Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 279

Volume 1 Chapter 279 I Have Gotten Light Magic

Haru opened his eyes and saw that he had come back to his apartment. He was still wearing the kimono that he had brought from that world earlier. He knew that even though he had solved the demon problem, the demon was created from Kagaya's family.

Muzan was part of Ubuyashiki Clan in the past and because of the curse or the sickness of that family. He could only live by his 20's and he would die afterward.

Haru thought to prevent another demon again in the future and wanted to search for a way to cure this curse or sickness in that family without using Blue Spider Lily to turn someone into a demon.

Kagaya, who heard about his plan, felt a bit complicated but agreed with it. He felt complicated because Haru wanted to cure him because in the future there might be a demon bornt again in his family. He thought to end his family but didn't expect anyone to help him.

For some people, his decision might be too good to be true but of course, he wasn't that kind since he wanted the help of Ubuyashiki Clan to build his own business in that world. He knew that the world was quite backward and it was quite perfect to become a tycoon in that world, especially with one of the richest clans in that world.

Haru, Gintoki, and Korosensei only stayed there for another three days before they went back together.

Haru opened his phone and saw a notification of the new member.

[Ding! 'Tsundere Girl' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

Tsundere Girl: "Haru? Sakata-san? Korosensei? Is this how to use the chat?"

Luffy: "Welcome newcomer!"

Tsunade: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Kuroneko: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Yajima: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Kouha: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Teppei: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Gintoki: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Korosensei: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Haru: "Yo, Shinobu! Welcome!"

Kuroneko: "Why are you the only one who is different?"

Haru: "It's okay, isn't it?"

Tsunade: "At least female members...."

Everyone also thought the same since there were a lot of males in this group and there were only two female members in this group.

Now, there are three members.

Tsundere Girl: "What is the meaning of 'Tsundere Girl'?"

Kuroneko: "It's a term that is used to describe a person who is initially cold before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time."


Tsundere Girl: "Can I change my name?"

Kuroneko: "Yeah....."

Both of them started to talk to each other.

Luffy: "How is that world?" He was quite curious about the world of 'Kimetsu no Yaiba'.

Korosensei started to answer him about what they had done in that world.

Haru interjected and said there was some misunderstanding in some parts of his story.

The group chat was very lively and merry since they had just come back from that world.

Haru shared the blood of a demon that he had gotten and given it to Teppei. He also shared some snacks, clothes, and a lot of things there.

They were talking to each other until they heard a sudden notice.

[Ding! There will be an update that will be happening in the Group Chat in 10 minutes. Group Chat won't be able to be used for 24 hours for an update]


Everyone was silent and they suddenly turned into clamoring. They didn't expect that there would be an update that would happen suddenly in the group chat. They had only 10 minutes now before the group chat would be able to be used for 24 hours.

Shinobu: "And I have just joined the group....." She was a bit speechless and also curious with the Group Chat but didn't expect that suddenly she couldn't use it for 25 hours.

Haru: "Just wait for 24 hours."

Yajima: "And an update, huh? Will there be something new later?"

Haru: "I am not sure, let's just wait for 24 hours."

No one knew what would happen in 24 hours after the update of the Group Chat but they knew that it would be something awesome.

Haru thought for a while and said, "Korosensei, Gin-san, don't you want to open your random gift?"

Korosensei: "Yes! I have almost forgotten it!" He would be dying in curiosity if he didn't open his random gift since he needed to wait for 24 hours. He would turn into a smile later and it would be funny.

Gintoki: "I have opened it."

Teppei: "What have you got?"

Gintoki: "Kamehameha....."


[Ding! Gintoki has sent a 'Kamehameha.jpg']


Everyone was speechless and saw the picture of Gintoki released a small energy beam from both of his palms.


Gintoki: "My Kamehameha...." He was quite depressed since it was quite small. He had thought that his power would be able to destroy a moon or something but it was too small and he had gotten tired after using it once.

Kuroneko: "Maybe you need 'Ki Technique' to gather Ki on your body."

Gintoki: "That's good." He agreed with her opinion.

Kouha: "What is this 'Kamehameha'?"

Kuroneko: "It is a powerful technique that can destroy a planet."


Korosensei: "How about we talk about my prize?"

Luffy: "Oh? What have you gotten?"

Korosensei showed a smug expression and said, "I have got a 'Foldabody Quirk'."


Tsunade: "What is Quirk?"

Teppei: "We can talk about that later since it is almost 10 minutes. Haru, what's your prize?"

Haru opened his random prize and he was a bit stunned with what he had gotten.

[Congratulations! You have gotten 'Pleasure Magic' (Variation of Light Magic) from Fairy Tail!]


Haru was speechless when he saw what he had gotten from the prize.

Kouha: "Haru?"

Haru shook his head and answered, "I have gotten 'Light Magic' from Fairy Tail. I guess this will increase my ability to light magic."

They talked for a while until they couldn't do it anymore since they needed to wait for the update to be done in 24 hours.

Haru twitched his lips. 'What the heck is this?' He thought while looking at his reward.