run toward Korosensei but that guy moved further and further away from him, "W - Wait for me!"

"Don't run around, human!" The demon spider was really mad at this guy. He had never known that it was very hard to chase after a single human.

"C'mon, Gintoki-kun, you can do it!" Korosensei cheered.

Gintoki wanted to curse this damn octopus who was happy to see him being chased after this demon spider.

The demon spider used his large arm to grab his clothes, "I have got you!" He wanted to strangle this human to death but suddenly he saw that he had lost both of his arms.


"Damn, I don't want to become serious," Gintoki said with a sigh. He really didn't want to fight but nature forced him to fight. He was wondering why both Haru and Korosensei didn't destroy the entire demon as soon as possible.

"BASTARD!!!" The demon spider roared and opened his mouth to bite him. He was very angry when both of his arms were cut.

Gintoki held his sword and swung it toward the demon's neck.


"Eh?" The demon spider didn't expect the human that he had been chasing for a while. The one who had a scary expression on his face. The one who was screaming the whole time.

'He has slain me?' The demon spider looked at him in disbelief. His head dropped to the ground, rolling around until it stopped. His eyes were wide open and still had a disbelief expression. It was before long that he had turned into ashes.

Gintoki slumped on the ground since he was very tired running around, "I need some sugar."

Korosensei sighed and stood beside him, "If you can solve it earlier, then why should you run away?"

"I hate fighting," Gintoki said.


"Okay," Korosensei nodded.

"I want to go back, I want to sleep, I want to take a dump and eat a sweet!" Gintoki said and hugged his tentacle, "Korosensei! Bring me back! I hate this place!"

"....." Korosensei had a thick skin but he had never seen someone with a thicker skin before.


Rui loved his family and would keep it no matter what. He created a thread and cut his surround along with the two humans in front of him.

"String, eh? Interesting," Haru said. He avoided the attack and moved around.

Shinobu also dodged that attack while frowning since it was quite hard to get close to this demon. She knew that this demon was holding the position of Lower Moon Five. She had faced one before but that demon didn't have such a direct way of fighting. She was sure that she needed to sacrifice something to defeat this demon.

The demon who was a member of Lower Moon and High Moon had a special power known as Blood Demon Arts.

Blood Demon Arts is a spell or a special ability that is used by some higher-level demons can be cast. They are unique to each demon.

Rui also had his own Blood Demon Arts and decided to use it right now since he needed to get serious in this battle. He pumped blood into his hands that then extended into his threads, increasing the threads sharpness and cutting ability of the threads

Haru thought for a bit and decided to try something. He rushed toward the demon without using his light speed.

Rui used his string to use his technique, "Cruel String Prison!" He created a web-shaped string around his opponent to cut him to pieces.

"Sticky Fingers!" Haru punched the web and created a zipper. He opened it directly and escaped from that attack.

"Huh?" Rui was startled when he saw such a strange thing. His expression became serious, "Cage of Murdering Eyes!" He created a cage from his web around the target, that continuously shrunk until cuts the target to pieces.

Haru opened a zipper on that cage and escaped again.

Rui gnashed his teeth and pumped more of his blood, "Wheel of Chopping Threads!" He started to spun while creating a rotating wheel of threads, "DIE!!!!!"

"Let's see who is stronger, my zipper or your thread?" Haru raised his fingers and turned it into a protruding iron, "Chainsaw Mode!"


"Zipper Slaughter Overdrive!" Haru covered his zippers hand with ripple energy cutting the thread directly along with the demon.


Rui was cut into five parts and felt that his body was melting. He blinked his eyes in disbelief, "Wh - What's happening?"

"You love to cut people off, right?" Haru said and turned his hand to normal. He walked into the house because he really wanted to take a leak, "Hopefully, you have a nice family in the next life, though you need to enter hell first." He used his observation haki to find out the location of the toilet.

Rui turned into ashes and closed his eyes. In his last moment, he remembered the thing that had happened in the past and how he had turned into a demon, 'Father. Mother....' His ashes scattered along with the wind.

Shinobu blinked her eyes since it was very fast. She saw him entering the house and also started to follow him. She was wondering whether he had met another demon only when she heard the sound of someone who had taken a leak.


"It's comfortable," Haru said as he left the toilet. He looked at her and asked, "What are you doing here?"