Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 276

Volume 1 Chapter 276 Happy Ending

Korosensei brought Sakonji, Nezuko, and Tanjiro to Tamayo's house. He guided them inside to the room where Muzan was staying.

They entered the room and saw both Yushiro and Tamayo there.

Tamayo looked at Nezuko and nodded, "You're Nezuko?"

Nezuko nodded at her.

"Come here, I will help you," Tamayo said.

"Please help her!" Tanjiro shouted while bowing.

"Please wait outside," Tamayo said.

Sakonji was stunned there when he saw Muzan couldn't move but he could see that his expression was very fierce and angry. He walked toward him and snorted. He couldn't wait to slay him but he knew that there was something that they needed to do with him.

Tamayo told them to get out since she needed to concentrate on her operation.

Tanjiro was worried and decided to stay in the outside of the door while sitting there.

"Where are Gintoki and Haru?" Korosensei asked.

"Sakata-san is in the courtyard and for that guy," Yushiro was a bit glad when he knew that guy had a girlfriend, "He is nursing the girl."

Korosensei nodded in response and went to Haru. He was ready with his camera to catch the scandal that would happen in front of his eyes.

Sakonji looked at him with a strange expression, "What are you doing?"

"Shhh..." Korosensei said and walked slowly toward the room where both of them stayed.

Sakonji didn't know what to do and decided to follow him since he noticed that it was the house of demon. He knew Tamayo was a demon but this woman had helped Demon Slaying Corps in the past. He was an old man now and couldn't believe that a lot of years had passed.

Gintoki noticed him and ignored him. He was laying on the courtyard lazily since their Quest would be over soon. He didn't need to do anything and rested comfortably. He suddenly became uncomfortable and turned. He saw that Tanjiro was looking at him.


"Come here, rather than staying there with a nervous expression, isn't it better for you to practice in the courtyard?" Gintoki said.

Tanjiro, who heard him, couldn't help but nodded, 'Yes, I need to practice!' He stood up and walked to the courtyard to practice his sword.

Sakonji nodded when he saw his action and decided to instruct his last pupil rather than following the octopus doing something strange.


Haru had cooked a healthy porridge with the ingredients that he had gotten from 'Toriko's world'. He wanted her to be okay as soon as possible and didn't mind sacrificing expensive ingredients. He cooled down the porridge and tried to feed her, "Open your mouth."

Shinobu had woken up earlier and looked at him with a complicated expression. She saw him wanted to feed her and it was her first time to have such an experience. She was both bashful and shy at the same time. She knew that porridge was very delicious and she was tempted to eat it but she didn't want him to feed her, "Let me eat it by myself."

"No," Haru answered her without hesitation and said, "Let me nurse you."

"..." Shinobu looked at his serious expression and sighed. She opened her mouth and let him feed her.

"Good girl," Haru said and started to feed her.

Her eyes lit up when she started to taste the porridge that he had made, "It is delicious!" She also felt that her body became very energized.

"Thank you," Haru said and fed her again.

Shinobu didn't have any resistance and decided to swallow her pride. She opened her mouth again and let him feed her.

Both of them had tacit understanding until suddenly he stopped.

"Korosensei, what are you doing here?" Haru said and looked at him suddenly appeared beside both of them looking at the porridge with a drool. He was speechless when he saw her holding a camera recorder in his hand.

Shinobu was embarrassed and wanted to stab this octopus but decided to give up since she knew with her speed it was impossible. She looked at him and said, "Get out."

Haru sighed at this octopus and said, "There is more in the kitchen."

Korosensei was happy when he heard it, "Oh, right, I have brought both Tanjiro and Nezuko. There is also Sakonji there."

"Thank you, Korosensei," Haru nodded.

Korosensei walked out to the outside of the room and said, "Nyuhuhuhu, I have a juicy gossip now."


Shinobu and Haru were speechless when they heard it.

Haru looked at her who was sleeping on the bed and said, "I think this is a right time for me to explain our origin. Do you want to know?"

Shinobu didn't hesitate and gave him a nod.

"We are coming from a different world," Haru said.


Shinobu didn't answer him but used her hand to check his forehead, "Strange, you're not sick."


"I am not kidding," Haru said and explained, "You know that we have a lot of strange power, right? That power is impossible to obtain in this world."

"...." Shinobu was silent since this information was very strange for her.

"I am here to invite you to join us," Haru said.


"Why me?" Shinobu asked. She felt that there were a lot more powerful candidates beside her. She wasn't powerful and couldn't even cut a demon.

"There isn't any deep reason," Haru said.

"...." Shinobu was speechless and felt a bit disappointed when she heard his reason. She thought that there was a special meaning when he had invited her.

"If there is one then you're the one who can manage us, you know that the three of us are very sloppy," Haru smiled.

"...." Shinobu didn't know how to respond to that and couldn't help but chuckle.


Now, he was speechless when he saw her laughing.

Shinobu looked at him and asked, "What's your purpose?"

"Our purpose?" Haru thought for a while and answered, "For everyone to have a happy ending."


Shinobu thought that it was kind of silly but she couldn't laugh. She nodded and said, "Can you tell me more?"

Haru nodded and used his sound magic to make this room soundproof. He didn't want anyone to hear this conversation.

Both of them talked a lot together and it was quite fun.