Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 274

Volume 1 Chapter 274 Sorry

Haru was really worried now.

They went to the toilet to check on her and saw a lot of ruin from the battle.

"Damn!" Gintoki was angry.

They could see that there was a battle in this place earlier and they didn't even notice that it was happening. They needed to search for her or it was too late.

"Let's split up and look for her," Korosensei said.

They nodded and went a separate way to search for her.

Haru was only worried that the demon who she had fought was the one who could manipulate space and dimension. He really regretted not placing a tracker on Shinobu and he had lost her now, 'Shinobu....'


Shinobu jumped to the roof and needed to come to both Korosensei and Gintoki since she knew that it was impossible for her to beat this demon alone.

"Do you want to go to them? I won't let you go," Muzan said and blocked her. He wasn't sure but it felt more interesting this way. He could make this girl become a hostage and let the other two people come to his quarter. He could let them see him torturing this girl and saw their despair. He also thought to change this girl into a demon since he had a lot of strong demons. He needed another strong demon and he felt that this girl was suitable.

Shinobu knew that she couldn't beat him but she wouldn't just give up her life like a moron, "Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag!" She used her full speed to run a zigzag pattern to confuse her opponents in order to create an opening for her to directly stab her opponent's neck and inject poison into his neck.


Inside her scabbard there was a lot of different poison and she only needed to change the combination of poison when the demon had made the antibody of her poison. She felt that her feet were a bit hurt after using her strongest technique but she wouldn't give up. She needed to go back and asked for their help. She didn't stay in the place after she had stabbed the demon and ran away hurriedly.

Muzan felt slightly uncomfortable with her poison but it wouldn't kill him. He saw that she started to run and he decided to use his Demon Blood Tehnichque, "Black Blood: Spine of Thorns!" He used his own flesh and blood to create several spiked-barbed wires to entangle her.

Shinobu had run away very fast but the speed of his wires was faster than her speed.

The wires started to entangle her foot and created large wounds on her achiless heels. She bit her lips to hold the pain in her foot. She couldn't run but she needed to run, 'Dammit!' She couldn't die before she had her revenge on her sister.

The wires started to wrap her body while also torturing her at the same time.

Muzan walked slowly toward her while smiling smugly, "Become a demon or I will kill you here."

"No way, bastard! Kill me!" Shinobu didn't hesitate to reject his offer. She had rather die than become a demon.

Muzan snorted and didn't say anything. He got closer to him but it was a bad move for him.

Shinobu used her sword to attack him again, "Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon!" She aimed her sword and injected him six times in multiple areas of his body with poison. She had changed the compound of her poison again this time.

Muzan could feel that his body was tingling but it made him appreciate her more. He made her faint and brought her to the nearby abandoned house to make her into a demon.

Shinobu lost her conscious, 'Help me... Haru...'


Shinobu opened her eyes and looked around. It was dark but she could see the figure who had been giving her a lot of wounds. She couldn't move since her body was wrapped in barbed-spiked wires.

Muzan saw him wake up and make the wires on her body become tighter.

Shinobu felt that her body almost breaking and the barbed spiked on the wires stabbed into her body deeper. Her body was hurt but she didn't scream and continued to stare at him with anger.

"Become a demon and I will stop torturing you," Muzan said with a smile.

Shinobu shuddered and understood why this guy was called the strongest demon in this country. Still, she wouldn't become a demon and even though this guy was strong but compared to the two of them, "No!" She really hoped for him to come soon.

Muzan looked at her for a bit and loosened the wires on her body.

Shinobu could feel that the wires on her body were loosened. She wasn't sure what this guy wanted to do but she couldn't let her guard down.

"You don't want to become a demon, right?" Muzan smiled and raised his hand, "Then let's see your expression when you have turned into one."

'No!' Shinobu saw that he had raised his hand and thrust it toward her head. She couldn't move and couldn't dodge. She only saw that his hand almost stabbed into her head helplessly until she saw a flash of light move very fast toward both of them.


"Ugh!!!" Muzan saw a large hole in his stomach and saw the young man in front of him suddenly appeared. His eyes turned bloodshot and felt anger toward this young man.

"Sorry..." Haru couldn't help but say when he saw her condition and started to heal her.

"You're late..." Shinobu said and closed her eyes since she felt very comfortable around him and she didn't need to worry anymore.

Muzan was angry when he was ignored, "DIE!!!!!" He used all of his power to create a large barbed spiked wire to attack him but suddenly his hands and feet were melting with his attack. He dropped on the ground because he had lost his hands and feet.

"Don't worry, you won't die since you still have some use," Haru said and used his Strenght Magic to hold him in place.

Muzan felt the pressure on his entire body that made him unable to talk.

Haru sent out a chat to both Korosensei and Gintoki and told them to go to meet him. He looked at Shinobu and couldn't help but blame himself. He looked at Muzan and couldn't let him die very easily.