Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 269

Volume 1 Chapter 269 Pick Up Line

"So do you want to know where is the location of Muzan?" Kagaya asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes." He didn't want to waste his time anymore and wanted to go back to his own world. He somehow missed his girlfriend and his little sister right now. He sighed since it was very hard for him since he was still a teenager. He had tasted the forbidden fruit and it was hard to get away from it anymore.

"Do you know his location or a way to bait him?" Haru asked.

Kagaya thought for a bit and said, "Do you have the confidence to beat him?"

"I, no, we have," Haru said, and added, "Once we have met him it will be impossible for him to run away from us."

"..." Kagaya didn't show it to him but he was very excited right now. He had always wanted to slay the stain on his family that had caused the chaos in this country. He might have not asked anything but he had always received information about them regularly from Shinobu. He knew that they were very strong and had a chance to end the demon in his time. He had a hard time opening his eyes because of his sickness but he still wanted to see him better, "Then, let me prepare it but I also need to ask you for help."

"What is it?" Haru asked.

"I need you guys to find a woman," Kagaya said and explained, "Her name is Tamaya. She is a demon but she is different."

"How?" Haru asked. He had known about this Tamaya but he still needed to ask him.

Kagaya nodded and started to tell him a lot of things about this demon known as Tamaya.

Korosensei and Gintoki didn't really think much about their conversation.They didn't really mind either way but it was better to go back early.

Shinobu was by their side listening to their conversation. She had become the private secretary for them and followed them all the time. She had become more curious about their group but decided to be patient since they would tell her everything after this over. She would also help them to find this woman since she also needed to find this woman to help her to alter her body into a poison furnace. She looked at him and had decided to do it even though she would throw her chance to marry and have children.

Haru and Kagaya talked for a while about their mission.


Haru had done with their talking and went to Asakusa to search for Tamayo. He knew that the district wasn't that big and it would probably take a week or so to try to search for this woman. He remembered her face from the manga that he had read before. He hoped this would be easy and that woman would help him to search for Muzan.

"We need to buy some souvenirs first," Korosensei said.

"....." Shinobu was in silence when she heard his words.

"Agree," Haru and Gintoki said at the same time.

Haru had thought to buy a kimono for everyone since the quality of kimono in this time was very superb.

They had also received quite a sum of money since they had slain a lot of powerful demon from Kagaya.

It would be a waste to not use it since this money would be useless when they went back to their original world unless they had changed it into gold.

Korosensei went to buy a kimono, a wig, and a lot of interesting things too. He could move freely since Haru had placed an illusion that made his appearance become normal.

Gintoki bought a lot of sweets since a lot of foods were made from an ancient recipe. He knew that he wouldn't be able to taste these sweets at home. He asked Haru to try to make the recipe from the best sweet that he had tasted in this place. He felt that his weight had increased for a kilo or something and his blood sugar also increased.

It was lucky that Gintoki had bought a body that was immune to diabetes and high-level sugar blood or else he would be in hospital now.

Haru changed his clothes from a suit to a kimono since he felt that it was more handsome this way.

Shinobu looked at him and said, "Do you have time to buy something?"

"Why not?" Haru said and added, "The chance for us to meet in a day or two is quite low." He asked the owner of the shop for a female kimono.

"Then you use this chance to buy clothes?" Shinobu sighed.

"Calm down," Haru said and paid for the kimono. He brought the bag and left the shop.

Shinobu also followed him and suddenly saw that the bag had disappeared, "???" She looked at him and asked, "How does it suddenly disappear?"

"It is a secret," Haru smiled and pulled her to try udon on the street.

"..." Shinobu was speechless since this guy was playing around rather than searching for the woman seriously.

Both of them sat down while eating udon.

Haru had to admit that the udon was quite good, simply different from the thing that he had eaten before. He turned around and saw that Shinobu also ate the udon with a happy expression. He felt that this girl was more lively than before she had met her sister. He didn't know that they had talked about each other's thoughts. He looked around until he stopped when he saw a beautiful woman.


Haru stood up and paid for the udon.

" Where are you going?" Shinobu asked.

Haru didn't answer her and walked toward the lady, "Excuse me."

"Hmm?" The lady turned toward him.

"Sorry to bother you, I just saw you from across the street and I think you're gorgeous, my name is...." Haru paused for a bit and said, "Seibami Haruka, care to stop for a tea? I want to know you better."


The lady looked at him for a bit and said, "It is good but don't you have a girl by your side?"

"....." Haru turned and saw that Shinobu had walked toward him with veins on her forehead.

"Do you have enough playing around?" Shinobu asked with a smile.