Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 268

Volume 1 Chapter 268 Sister

They had finished their breakfast and followed Shinobu to walk to the graveyard. They had thought that this world was quite beautiful since the air was very fresh since there wasn't any pollution in this area.

"Whose grave are we going to?" Gintoki asked. He had a lot of memories in a graveyard since it was the location where he had met the hag who had rented him a house.

"My big sister," Shinobu said and asked, "It is okay if you can't do it."

"....." Haru who saw her smile that was combined with a melancholy expression determined that he needed to be successful. He patted his chest and said, "Please, believe in me."

Shinobu only nodded and continued to walk.

Korosensei and Gintoki hurriedly wrapped their hands around his shoulders.

"Haru, you have to be successful," Gintoki whispered.

"Yeah, her expression is just too painful for me to see," Korosensei whispered.

"I know," Haru answered with a low voice.

The location of the grave was quite close to the butterfly estate that they only needed a half an hour to get into the location by walking.

They followed her and saw a quite large grave with a tombstone based on Shinto religion.

The grave was quite empty and there were only four of them in this place.

Gintoki shuddered since he really hated something related to a ghost. He didn't really want to stay here but he was also curious.

Haru read the name on the tombstone, "Kanae Kocho? Is it your family?"

Shinobu nodded, "Yes, she is my sister."

"Why do you want me to call her soul?" Haru asked.

Shinobu didn't answer him immediately, "...You know that I want revenge, right?"

Haru nodded in response.

"I want to ask her who is the demon who has killed her in the past, then I can kill that demon by myself," Shinobu said with veins on her forehead. Even though she was smiling they could see that she was really angry.

Haru didn't say anything since it would be useless. He wanted her to have her revenge as soon as possible. He stood up in front of the tombstone and started to concentrate his power to call the soul of her older sister. He wasn't sure where people would go when they had died in this world since it was different from each world.

Haru knew that the power of Devil Fruit couldn't be understood with logic and it was better to not think that much. He only needed to think about how to develop this power better and make himself stronger.

To call a soul of someone it was easier to do it on someone who had only died recently but this time he needed to call someone who had died a few years ago.

Gintoki, Korosensei, and Shinobu didn't say anything and looked at his back. They were waiting for him for a while and saw his forehead started to sweat.

"Please come..." Haru whispered and suddenly a beautiful girl who has long, straight, hair that reaches her mid-back, as well as parted fringes. Butterfly hairpins adorned either side of her head. She also has a similar figure to Shinobu but taller than her.

The girl blinked her eyes curiously and asked, "Shinobu?"

"....Nee-san?" Shinobu couldn't believe it and blinked her eyes. She walked toward her and tried to touch her but her hands passed through her body.

Haru was tired right now. He had never expected that it was very hard to call the soul of someone who had died in the past.

The soul of the girl looked at him and felt a connection with him, "Are you the one who has called me? Are you a priest?"

Haru nodded since he was too lazy to explain his identity, "Yes, your sister asked me, you should talk together first since I can't do this too long." He looked at Shinobu, "We will be waiting for you over there."

Shinobu had red eyes and was crying but still nodded at him. Her sister was her only relative after her parents died. She couldn't wait to talk with her right now.

"Thank you very much," her sister said.

"No problem," Haru said and walked away from them.

Gintoki and Korosensei followed him and stayed quite far from her.

"Sensei, I have only gotten this power since I have gotten back from your world," Haru explained.

Korosensei nodded, "I know, I am not in a hurry." He had understood that the dimensional chat group was full of mystery and he wanted to make his body normal then he could be together with his loved one later.

Gintoki sighed, "Bringing someone dead, I wonder why this feels quite complicated."

"Yeah, I'm not feeling good either too," Haru said as he was still confused right now. He was wondering whether the people who had died wanted to be revived or not after they had died. He shook his head and took out an onigiri that he had made earlier, "Let's eat first."

They nodded and took some of his onigiris.


Shinobu was very happy when she saw her sister once again.

Her sister's name is Kanae Shinobu, different from Shinobu who has a temper problem. Her sister is very graceful and lady-like.

Kanae was happy that she could see her sister again, "You're going to have revenge?" She was a bit worried about her sister.

"Yes," Shinobu nodded.

Kanae shook her head, "The demon who has killed me is very powerful, his power is to manipulate ice."

"It is okay, I am not alone," Shinobu shook her head. She wasn't sure why but she had believed that he would help her on her revenge.

Kanae smiled and asked, "Is it that young man? Is he going to be my brother-in-law?"

"....." Shinobu would have never expected such a question from her big sister. Her expression turned into a combination of blush and anger, "No way!"

Kanae sighed, "You should try to change that brash attitude or you won't get a husband."

"P - Please, don't tease me, big sis!" Shinobu complained while blushing.

"Anyway, I am happy to see you, don't do anything dangerous, all I want for you is to make your own family and live happily," Kanae said.

They talked for a while to each other since they had really missed each other.


Haru, Gintoki, and Korosensi were resting under the shade of the tree.

"Are you done?" Haru asked, looking at Shinobu who appeared in front of them.

"Yes," Shinobu nodded while looking away.

Haru felt strange about her actions but he didn't think much, "Let's go back."

Shinobu nodded in response.

"So for now, how do we find the location of Muzan?"