Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 267

Volume 1 Chapter 267 Soul And Information

Haru and Shinobu went back and met both Korosensei and Gintoki on the way. They didn't hesitate and slain every demon on this mountain.

Korosensei and Haru who had the fastest speed in the group move around this mountain to check whether they had missed some of them.

The mountain is very vast but with their speed. They didn't need a long time before they had cleaned this mountain.

After that, they went back to the butterfly estate since they wanted to sleep.

Haru, who was riding a scooter, was looking at the night sky. He could hear that Shinobu was sleeping while hugging his waist. He started to wonder how long after he had done that kind of thing. He hadn't even done that kind of thing after he had been dating Megumi. He was wondering how he was so strong that he could hold on to his desire until this time.

"Haru, did you think something perverted?" Korosensei asked.

"....." Haru ignored him and hurriedly went back. He needed to take a cold bath right now since his body was hot.


In the early morning, Haru, Gintoki, and Korosensei were eating breakfast.

"I have heard that there will be a random prize that you will get after we have done our quest, is that true?" Korosensei asked.

Gintoki nodded, "Yeah, I have gotten bonus points before."

"How about you, Haru?" Korosensei asked.

"Hmm, I've got a lot of things from the quest, let's see," Haru said, and started to summon a hollow with his 'Horo Horo no Mi' power.

Gintoki and Korosensei were startled when they saw a cute ghost suddenly appearing.

"G - Ghost!!!!" Gintoki was scared.

"Is this a ghost?" Korosensei asked curiously.

"Yeah, I don't have time to practice it back at home, I think it would be better to try it on you guys," Haru said.

"....." Gintoki and Korosensei weren't sure what this guy wanted to do until they saw the ghost moved and passed through their body.

"....I am just a lazy bum, why am I still alive?" Gintoki said depressingly.

"....I am just a perverted octopus, sorry for being born in this world.....," Korosensei said depressingly.

"..." Haru looked at the effect of his power and saw that they had become depressed for a while. He knew that the power of 'Horo Horo no Mi' was very cheating and it could make anyone became depressed. He knew that in the 'One Piece' the author had nerved the power of this fruit since it was very dangerous. He was sure that someone could commit suicide because of this power and that was why he was very careful to use this power.

Gintoki and Korosensei had broken away from his power. They looked at him with an annoyed expression and knew that they had been under the effect of his power. They didn't like the feeling when they had gotten depressed like that but they couldn't deny that it was very intriguing power.

"What power is that?" Gintoki asked.

"Devil Fruit from One Piece," Haru suddenly became pale when he remembered the taste of the fruit.

Gintoki was stunned, "How does it taste?"

"It is beyond horrible," Haru felt that he wanted to puke and started to wonder why he had put that kind of thing inside his mouth. He sucked a deep breath and said, "T - That's not something that humans can eat...."

"......" They were speechless when they saw his reaction.

"But you have got power, right?" Korosensei asked.

"Yeah, I can't deny that," Haru nodded and explained, "It is a 'Horo Horo no Mi', the power should be similar to a necromancer in the RPG game."

"..." Korosensei looked at him and wondered whether he could call his crush.

"Sensei, I know what you're thinking, do you want to meet her?" Haru asked since he had promised him before.

Korosensei smiled and shook his head, "Let's do it later, I want to become handsome first."


Gintoki patted his shoulder, saying, "You're handsome, enough."

"Thank you, you're also not bad but I am more handsome though," Korosensei said.

"..." Gintoki twitched his lips and asked, "So you can call the soul from anyone who had died right?"

Haru nodded, "I should be able to do that." He remembered the feeling when he was in the Natagumo Mountain and felt that he really summoned a soul from death. He wanted to develop an astral body or make an intangible body similar to a ghost but he knew that he couldn't be greedy.

"Can you really do that? Calling the soul of someone who had died?"

Shinobu suddenly joined their conversation asking him a question.

Haru knew that she was eavesdropping on their conversation. He didn't really mind since they had planned to invite her. He nodded, "Yes, I can do that."

"Then, can you come with me?" Shinobu asked.

"Where?" Haru asked.



Muzan summoned the High Moons and the Lower Moons once again since he had noticed that he had lost his connection with one of his strongest demons.

"What's wrong, Muzan-sama?"

"Rui has died," Muzan answered with an angry expression.


"How about the spider family?"

"All of them," Muzan answered and felt a slight headache, "Is demon slayer corps strong? Who has been killing them?"

"..." They couldn't answer him since they also didn't know who had been killing their kin.

Muzan looked at them and said, "Try to search who has been killing all of them."

"Yes," they nodded at him.

"Muzan-sama, I have only heard it from one of my cult disciples that there was foreigner that came to our country a few weeks ago and they have killed a demon."

"Oh? Really? Foreigners?" Muzan asked curiously.

"Yes, I have heard that a foreigner could make his arm bright and turn the demon into ashes."

'Bright?' Muzan felt confused since he had never heard such a thing in the past hundreds of years. He thought for a bit and said, "Try to search for this foreigner, it is better to kill this person."

They nodded at his order.

"Also, try to search for information about Blue Spider Lily for me," Muzan said. He wasn't sure but he felt a danger right now and needed a power-up as soon as possible. His only weakness was sunlight and once he had Blue Spider Lily that weakness would have gone. He would be invincible and no one would be able to kill him.

They nodded and went back to search for information about this foreigner.