Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 278

Volume 1 Chapter 278 Solve The Root Of Problem

Every pillar of the Demon Slaying Corps took out their swords and got ready for the battle. They knew that they might lose their life in this battle since the number of their opponents was too much.

Korosensei stood up in front of everyone while holding his sword.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't worry, these guys are only an appetizer for me," Korosensei said with a cool pose. He also had put a toothpick in his mouth.


They weren't sure but they felt that this octopus was really cool.

Kagaya was in the center of the group since he couldn't do anything. He was together with both Tamayo and Yushiro who was protecting him.

Korosensei placed his tentacle on the handle of his sword while taking a deep breath. The group of demons jumped together toward him but he didn't show a panic expression on his face, "Atomic Slash!"

His voice was slow and from the perspective of everyone they didn't see him do anything but suddenly the group of demons that were charging toward him stopped in place and sliced apart, becoming small cubes of meat.


Everyone was stunned by his power.

The demon that was cut into small cubes turned into ashes.

Muzan has lived for more than 800 years and he has created a lot of demons in his life.

The number of demons that were surrounded by them were very large but in front of octopus samurai, everything had become small cubes of meat.

His speed was just too fast for everyone to respond and there was nothing that could stop him.

The High Moon demon who saw his action didn't hesitate but transferred him away from his battlefield since this octopus was dangerous. This octopus also affected the morale of their army and he would slay every demon that they had summoned for this great battle.

Everyone saw that Korosensei suddenly teleported away. The group of demons sighed in relief and continued to attack them.

Gintoki and the members of Demon Slaying Corps attacked them together.

Gintoki was a very fierce slain demon after the demon was found in front of him. His right hand holding the special katana and his left hand holding his usual wooden sword. He had become the reincarnation of Yakhsa in this battle slaying the demon in front of them.

The demon group also didn't lose since the members of High Moon also started to move.

Doma, who was the Upper Moon Two, also used his demon art to create giant Buddha ice and attacked a group of demon-slaying corps.

Shinobu who saw this man hurriedly rushed toward him with her fastest speed and stabbed him several times on his body. Her attack was combined between poison and ripple energy melting the demon and destroying it from inside.

Doma looked at her with a strange expression and smiled, "Let meet again in hell." He said those last words and turned them into ashes.

Shinobu felt something wet on her cheek, "Nee-san....." She turned her attention toward him and knew that her revenge was over.

Even though the number of demon-slaying corps were small, the leader of each pillar had become very strong, especially when they could go use the power of ripple energy slaying their enemy easier.

Muzan would have never expected that his demon group would be beaten up by them. He was still constricted by a strange power that was used by Haru. He could talk and move his head but he couldn't do anything to help his subordinates. He tried to look for his strongest subordinates and saw that he had died.

Haru looked at Muzan while holding the body of Kokushibo who was the strongest demon under Muzan. He looked at Muzan and walked toward him.

Muzan wanted to say something but he couldn't open his mouth again. His eyes kept staring at him with hate expression. All he wanted was to live for a longer time but it had gone far away. He had forgotten his identity and became a demon.

Kagaya looked at both of them and knew that it was the time that everything would end and their hardship was over now.

"Goodbye, Muzan," Haru said, and covered his head with his light magic that combined with ripple energy.

Muzan tried to move his body but it was futile. His body started to turn into ashes but he couldn't stop it. He tried to plea but he couldn't say anything.

Haru saw the ashes scatter into the air and following him every demon in this area also turned into ashes following their master. He saw both Tamayo and Yushiro who also started to turn into ashes while smiling at him. He stood there looking at both of them going away to another world.

The members of Demon Slaying Corps stopped what they were doing and saw the scene that they would have never forgotten for their entire life.


Suddenly the strange maze-like fortress where they had done their war started to make a loud sound and the ground started to shake. They saw that the room started to be destroyed automatically when the group of the demon was defeated.

"We need to get out!"

They needed to get out or else they would be buried inside this ruin and death.

Korosensei had come back but he wasn't sure where they should escape from this place.

Haru stood up and opened a path for them, "Sticky Fingers!" Suddenly a large zipper was created and opened a path for them to escape, "Let's go!"


They were startled but hurriedly toward that path to escape from his place. They ran very fast and came back to Tamayo's house since it was their entrance.

Everyone sighed in relief after they had come out from the maze-like fortress.

"Oh, right, I have gotten the flower," Shinobu said while showing a beautiful blue flower to him.

Haru took the flower and could hear the notification that the quest had been completed.

Haru, Gintoki, and Korosensie sighed in relief but also had a complex feeling since they would go now from this world.

Haru walked toward Kagaya and said, "Kagaya-san, can we talk for a bit?"

"Yes?" Kagaya looked at him with a gentle smile. He was very grateful for him since he had eliminated the crisis from this country.

"Can we talk?" Haru asked.

"Yes," Kagaya nodded.

"Please call the Pillar members too since we need to solve the problem from the root," Haru said.