Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 277

Volume 1 Chapter 277 My Little Sister Is Cuter

Haru and Shinobu had talked to each other for a while.

Shinobu understood that the existence of Dimensional Chat Group was very mysterious and magical. She felt quite complicated when she knew that in another world she was just one of the characters in the story. She felt confused and angry when she knew that her fate had been determined by someone but Haru told her that she could change her fate now.

Haru was a bit sorry with the people of this world since almost all of them had a tragedy in their life but he was helpless since could only come to this world now but he told them about the theory of time paradox. He told her that even though there wasn't Muzan, it didn't mean that there wouldn't be a demon in the future.

In this world, they can only live while gritting their teeth when there is a problem and solve it since life without trouble isn't a life.

Shinobu nodded and calmed. She couldn't wait to join this mysterious existence but she knew that she could only join after they had done with their quest. She knew that they didn't kill Muzan directly because they wanted to save Nezuko and she didn't mind that.

"The only problem is Blue Spider Lily, huh?" Shinobu also joined their discussion and told them that there might be a change for that flower to bloom when they had eliminated Muzan.

Haru nodded and decided to throw away his plan to send Muzan to the outer space to kill him with his gravity magic.

Kagaya and every pillar of the demon-slaying corps came to Tamayo's house since they needed to see Muzan with their own eyes.

The Pillars of Demon Slaying Corps came together since they needed to protect their boss. They needed to make sure that it was alright and safe at the same time.

Kagaya had arrived in Tamayo's house and looked at Muzan who was held in place with a painful expression. He dropped on the ground and couldn't help but cry in happiness. He felt that the sacrifice of his ancestor had been paid in his generation. He was glad that there wasn't any demon again in the future when they had slain Muzan. He wanted to slay him as soon as possible but he knew that he couldn't do that since they still needed him to turn back Nezuko into a human.

Tamayo had done with her operation and only needed to wait for Nezuko to wake up.

Tanjiro was on Nezuko side to wait for her to open her eyes since she was his only family that was left in this world. He didn't forget to say 'thank you' to everyone who had helped his sister.

"You will die soon," Kagaya said while looking at Muzan.

Muzan couldn't utter a word since he was held in place by his magic. But his eyes told them everything, he couldn't wait to kill every one of them in this room and made them regret to not slay him as soon as possible. He had used his last power to give telepathy to his subordinates and only needed to wait for them to save him.

Haru went to visit both Tanjiro and Nezuko. He could see that Nezuko breathed normally in her sleep but she couldn't open her eyes. He was wondering whether there was something that he could do to wake her up faster. He looked at Tanjiro and wondered whether this guy would follow his step in the future.

"What's wrong? Is there something on my face?" Tanjiro asked with a confused expression.

"Nothing," Haru shook his head and patted his shoulder, "Take care of your family."

"I will," Tanjiro nodded and asked, "Is it only me or do you have a similar situation to me?"

"Hmm? How can you have that conclusion?" Haru asked. He felt that this guy was very sharp.

"I am not sure but the way that you look at both of us is a bit different from everyone else," Tanjiro said.

Haru nodded, "Yes, you have a similar situation, both my parents have gone and left me with my little sister." He couldn't help but miss her already.

Tanjiro nodded and said, "You must love your little sister."

Haru felt that his lips were a bit dry when he heard his words. He nodded and said, "I love her."

Tanjiro looked at him with a strange expression.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"I am not sure but I feel that your love is a bit different?" Tanjiro said unsurely.

"....." Haru shook his head and knocked on his head.

"Ouch!" Tanjiro felt that his head was hurt, "What are you doing?!"

"My little sister is cuter than yours," Haru said with a smile.

Tanjiro had veins on his forehead, "No! My little sister is cuter than yours!"

"No, mine is cuter," Haru said.

Tanjiro shook his head, "No, mine is cuter!"

Gintoki and Korosensei looked at both of them with speechless expression and thought inwardly, 'Sis-Con....'

Haru and Tanjiro had an argument with each other but stopped when they heard a low but beautiful voice.


Haru and Tanjiro turned and were surprised.

"NEZUKO!!!!" Tanjiro hurriedly went to the side of her bed and couldn't help but cry when he saw that her little sister had turned back into normal.

Nezuko was also crying while holding his hand. She was happy that she could turn back into a human.

Haru turned since he didn't want to disrupt their brother and sister's time. He left silently while shedding out tears from his eyes since he was moved.

Gintoki and Korosensei looked at both of them with speechless expression and thought inwardly, 'Sis-Con....'

Kagaya who saw that Nezuko had woken up couldn't help but look at him, "Is it the time?"

"Yes, is it time to end this nightmare," Haru said and brightened his palm with his light magic and ripple energy.

Muzan saw his palm slowly moving toward him and knew that he would die when that hand touched his head.

Haru moved his hand closer only suddenly the ground under them turned into a door.


They were startled and suddenly the door was opened. They dropped and went into a strange room that was similar to a maze but that wasn't the one that made them startled. They saw that they were surrounded by large numbers of demons and each of them was ready to kill them.

"Save Muzan-sama!"

"Kill them!"

Muzan who was restricted by gravity magic suddenly could open his mouth. He laughed very hard and shouted.

"KILL THEM!!!!!"