Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 271

Volume 1 Chapter 271 Similarity

"How can you be confident to beat him?" Tamayo asked.

"Of course," Haru said and snapped his fingers.

Tamayo saw that suddenly the room that they had stayed turned into something different. She suddenly saw that she was on the beach with a shiny sun, vast sea, and sandy ground on her surroundings.

"This is...." Tamayo was surprised. Her power also revolved around illusion but his illusion was better than her. She looked at him and asked, "What are you?" She knew that he wasn't a demon but she wasn't sure whether he was a human since he had this power.

"I am human," Haru answered and said, "I just have more power." He turned off his power. He loved illusion magic but he couldn't make an illusion that affected the five senses of human. He could affect the vision and sound but it was hard to manipulate the sense of feel, smell, and taste. He couldn't do it now but it didn't mean that he couldn't do it in the future.

"Of course, this isn't all of them and I have a sure way to defeat Muzan," Haru said and added, "Also, I am not alone, I have friends who will help. That's why..."

"But Muzan is very strong and his blood is just too dangerous," Tamayo shook her head. She knew the horror of Muzan and even though she knew the young man in front of her was strong, she wasn't sure whether he could beat him.

Haru held her hand and said, "Please, believe me, I will eliminate that nightmare that has been haunting you. Demon Slayer Cops are also with me for this mission."

Yushiro who had been peeking at them was very angry when he saw him holding his hand. He wanted to enter right away but when he remembered that Tamayo had told him to get out. He decided to hold his anger and waited outside while watching them in silence.

"I am not sure whether I can help you since I am also not sure where he has lived but I know how to bait him," Tamayo said.

"How?" Haru asked.

"Use the head of the Demon Slaying Corps, Kagaya," Tamayo said.

Haru knew that it was one of the plots where Kagaya decided to blow himself along with his family to kill, no, to slow down the movement of Muzan but he didn't expect for this woman wanted to use the same things that had been done in the manga. He knew that Kagaya might decide to do it since he knew how Kagaya really hated Muzan to the core. He thought for a bit and decided to nod since he really had one move that could really slay Muzan.

"I will ask him but you need to come with me," Haru said.

Tamayo nodded in response.

"Now that I have a question when I slain him, will all the demons that he has created will die?" Haru asked.

Tamayo nodded, "Yes."

"Including you?" Haru asked.

"Yes," Tamayo answered.

"You're alright with that?" Haru asked.

"Yes, because of him....." Tamayo started to remember that she had killed her entire family because she had transformed into a demon. She was still alive because she still wanted to have revenge for her family. She was happy as long as she could see that Muzan had died.

Haru wasn't sure but suddenly she started to sob. He was a gentleman and it was such a sad thing to see a beautiful woman cry. He decided to lend her his chest since it was all he could do now.

Tamayo was also a bit affected by the mood and used his chest to let out all of her emotion.

This scene was really warming up but it was different from Yushiro. He couldn't handle it anymore and entered the room, "What the hell are you doing?!"

Tamayo and Haru were stunned and turned. They saw that Yushiro had red eyes looking at both of them angrily.

Haru was alright and let her go, "So please follow me later."

"Hmm," Tamayo nodded.

Haru suddenly remembered something and asked, "Do every demon will die after Muzan has died?"

Yushiro who had entered the room didn't expect for them to discuss something very serious.

"Yes," Tamayo nodded.

"Can you turn back a demon into a human?" Haru asked.


Tamayo looked at him and asked, "It is possible but I need blood from the High Moon and Lower Moon, the more the better."

"I had it," Haru said, and took out the blood that he had gotten from the demon that he had slain in the past. He didn't forget to take the blood that he had gotten from the high-rank demon. He took out a glass tube that was filled with blood.

Tamayo was surprised, "Whose blood is this?" She could tell that it was blood from a high-ranking demon.

"Hmm, I am not sure of the name but I have gotten it from both High Moon and Lower Moon," Haru said.

Tamayo would have never expected for him to have such a thing with him, "Who do you want to turn back into a human?"

"The little sister of my friend," Haru answered. He didn't forget about Tanjiro. He felt a similarity of himself in that guy and of course he would help him since he also cared about his little sister. He was sure that guy would be devastated when he knew that his little sister would die after he had slain Muzan.

As a fellow sister complex, of course, he would help.

"I'm not sure but I have a feeling that you're thinking of something strange," Tamayo said.

"It is your imagination," Haru said and added, "My friend will help you to go there since his speed is faster." He was too lazy to explain about his speed and Korosensei's speed. It was better to tell that Korosensei's speed was faster.

"His speed is faster than you?" Tamayo was surprised.

"Oh, you might not believe his speed," Haru said and started to call Korosensei to come here. He wasn't sure whether Tamayo would also use this chance to turn back into a human, but he decided to not say anything since this woman might have a lot of regret in her life.