Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 272

Volume 1 Chapter 272 Where Are You?

Gintoki, Shinobu, and Korosensei went to the nearby dango shop to wait for him. They ordered quite a lot of dango sticks since three of them had a sweet tooth and it would be disastrous if they ordered too little.

The shop owner gave them their order along with a warm tea to accompany their snack.

The weather is quite chilly since it is at night.

Gintoki thought that he should sleep since a good boy should sleep before 9 at night and wake up in the early morning.

Korosensei would have never thought that there wasn't any p.o.r.n in this era. He understood that the people in this world still didn't understand the wonderfulness of p.o.r.n and all of them went to the red light district to have fun. He knew that the people in this world were still backward and he couldn't help but wanted to show them what entertainment was.

Shinobu was wondering why he had left her. She thought that both of them were talking about something private. She had to admit that the demon was beautiful but that woman was still a demon and it was different from her who was a normal human. She needed to make him realize that it was a mistake to flirt with a demon.

Three of them were thinking about their own things while slowly chowing the dango sticks and sipping the warm tea on their cups. They weren't sure why but they really felt quite relaxed now and the dango was very delicious and chewy. They didn't notice that there was someone who was observing them, no, one person had noticed this danger but didn't do anything.

Korosensei knew that there was someone who had been observing them. He didn't do anything since he wanted to lure this guy out. He had heard about observation haki and wanted to learn it since it was very useful in this situation. He was sure that the person who had been following them should be a demon. Even though his speed was very fast, he had learned from him that there was a demon that could manipulate space.

This place was also very crowded with a lot of people, the worst case that the demon would kill everyone in this town because of their actions.

Korosensei didn't want to involve a bystander to be involved with their matter. He sighed when he thought that Haru had gone to do something. He was sure that Haru could do something about this demon even in this crowded place.

"Korosensei, are you full? I will eat your dango stick," Gintoki said with a kind expression. He wanted to take his dango stick but his hand was slapped by his tentacle.

"No, I am just thinking about something," Korosensei sighed when he thought about this guy. He knew that this guy came from a comedy and action manga but sometimes he was wondering why this guy was the main character.

"What is it? You have been looking for a p.o.r.n magazine, right?" Gintoki smirked.

"..." Korosensei had heard about the sentence, 'someone perverted will attract another perverted.' He had thought that sentence was wrong but it seemed that it was right.

"Can you not have a vulgar conversation?" Shinobu asked.


Korosensei and Gintoki didn't say anything since both of them knew even though Shinobu was quite mature but she was still 16 years old. They were a bit sorry for her since her family had gone away to another world. They remembered Haru and wondered whether that guy could fill the gap in her world. Even though they knew that Haru was quite perverted, he was a great guy. They had to admit that Haru was probably the only one who had a chance to create his own harem.

'No, there is another guy,' Korosensei looked at Gintoki with a hated expression.

"What?" Gintoki felt strange when this octopus suddenly looked at him in an annoyed expression.

"Nothing," Korosensei shook his head with an annoyed tone and stole his dango stick.

"What!? Why are you stealing my dango stick!?" Gintoki was a bit angry.

"Because you have a harem!" Korosensei snorted and ate his dango stick.

"Me? I have a harem?! Where are your eyes?!" Gintoki was mad. He just couldn't remember that he had a harem. The girl around him was a group of amazons, he couldn't bear the thought of living with them for his entire life since he was sure that he would be beaten up most of the time.

Korosensei hated him more when this guy couldn't appreciate his harem.

Shinobu sighed and stood up, "I will go to the bathroom first." She just couldn't understand why both a.d.u.l.ts could be so childish. She started to wonder whether it was really worth it to join their organization.

Korosensei and Gintoki nodded and continued to fight to each other but stopped when they heard that their phone was ringing. They saw that their Haru had given them a chat. Even though it was impossible to chat with other members, it was possible to use the group chat to communicate with the members who were joining the quest.

"Where are you? I will come to get you."

"We are in the dango shop...."

Both of them told him about their location.


Shinobu sighed and cleaned her hand until suddenly she took out her sword and stabbed it on her back.


"Poison, huh?" The man in front of them said.

Shinobu jumped back and kept her distance from the man in front of her.

The man showed a bit of an uncomfortable expression for a moment and turned it into normal, "That sure is tough poison."

'What?' Shinobu would have never thought that someone would be able to fight back her poison. She knew that from the feature of this man that this person was a demon and she knew that this wasn't a normal demon, 'Don't tell me...'


"Oh, you know me? But it is too late, I will have you die now," the man said and raised his hand to stab her with his five fingers.