Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 275

Volume 1 Chapter 275 Being Caught

Before long both Gintoki and Korosensei appeared and went with him to Tamayo's house. Both of them saw Muzan who was floating with a painful expression on his face. They saw and heard what this guy had done to Shinobu and couldn't help but became very angry.

Strength Magic has a lot of subtypes of magic and gravity magic is one of the subtypes of magic from strength magic. It is the perfect magic to catch someone and hold someone in place.

Haru compressed gravity magic around Muzan's body. He still needed this guy to turn Nezuko back into a human.

Shinobu was still sleeping on his arms since she was tired. Even though her body had been healed by him without leaving any scars, she had been tortured earlier.

Haru was glad that his light magic could heal someone's wounds easily and without leaving any scars on her body. He was sure that it would be hard for her to marry with a body of full scars but when that happened he didn't mind to take a responsibility to marry her in the future.

They went to Tamayo's house and saw both Tamayo and Yushiro.

Yushiro looked at him with a hate expression but Tamayo was stunned still and dropped on the ground.

"M - Muzan...." Tamayo was stunned when she saw they had caught Muzan.

"I caught him. Get as much blood as you want to help me turn someone back into a human," Haru said.

Tamayo nodded without saying anything. She told him to enter her lab and would take a lot of blood from Muzan. She was curious how he could catch him and how Muzan could float around him while squirming in pain but that face really made him happy since she also wanted to have revenge on this demon.

Haru told Korosensei to pick both Tanjiro and Nezuko who was training in the mountain since he wanted to help her to turn back into a human.

Korosensei nodded and started to fly toward the mountain where both Tanjiro and Nezuki were located.

"Now what should we do with him?" Haru said while looking at Muzan.

"Don't worry, I will do my best," Tamayo said with a smile.



"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Tanjiro felt that his bone was breaking. He had been practicing for a month and he didn't expect that it would be this hard.

Sakonji looked at him and no one knew what kind of expression he put right now behind that mask, "C'mon!"

"Yes!" Tanjiro kept swinging his sword.

Both of them suddenly saw someone suddenly appearing at a very fast speed in front of them.

"K - Korosensei!" Tanjiro stopped when he was surprised to see him.

Sakonji was also surprised but he calmed himself, "What's wrong?"

"We caught Muzan," Korosensei said.


Tanjiro was confused but Sakonji was surprised.

"What?! Are you serious?!" Sakonji stood up directly and asked this question to him.

Korosensei nodded, "Yes, Tanjiro, I am coming here to help you whether you want to turn your sister back to human."

"What?" Tanjiro shuddered and hurriedly bowed his head, "THANK YOU!!!"

"No problem, do you want to follow me too? I'm going to bring your sister in too," Korosensei said.

Tanjiro didn't answer him immediately but looked at Sakonji.

"You can go but can you bring me too?" Sakonji asked. He wanted to see the face of the demon that had become a nightmare in his life.

"Sure," Korosensei didn't mind.

"THANK YOU!!" Tanjiro entered the small hut and brought Nezuko who was hiding inside the box.

Korosensei wrapped his tentacles on them and flew back toward Tamayo's house.


Both High Moon and Lower Moon were gathering together. Their expression was serious since they could feel their progenitor and the one who had made them into demon sending them a message with his telepathy that he had been caught.


They knew that once Muzan had died all of them would die too.

"Will we die?!"

"Calm down, the enemy isn't going to kill Muzan-sama soon."

Even though they knew that their master hadn't been killed, they couldn't be happy since that meant that their enemy was very strong that could catch him without killing him. They weren't sure what this guy wanted to do since they didn't hear a message again from him.

"Nakime, can you locate him?"

Nakime is the mysterious Biwa Demonthat dwells in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress. Originally merely a demon who would summon other demons into the fortress at Muzan Kibutsuji's command, she later became the Upper Moon Three of the Twelve Demon Moons after Akaza's death. She still held her biwa while nodding at them.

All of them were very strong but compared to their masters they weren't at their level yet. They needed to save him from someone who could beat their master easily.


"We need to save him," Kokushibo said. He is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, holding the position of Upper Moon One.

"Well, let's attack him together, at least I have heard that Muzan is locked by a mysterious power. Once that he has been freed from that technique, we can attack him together," Doma said, and added, "Along with Muzan-sama and everyone, I am sure that we can beat him." He thought for a bit and said, "Nakime, can you summon every demon in this country to this fortress?"

Nakime gave him a nod.

"If we can't beat him alone then we need to beat him together," Doma said.

They nodded in response. They had decided to wait for Nakime to collect every demon in this country after that they would come directly to save their master.


Kagaya received a message from the crow and his heart was beating very fast in excitement. He saw the address that he had gotten from him and nodded, "Go get everyone! We need to go to Asakusa now!"

The crow received its order and started to gather every pillar in Demon Slayer Corps since this news was very big.

Kagaya needed to see it with his own eyes to confirm it.